SC Freiburg II - Hallescher FC | 11. Spieltag, 2021/2022 | MAGENTA SPORT
After four points from the last two games with the 1: 1 at Leader Magdeburg, Halle wanted to refill at home against the second representation of the SC Freiburg, but nothing becomes. “Due to several positive corona cases in the team, the Halleschen FC currently offers no applicant goalkeepers in the team,” did the club know. At the request of the HFC “after consultation with clubs”, the DFB has canceled the game on the basis of paragraph 15 of the implementing rules for the DFB play order. A catch-up date for the encounter of the 30th game day has not been terminated yet. Halle has lost only one of his last seven games (4/2/1) and thus with 36 points can settle from the descent z1. Neutling Freiburg also showed itself last form, has been undefeated since eight games (4/4/0) and has almost stopped with 42 meters of the league.