Taking into account that for years he has been talking about the collaboration of George R.R Martin with Hideta Miyazaki for Elden Ring, it was expected that we will find some other tribute to game of thrones . And one of the most significant elements, both of the books and the series is the iron thr1. A place to govern them all and that you can find very soon in the adventure.

And, no, this tribute is not summarized to put a throne with swords so that we see and make a capture. It goes further, since it can be converted into a huge spadron that we can carry throughout the adventure, having in our possession ** an imposing weapon that will give us many joy to end anyone who is put in front of us.

How to get the weapon inspired by game of thrones

Do not expect you to get something in Elden Ring will have a simple way. To reach the place of the facts, you will not have very complicated. You have to address the southernmost part of Necrolimbo, after the castle of More . We recommend bordering the area to go to the rear area, which will allow you to reach the place of grace and entertain yourself in the area. From there, continue until you see a bridge and then go through the central area where you will see a chapel and, as you continue to fall, a shore full of dangerous jellyfish.

Just at the bottom You will find you with the Morne laments pit . While everything is easy until you get here, now the thing changes. Effectively, you have to face a bastard called Bastard Leonino. A fairly fast and powerful enemy, which you will have to dodge at the key moment to avoid the onslaught of him and be able to hurt him. If you neglect, he will leave you stiff you a couple of blows.

Elden Ring - Legendary Armament Locations

When to go for the Game Weapon of Thrones?

We recommend that, at least, have level 30 character to go for this powerful weapon. Especially in order to beat Boss, something that will be very, very difficult if you are going from the beginning.

In addition, we must take into account the statistics of the weapon, since requires 40 for force to carry it, which will require you how many hours of training through the middlelands.

The grafted leaf spadon, which is what this weapon is called, is very powerful and will become machines to kill to overcome with some ease the problems that you are. It has a ability called venture oath that will increase all attributes temporarily, including the aplomb. Come on, you will want to have it not only because it is an Easter egg of thrones, but by its devastating power.

There is still more throne game

The sword of the iron throne is not the only tribute. You can also get an Arsenal amulet that offers an evident reference to Martin’s work.

The amulet allows us to increase the maximum equipment load. It gives you a NPC when you win Godrick in the castle of Window, when you return to the round table.