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HSV plays with Seeler

Hamburger SV plays his second division video game versus Hansa Rostock on Sunday with an unique jacket in honor of the late football idol Uwe Seeler.

The left sleeve is supplied with the number 9 of the club legend, on the breast UN Uwe.
Seeler died on Thursday (July 21) at the age of 85, the information had actually activated excellent pain.
The special jackets for the game from 1.30 p.m. (Sky) are to be auctioned for the Uwe Seeler Foundation in the coming days.
The HSV enrollers made their areas readily available on the jacket.
When heating up, the HSV players are wearing a tee shirt with a photo of Seeler, and a choreography is also anticipated in the Volksparkstadion.

HSV sheds psychological home video game – desire begin with Jahn

Schumacher makes a decision the video game in the Volkspark

Burger SV shed the very first house game after the fatality of club legend Uwe Seeler on Sunday mid-day with 0-1 versus Hansa Rostock. The psychological scenes before the kick-off was adhered to by a blended first half, each with a chance for both group frods (22nd) and also Kittel (38th). After the adjustment of sides, Hansa was the better team and had a number of possibilities for the management. From the HSV just came extra in the last minutes of the game, yet Glatzel failed two times (84th, 88th). Already in the 4th min of deduction time it was Schumacher that looked after the 1-0 supported by the away block. Joker David almost ensured the tons second equalization, but headed just over (90. +7).

desire begin for regensburg, incorrect begin for Bielefeld

Jahn Regensburg commemorated an action of the new second division season: The residence win against Darmstadt a week earlier, the Upper Palatinate complied with a 3-0 away win at Bundesliga delegated Arminia Bielefeld. Jahn demonstrator Albers had the lengthy chance of the first fifty percent after 8 minutes prior to Gimber took the lead 2nd before the change of sides (45. +3). The second Regensburg gateway through Thalhammer (56.) fell into a tiny impulse phase of the Bielefeld. Gouras set the final point in included time (90. +1). The Jahn stands with six, Arminia with zero factors after two video games.

KSC additionally misses the residence beginning

After the 0: 5 ordeal at the beginning in Paderborn, the Karlsruher SC has already manifested a bit of a 2: 3 versus advertised Magdeburg. After seven mins, the FCM took the lead with Müller before Atik as well as Kwarteng made a double strike for the intended initial decision (32nd, 34th). After the adjustment of sides, the protective KSC was still protective and also concerned the link through the goals of Wanitzek and Kaufmann (63., 64.). As a result, Karlsruhe tossed everything into the equilibrium, however ended up empty hands again.

Daferner’s bust as well as the Joker Club wins Derby versus Fürth

FC Nürnberg won the Frankenderby on the Saturday mid-day versus SpVgg Greuther Fürth-and the well should have. The team of train Robert Klauß, at which Youngster Castrop gave his starting eleven debut and also very early post shot, won the prominent battle with 2-0. In the end the Nuremberg stayed much more unsafe and, by a co-production of the Joker Wekesser, Duman as well as objective scorer Wintzheimer, put the cover on it with the second goal.

Boyd counters Reeses Doppack-Fck scores in Kiel

Seiling Kaiserslautern won a counter after the opening success against Hanover at the duel in Kiel. Apart from the very early quarter of a hr, the 2-2 draw was an exchange of strikes over lengthy distances. The video game initially tipped for the Palatinate many thanks to Ritter’s dribbling, which Hanslik improved with the lead. The Holsteiners were really harmless on the offensive till the break, but after the change, Holstein striker Reese transformed. The North Germans led within six mins, however the upper water did not last long, since Boyd matched virtually instantly. Kiel pressed in the final quarter of an hour, but the FCK brought the point sway time.

An own objective aids: Heidenheim celebrates the 2nd victory

FC Heidenheim is with six points after two video games. The FCH, on the other hand, acted ice-cold, which many thanks to little service header to 2-0 compelled the preliminary decision. Sessa established the last factor to 3-0.

penalty frustration for St. Pauli with delighted finishing

The top game on the Saturday night in Hanover took a bitter training course for St. Pauli because of a wrong decision and yet had a satisfied ending. The game subsequently provided the best entertainment with possibilities on both sides. After the change, the Lower Saxony ultimately transformed the video game via a huge shot from Köhn.

Düsseldorf drives the 2nd victory

Both Düsseldorf and also Paderborn had won their games on the first suit day, both fitness instructors did not alter as necessary. After seconds, Conteh narrowly stopped working, in the second minute Kownacki made it better-1-0 for the Fortuna on the other. The striking plate had the brand-new equalizer on the foot in the 59th minute, simply like Hünemeier with a long-range shot (81. ).

Stark Manu supporting again with a hat

Hamburger SV lost the very first house game after the fatality of club legend Uwe Seeler on Sunday afternoon with 0-1 versus Hansa Rostock. From the HSV just came a lot more in the last minutes of the game, yet Glatzel fell short two times (84th, 88th). The Jahn stands with 6, Arminia with no factors after two games.

The incorrect beginning and the various personnel fears had repercussions: Torsten Lieberknecht against Sandhausen took four modifications, the unmodified hardwalds had surprisingly beat Bielefeld at the start. Manu made use of a misunderstanding in the SVS defense in the 9th minute and supported with an angler hat as in the past. Given that there were no a lot more top chances later on, the 2-1 for the lilies, which now have the first factors in the account.

The top game on the Saturday night in Hanover took a bitter training course for St. Pauli due to the fact that of a wrong choice and also yet had a delighted closing. Both Düsseldorf and also Paderborn had won their video games on the first match day, both trainers did not change accordingly.

Regensburg coach Selimbegovic: a really cool game

“It was a very hard-fought game,” said Regensburg’s Chef coach Mersad Selimbegovic after 1: 1 at FC Hansa Rostock and described the forefront of the last few minutes as “really cool game, we have a point more, still not 40 unfortunately but we approach. “

Shortly before the end of the game, the nerves were blank on the Baltic Sea. The substitute Rostock Danylo Sikan picked up for elbowbow after packing and smoothed red (90. + 4).

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It was the inglorious like ugly finale of an otherwise entertaining game, in which John Verkek brought the cog in leadership (44.), marriage Nicklas Shipnoski for the Upper Palators (59.).

Double aluminum bad luck for the Jahn

In the last few minutes, the Regensburger had the better chances to the winner. First Damian Rossbach steered a flank from the substitute Aygün Yildirim to the post (82nd), then a shot of Max Bezisskow was clarified by Rostock’s Torwart Markus Kolt on the post.

SSV has ten points lead to rank 16

His 40-point destination can now reach the Jahn next Saturday in the Home Game Kracher against Hamburg SV. With now 39 meters after 30 matchdays, the Regensburg’s whopping ten points lead to relegation platz 16 and can plan for another season in second-rate.

“Now the clear goal is that the 40-point mark is certainly great back to HSV before certainly great backdrop in the Jahnstadion Regensburg,” said attacker David Otto.

Also promoted Rostock, currently at 38 points, can crack the magical 40s mark in Aue next Sunday. However, without Sikan.

Randale at Hansa Rostock: fans of FC St. Pauli describe terrible scenes

There are terrible pictures of the second league duel between Hansa Rostock and FC St. Pauli. Pyrotechnics, escalating fan violence, threesful policemen. There is little left of an attractive football game. Instead, fans report after the game of utter escalation, fear and anger.

The background: During the duel between Hansa Rostock and the FC St. Pauli escalated the situation. Fans of both teams had gathered behind the southern curve of the Baltic Sea Stadium and proved each other with pyrotechnics. The police attacked and urged the rioters back to their stadium ranges.

In the stadium of Hansa Rostock is the Ultras block right next to the guest block. This evening of a risk game escalated quickly.

A female St. Pauli fan described the situation on the blog “Millernton” like this: “The corridor to the toilet was henzlig. It was fierce against the partitions, in such a mad volume, that one thought that they were born soon. Additionally If light trays and Böller were thrown back on the current band, which also arrived directly in front of the ladies’ loo, so that we have gone up there first. The Böller did not stop first. We did not come out the whole half-time break. At some point the police came But then did not let us back in the block. Complete escalation. “

FC HANSA ROSTOCK-St. Pauli 1:0 die Schei**e kommt vom Millerntor *sing
Since the game was played just 45 minutes.

Massive criticism of the police

After the game it was apparently even worse. The fans of the hamburgers were gathered behind the guest block, the gates closed to the outside, the trailers waited from FC St. Pauli in icy cold on the bus.

So the police Rostock wanted to prevent the meeting of the fanglers. But it hails criticism of the Pauli fans. As it means in the report on the blog “Millernton”, came back to the walls and Böller flew into the waiting amount of guest fans.

“I’ve been experiencing a lot, but to be exposed to such Böllers and can not really move, was really fiercely. The police simply did not open the gate despite these Böllerwürfen. Instead, water windows were used against both sides. And then, then, After a felt eternity, a very small gate was open at the end of the row. From there we came to a bigger place, on which one felt a bit safer and was not so tight anymore. “

The police Rostock justified the procedure against the fans so: “Through consistent intervention of the police, a direct meeting could be prevented. After the part of the game, the fishing groups tried again in the stadium. Repeatedly, the fan bearings shocked each other with pyrotechnics. Through strong police presence and The use of the water windanger larger riots could be prevented. “

The police belongs to preventing greater problems prevented. That should see the hamburgers differently. “So in the end, anger, incomprehension and questions: how could something like that happen?”

After this game, the police have rostock and the fans definitely work up a lot. Also, the question of why such risk game was scheduled for an evening. The only halfway good news: Stand now no fan has obviously hurt. But in these pictures and reports that was probably pure happiness.


Record gutsche Verrek: first Hansa and then I come

For wide stretches of the game between the SV Sandhausen and Hansa Rostock, it looked as if the Rostockers would not withstand the pressure of the SVS. Again and again the converse speed of Rostock Keeper Markus Kolke had to serve to prevent the counterclockwise. But the steadfastness of the “Kogge” made himself paid, because John Verkek handed a chance to bring his team to victory and at the same time.

After the game Hansa-coach Jens Härtel found appreciative words for the offensive man: “Without John’s goals, we would have missed many points. Of course, he had to go into the game, but that’s exactly what is his quality that one does not see him for a while and Then he’s there, “says Härtel at Furthermore, the 52-year-old emphasized that the victory was “extremely important” and his team at the end was the “happier”.

Hansa Rostock is at the top.

John Verhoek

Also happily happening was also Verkeek, who not only celebrated team success, but also a personal record: the Dutch shot his 15th goal for Hansa Rostock – Never has never met a Hansa player in the 2nd Bundesliga. However, this was not important to the 32-year-old, but that’s nice, but without my team, I can not do that. I am very proud of my team, 15 is a nice number, but with me Hansa Rostock is up to the top and then I will come.”

Due to the wiped victory in Sandhausen Hansa Rostock climbs in place in the table in the table, but despite the upcoming country break, according to Härtel there is hardly any time to query: “The reins is to be picked up again, because it comes to St. Pauli, we still have St. Pauli An invoice open. This is no normal game for our fans and for the club, as we want to show another face. “

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Whether the Härtel-Eleven succeeds will show on April 2, because the Hanseaten will receive the FC St. Pauli at 20.30 (Live!, At Hansa).

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