Last year, it was difficult to save the graphics card as long as the Gamer gave up as much as possible. By the way, this year’s situation has changed a lot. In the case of a high demand, the RTX 3080, 3070 lines in the gamer, the incidental phenomenon was alleviated to purchase on the desired timing online in Korea, and the price is lower than the existing one by 100 million won. Actually, on March 24, Gigabyte Domestic Distributor Jay Hyohyeon has reduced 24 model prices among RTX 30 series.

This is not a non-domestic movement. As a major manufacturer, ASUS also said he has lowered the RTX 30 series prices in three months a year. In addition, a number of graphics cards prices have fallen from the beginning of the year in many major national hardware experts, including US, Germany, and Australia, and the results of the analysis that the income is easier to purchase and easier to purchase.

It seems to be the end to the fact that the problem was issued from last year

Graphics card prices are also hopeful to be lower in the future. The biggest factor plays a new player on the graphics card market that is compressed with NVIDIA and AMD. It is Intel to hold a long-term CPU market. From last year, Intel, who has advanced to advance to the graphics card market, attracted its graphics card new product ‘arc alkemist’ in CES held in January of this year. In this regard, Intel Pat Gel Singe CEO said, “There will be advantageously at prices as well as” performance, “he said.

Since then, Intel launched an A-series graphics card family for the laptop, Intel launched the Launch of the A-Series Graphics Card for the 31st, If Intel, which has accumulated a lot of experience in the PC hardware field, it is likely that a number of products with different strengths on a reasonable price based on a new competition, based on the new competition, and the opportunity to purchase appropriate graphics cards in consumer positions..

The supplied year, which has been affected by the first half of the chip, is also being detected by the purple troops that are somewhat alleviated. As you talk to the rush, you may experience a growing graphics card products that are released on both domestic and overseas, and positive prospects are presented in the main manufacturer. In fact, in February, the Jensen Huang CEO has been relaxed in the annual and 4Q earnings conference calls in February 2021, and the supply limitations are alleviated in the Annual Conference Call, and the supply limits will be substantially increased in the second half of this year.

On the last 5 days, Intel released a dedicated chip optimized for crypto mining. The name was ‘Intel Block Scale ASIC new product’ and has been featured by featuring operational performance and efficient power supply, solid durability, and more, which are optimized for encryption mining. The node used in this product is that the node used in this product uses a node that is different from the Intel CPU and GPUs, so that the cryptographic chip production does not affect its other products. In this regard, Intel explained that mass supply is possible without affecting its CPU and GPU supply.

Graphics card demand can gradually decrease

In terms of supply, the blue signal is detected. It is also predominantly illustrative of cryptographic mining that evaluated that it was directly affected by graphics card prices. As a typical encryption, a typical encryption with a bit coin varies with a certificate of stake in an idle asset that is proportional to the employment assets that are held in the provision of jobs that are mining through the operation.

Improvement of the mining method This is a result of this one of the following, and it will be applied in June. The main reason for reorganizing the emotions is to respond to the US and EU, which has been regulatory movement on the use of excessive power and environmental pollution. However, if you do not need a graphics card on mining, the cryptographic minute is no longer a reason to purchase an expensive graphics card. As a result, demand for graphics cards is reduced, and the price is stabilized when the supply is stabilized.

Finally, there is a movement of the domestic as well as the social distance, and the movement to relax the social distance in major countries and to return to everyday life. Thomas Goldsby (Local Standard) is an interview with the US Gamas, a US Games, a US Games, a US Games in the United States, This varies and business, play and entertainment is not overlooking the impact on demand, “he said,” he said, “If the daily life is recovered at the Corona level, demand is reduced and the supply is reduced, and the price can be reduced, did.

Why are you still difficult to dismiss anything?

However, the variable remains yet. The biggest part is encrypted. It is impossible for the encryption acceleration to ensure that the price limit is not limited and the unexpected issue is due to the unexpected issue. In addition to bit coin, in addition to this, there are several altoicins on the market, and many of the domestic and overseas game companies have been linked to a number of domestic and overseas game companies from this year,

If the value of the encryption value increases and the demand for mining increases, the price may not be lowered even if the graphics card supply is increased. In fact, the Tom’s Hardware has increased 29.5% from the previous year, but the graphics card prices have maintained a rise in the Global Graphics Card.

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In addition, the market is used for crypto mining, and the sense of crisis for graphics cards that appeared in the used mass is detected. The graphics card used in encrypted mining is shortened, and significant performance degradation is concerned, and in consumer positions, there is no way to confirm the use of the product and the previous application in the purchase stage, and there are a number of real damage examples on the online. In the sense, the story of RTX 30, and the story of the entire product launched at the time of the mining hot air was blowing.

In other words, if demand is made of a new product that is released this year, there is a possibility that it is difficult to obtain the desired product in the consumption site. It is that even if the market released in the market increases and the overall price declines, it can be difficult to feel the graphics card fraud ‘to the skin. I hope that the graphics card purchases are easy enough to feel colorless, and I want to make a fully disappeared day.