Goncalo Pacience, striker at Eintracht Frankfurt, believes in a realistic chance of Hesse in the quarter-final duel with FC Barcelona in the Europa League (today, 21 clock in live ticker ). “You have a game style that fits well with ours, because we wait and want to play on counterattack,” said the Portuguese in conversation with Eintracht Frankfurt and Goal about the Catalans.

Attention to the greatest difference between the German and Spanish football, Paciencia called “the intensity of the games”: “I think Germany is ahead,” he said, “said,” The teams are physically strong and functioning without ball. ” As a further advantage for the Eintracht when meeting the Spanish Top Club, he still saw the fact that “they certainly know us less well than we do them.”

As a Barca player, on which you absolutely have to be careful from Frankfurter view, the attacker fell a youngster: “Pedri has now become better and better now. He is a player who has to keep an eye on,” Paciencia said about the 19-year-old.

Whether the Barcelona defense must keep an eye on the Eintracht attacker on Thursday, is questionable. Because Paciencia comes under coach Oliver Glasner in this season almost exclusively from the bank – if any. “It’s a difficult season for me because I do not play as much as I want. But I’m trying to use my moments,” he said.

Paciencia: “For me a difficult season”

After the unfortunate time at Lehbasis near Schalke, the 27-year-old is now difficult again in Frankfurt. That from him is expected a lot and much more, Paciencia was made clear early early, because it was clear from the point of view of the experts in Portugal to enter the footsteps of his father Domingos, who was a solid size as a player at FC Porto for years.

???? Eintracht Frankfurt vs. Barcelona [1-1] - Match Review (UEFA Europa League Quarter-Finals 2022)

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“For me it was a burden to be my father’s son. But on the other hand, it was also good to get out more of me,” Paciencia looked back. “People looked at me differently because I was the son of Domingos,” he added. As part of the detention process, he also saw his step abroad: “It helped me to leave Portugal to show the football world that I can do it alone – and not only because I’m paciencia hot.”