16 days, P2E golf game ‘Crypto Golf Impact’ has begun advance reservation through the Google Play Store.

Kripo Golf Impact in Development is a game that applies a block chain technology to sports mobile game ‘Golf Impact’. It is characterized that it is possible to enjoy different players and real-time PVPs with simple operation only for various world spots. Crypto Golf Impact is expected to launch in April of April, which is on-board of Neowiz Holdings’s subsidiary Neo-Yez Holdings.

Dictionary reservations of Crypto Golf Impact are conducted in 156 Global, excluding Korea and China. For all users who participated in advance reservations, we pay ‘Crystal’ for about $ 10 for $ 10. Crystal can be replaced by a compensation for the game, the game utility token ‘s2 token’, and can be exchanged as a ‘Neopin token (NPT).

Meanwhile, a large-scale airdrop event is also in progress ahead of formal launch with advance reservations. Cryton Foundation with Crypto Golf Impact and Clayton Foundation Official Twitter Follow, Neotin Wallet, and the Clay Purse Complete Mission, including the input input of the Clay Deposit, and the $ 7,000 per capita, about $ 20 per capita, Free payment.


More information on the pre-reservation and promotion of Crypto Golf Impact can be found in the official community.