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Bora Hansgrohe takes German triad on scenic tour

Nils Politt and Lennard Kämna prepare to travel. You have the jackets of the German champions as well as an outstanding form in your travel luggage, after your victories at the weekend at the national title battles as well as you can now cause a feeling at the Scenic tour de France from Friday.

On Monday evening, the visitor champions from 2021 (Politt) as well as 2020 (Kämna) lastly had certainty when they were in the eight-member line-up of their German auto racing team Bora-Hansgrohe for the big loophole. The Berlin Maximilian Schachmann is also right here according to Coronavirus infection.

Before the demonstration of power in the Sauerland, the fact that group manager Ralph Denk at Grand Depart in Copenhagen would not come past the newly chosen road champ Politt as well as time test champion Kämna.

Politt: Driving about in the master jacket for a year is something unique

The scenic tour begins on Friday in Copenhagen with a solitary time trial. As a captain, Vlasov ought to make sure a solid lead to the overall ranking. We expect the podium, want to drive offensive and boldy. A phase win would certainly also be great. I would certainly be pleased in Paris, stated Denk.

Politt and Kämna like to once again underpower their superior constitution with an application letter that had it all. I currently saw on Friday that the form is there on time and also that the legs are excellent, claimed Politt after his first win at German champions on Kahlen Asten on Sunday: It indicates a great deal to me. On Friday, the 25-year-old shooting celebrity Kämna had actually dominated in the battle against the clock. That’s why I’m super happy that it functioned out with the title, stated Kämna.


However, Politt and Kämna choose to once again underpower their exceptional constitution with an application letter that had everything. I already noticed on Friday that the shape is there in a timely manner as well as that the legs are great, claimed Politt after his initial win at German championships on Kahlen Asten on Sunday: It indicates a great deal to me. To drive around a year in the master jacket, is something extremely unique.

On Friday, the 25-year-old shooting star Kämna had prevailed in the fight versus the clock. That’s why I’m extremely delighted that it functioned out with the title, said Kämna.

There was also relief on Monday with Schachmann, who had needed to do without his title defense due to his Corona infection on Sunday. The two-time Paris Nizza victor ends up being healthy in time for the excursion. It was specific that the former tour fourth Emanuel Buchmann would certainly not roll via Denmark’s funding after his Giro begin at the prologue on Friday.

In addition to the German trio, the Austrians Felix Großschartner, Patrick Konrad and also Marco Haller as well as the Russian Alexander Vlasov and also the Dutch Danny van Poppel were appointed. For the Irish sprinter Sam Bennett, 2020 at the very least winner of the green jerseys, there was no place in the 8 driver comprehensive contingent.

VfL Wolfsburg | Schult: devaluation that you do not need

Schult is component of the German set for the European Championship in England (July 6th to 31st). The previous Frankfurt woman will be the successor of Schult in Wolfsburg for the brand-new season.

I discovered this emphasis on football and females’s football extremely, very commonly, claimed the 31-year-old from VfL Wolfsburg in a media round in the DFB option in Herzogenaurach. Why is it not called Bundesliga? Or: Men’s Bundesliga as well as females’s Bundesliga?


Why does that need to be shown extra? This is specifically this devaluation that you don’t require, criticized the 2016 Olympic champ. UEFA and also FIFA simply need to take a progression as well as develop a little bit a lot more equal rights from the get go.

National goalkeeper Almuth Schult has actually asked for an adjustment in the terms to develop even more gender equality in the football organizations.

Schult slammed the official language guideline at the Globe Organization and the European Football Union: FIFA Globe and FIFA Women’s World Cup, UEFA Champions League and also UEFA Female’s Champions Organization.

Modification to St. Louis: Löwen brings Hertha one million euros

The former German U-21 worldwide, where he still had an agreement up until 2024, provides a base launch of one million euros. Löwen is to complete the medical check in St. Louis in July if its access authorization stands. First the portal reported on the upcoming transfer.

In the new franchise of the Major League Soccer after million euros info, Löwen signed a four and a half year contract until December 31, 2026 with an alternative for another year until completion of 2027. The contract length used by St. Louis was said to be an important factor for lions, with which VfB Stuttgart and a French club had recently worked.

to Pfannenstiel and Bürki

He once summarized his Hertha duration in the as appropriate and concise conclusion: I didn’t get an actual opportunity. Now it mosts likely to St. Louis, where the German sporting activities supervisor Lutz Pfannenstiel has currently combined a quintet of a former Bundesliga player. Roman Bürki (Borussia Dortmund), Joakim Nilsson (Arminia Bielefeld), Joao Klauss (TSG Hoffenheim) as well as Tomas Ostrak (1. FC Köln) had currently come prior to Löwen.


Last season, the midfielder was granted to VfL Bochum (26 Bundesliga missions, 2 goals), for financial reasons the VfL had waived an acquisition option in the car loan agreement with Hertha. It was the 2nd lending for Löwen after the detour to FC Augsburg (January to October 2020).

Thick tons diminished the shoulders

Exactly how does that really feel that after ins 2014 to finally hold the master shell in their hands?

It had not been the ‘rblz_umut’ that I expected

Dylan ‘Dullenmike’ Neuhausen

Merely due to the fact that I have actually been functioning towards it all the time. Last year second, fourth two years ago…
That it really happens occurs that I only just the semi-finals, then the final last and also after that today’s final, I did not expect that myself.

Would you have expected the outcome of the final, just against umut ‘rblz_umut’ Gültekin on the PlayStation?

Heavy shells in the media discussion reported ‘rblz_umut’ concerning the weight of the German championship title. This was currently also permitted to lift ‘Dullenmike’ in the confetti rainfall. Imago/Beautiful Sports

Never! To be straightforward, ‘Umut’ is the most effective player in Germany this year. In my view, the initial leg was difficult. It is also rather delighted that I go out with a 1-0. In the 2nd leg I located spaces and afterwards scored 2 goals very quickly. It was not the ‘rblz_umut’ I anticipated.

there was a time in the last when you knew: fine, now I win that!

It was probably due to the fact that I am not the greatest. In the last 10 minutes, when we both place the controller away, I initially had to understand that I was truly German champion.

Ten mins prior to completion you simply allow the game run out. Does that for that reason discover it difficult to elevate the dish when you were concentrated on the controller and also completely in the mode regularly?

Yes, that sought the 2-0 in the 2nd leg on the Playstation. After that I led an overall of 3-0 and also quickly before half-time. I assumed: Come on, a fifty percent with a 3-0 leadership das you actually have to take location.

getaway in Mallorca

You only acknowledged 2 goals in the knockout stage. Was your defensive the trick to success?

I don’t truly know yet. I still have to reject that with my young boys. It will probably be Mallorca, yet past the Ballermanns an unwinded vacation to regenerate.

I really did not recognize myself that I only acknowledged two goals. After finishing the Swiss Round, my coach informed me that my defensive is extremely strong today. I was very secure at the back, safeguarded well, the possibilities at the front come with some point.

I would certainly have preferred to win the German championship title ten times as opposed to the 2nd worldwide title.

Dylan ‘Dullenmike’ Neuhausen

You said in breakthrough that you wish to take place trip from the cash prize. Do you currently recognize where it should go?

Do you also have time for a vacation? Your FIFA period is not over!

The ECLUB World Mug play-offs are following weekend. Afterwards, 3 weeks are totally free until the enative as well as the Globe Cup play-offs proceed. There is currently something.

Is there a little stress from you with the German championship title for these international competitions?

I would certainly have chosen to win the German championship title 10 times instead of the 2nd global title. Just since you can state you are a German champ, you commemorate yourself on the shell.

Control Cross in the means

Regrettably not in the photo: ‘Dullenmike’ regulates the left stick to thumb as well as forefinger. This may lead to complications. Imago/Beautiful Sports

Did you have difficulty getting ready for the PlayStation with your unique controller stance?

It is actually a little harder to play because I constantly touch the control cross with component of the finger. At the beginning of the year, when the modification to the Playstation was required, I constantly inadvertently pressed any buttons. The good news is, I was now able to park that.

How did you even start playing in this design?


10 minutes prior to the end you simply allow the game run out. You just yielded 2 goals in the knockout phase. You claimed in advancement that you want to go on holiday from the reward money. Do you even have time for a holiday? **

Because I constantly played that way, I in fact don’t recognize. When a colleague directed out to me as well as asked why I played that did I observe it, it was only.

Arminia Bielefeld: Uli Specialty is the new head coach

Strong suit, who had won the Swiss trophy with Insect Zurich and FC Zurich as soon as each: German football has always been a desire for mine. Now it lastly starts at a big typical club.

Arminia Bielefeld found a new head train 3 weeks after transfer from the Bundesliga. Uli Forte signed a contract on the Alm until June 30, 2024, the 48-year-old Italian was last under contract in Switzerland at Yverdon Sporting Activity FC.

Bielefeld had actually separated from Frank Kramer in the long run of the season, interim coach Marco Kostmann could no more prevent the 8th Bundesliga descent of the DSC.

Articles and also video clips on the topic
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We eagerly anticipate dealing with Uli. He persuaded us in the extensive as well as excellent discussions with his emotional method, his favorable power as well as several years of experience as head coach, said Bielefeld’s sports director Samir Arabi: 2. Bundesliga develop a brand-new foundation to stabilize as well as establish our group.

Training start at Arminia Bielefeld gets on Saturday following week.

SC Magdeburg not to be stopped

Six points ahead of five outstanding games: SC Magdeburg does not seem to stop on its way to its first German championship title since 2001. On Sunday, the sovereign Bundesliga heading leader gave the MT Melsungen no chance and presented himself at 33:26 (17:13) like the upcoming champion.

From the beginning, the team of coach Bennet Wiegert led and suffocated the hope of the competition for a slip in the bud. The SCM was quickly 8: 3 in front and the MT never left more denser than to four goals. The best Magdeburg goal scorer in a one -sided game was once more back room player Omar Ingi Magnusson with six goals. André Gomes and Kai Häfner each scored five goals for the guests.

Thanks to its current form, the SCM (54: 4 points) could be as a new champion on the third day of the match. Three victories are still necessary to finally distance the worst pursuers THW Kiel (48:10), SG Flensburg-Handewitt and Füchse Berlin (both 46:12). Next Thursday, Magdeburg will receive Liga-Lichtlicht TuS N-Lübbecke, then it goes to the eleventh HSV Hamburg, then at home against the current penultimate HBW Balingen-Weilstetten. So everything is arranged.

TBV collects Melsungen in the table

In the second Sunday game, TBV Lemgo Lippe defeated TVB Stuttgart with 33:30 (14:15). It was once again a tough work for the team of coach Florian Kehrmann, through the victory the TBV pushed past Melsungen with 30:30 points in ninth place. TBV left-left-wing Bjarki Mar Elisson was the most accurate with eight goals, for which Swabians scored Jerome Müller like Lemgos Tim Suton seven times.

SC Magdeburg – MT Melsungen 33:26 (17:13)

Tore for Magdeburg: O. I. Magnusson 6/3, O’Sullivan 5, M. Damgaard 4, Musche 4, Smits 4, Gullerud 2, Hornke 2, Ph. Weber 2, Bezjak 1, G. T. Kristjansson 1, Mertens 1, Saugstrup 1
Gates for Melsungen: A. Gomes 5, K. Häfner 5, Arnarsson 3, Kühn 3, Reichmann 3/3, Drosten 2, Kunkel 2, Allendorf 1, Hörr 1, Petersson 1
Referee: Christian vom Dorff (Kaarst)/Fabian vom Dorff (Kaarst)
viewer: 5606
Criminal minutes: – / 6
Disqualification: \ – / –

TBV Lemgo Lippe – TVB Stuttgart 33:30 (14:15)

Gates for the TBV: Elisson 8/2, Suton 7, Zerbe 6, G. Guardiola Villaplana 4, Hutecek 3, Schagen 3, Simak 2
Gates for Stuttgart : Jer. Müller 7, Hanusz 5, M. Häfner 4, Pfattheicher 4, V. Kristjansson 2/1, Nicolaus 2, Zieker 2, Peshevski 1, Pesic 1, Schulze 1, White 1
Referee: Julian Köppl (Darmstadt)/Denis Regner (Nieder-Olm)
viewer: 2364

Spielfrei Episode 1 - Bennet Wiegert
Criminal minutes: 4/8
Disqualification: \ – / –

Construction of the DFB campus before completion

The new campus of the German Football Federation (DFB) is just before its structural completion.

The 150 million euros expensive prestige object of the association in Frankfurt / Main will be taken over on the 1st of May by the executing construction company. The DFB announced on Wednesday at a tour with the responsible persons about the terrain.

DFB & DFB-Akademie Frankfurt ( FFM ) // Construction Site // FPV Freestyle Drone // DrNope FPV

On July 1, the campus, for which the foundation stone was placed in September 2019, should go to the “full operation”. The new building including his academy replaces the previous association center in the Frankfurt City Forest. “For the entire DFB this is a quantum leap,” said Akademiechef Tobias Haupt: “It gives rise to the entire association.”

The exposing building complex including the four outdoor football facilities and a hall with an artificial turf area in a regular size (105 to 68 meters) reminiscent of its style and due to the generously built technology to the centers of the large IT corporations in Silicon Valley. The office space is not separated, the networking of the individual departments should be accelerated.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, the DFBs directors of the professional clubs already made a picture of the new building in which in the future 600 employees are employed. The campus belongs to a so-called athlete house with 33 rooms. This area is designed to be used primarily by the junior national teams. The a national team, the women’s selection as well as the U21 will continue to live in hotels due to the gross size.

The DFBing areas (seats, cabins, fitness rooms, regeneration facilities, technology laboratory) are inaugurated in June by the women’s national team in the run-up to the EM final round.

Bundesliga: DFL attracts for police costs for the Federal Constitutional Court

The German Football League has submitted the long announced constitutional complaint to the Federal Constitutional Court in police costs with the state of Bremen.

This confirmed the DFL of the “German Press Agency”. The umbrella organization of the German professional football considers the relevant regulation of the Bremen Fee and Contribution Act unchanged for unconstitutional and the fees for illegal fees for illegal. Bremen is currently the only state that charges fees for police costs.

In November 2020, the Upper Administrative Court of Bremen had confirmed the legality of fees for police costs for so-called high-risk games.

Founding and development of the Federal Constitutional Court

Previously, in 2019, the Federal Administrative Court had explained the fee survey to the bottom for “in principle lawfully”. The Land Bremen had sent such fee sheath to the DFL, which had forwarded them to the current football second division. Werder were caused by costs in a six-digit height per part.

Bremen’s inside Senator Ulrich Mäurer criticized the course of the German football league in front of the highest instance. “The DFL attracts the legal question with this step unnecessarily in length and obviously tries to shape time for the ongoing nationwide debate,” said the SPD politician.

But you also see the procedure in front of the Federal Constitutional Court relaxed, “because the Federal Administrative Court has already confirmed us twice to act constitutionally,” emphasized Mäurer. He therefore demanded the DFL at a change of course.

No victory to restart: DHB

In front of 2468 spectators in Gummersbach on Saturday the back room Fabian Wiede with nine goals and Julius Kühn (5) best throwers for the DHB team were. Already on Sunday it comes in Kassel to re-duel with the Magyaren, which as the expected hard test stone before the mid-April presented play-off games around the ticket for the World Cup 2023 against Faroe Islands.

The DHB team that had to renounce the EM rider Sebastian Heymann, Djibril M’bengue, Philipp Weber and Kai Häfner started sweeping. Pay was a fast three-goal lead at 5: 2 after seven minutes. But the run did not stop because some mistakes in German playing. Thus, the Hungarians, who had disappointed with the home Em with place 15 arg, in the 19th minute to the first leadership.

Although the German team countered directly, but could not settle until the break, because the after the residues of Hendrik Pekeler and Patrick Wienecek newly formed defense had always gaps. In addition, Torwart Andreas Wolff was not a crucial factor.

Knorr throws three gates in a row

After change, Till moved to Klimpke between the posts of the German gate. But he too was left alone by his foregons. So it remained a close game in which the DHB selection came back to the 23:24 (43.) again. In this difficult phase, Mittermann Juri Knorr with three goals successfully assumed one’s responsibility. The 21-year-old of the Rhine-Neckar Löwen, who had missed the EM because of his vaccine status’ was only subsequently moved into the squad due to the failure of playmaker Weber.

However, the problems in the defensive could not solve Knorr. Again and again, the Hungarians came above all over the circle to success. The German team, on the other hand, awarded some good possibilities in the final phase and was almost four minutes before the end again. Nevertheless, the victory was in it, but the otherwise outstanding Wiede only hit the post and then with the last litter from his own half not the gate.

Germany – Hungary 31:31 (17:16)

Call of Duty World at War German Victory Theme Full Version

Germany: T. Klimpke (HSG Wetzlar), Wolff (KS Vive Kielce) – Wiede (Füchse Berlin) 9, Kühn (Mt Melsungen) 5, Golla (SG Flensburg-Handewitt) 4, Knorr (Rhein-Neckar Löwen 4, Köster (VfL Gummerersbach) 2, Schiller (Fresh on Göppingen) 2/1, Witzke (DHFK Leipzig) 2, Casting (Mt Melsungen) 1, Mertens (SC Magdeburg) 1, Push (TBV Lemgo Lippe) 1, Ernst (DHFK Leipzig), Kohlbacher (Rhein-Neckar Löwen), D. Schmidt (Bergischer HC), Zechel (HC Erlangen)
Hungary: Borely, Mikler, Szekely – Rodriguez 7, Juhasz 4, Kovacsic’s 4, Hanusz 3, Szita 3, Balogh 2/1, Leimeter 2, Ligetvari 2, Szöllösi 2, Fazekas 1, Topic 1, Ancsin, Bujdoso, B. Nagy, Sipos, Vajda
Referee: Duarte Santos (Portugal) / Ricardo Fonseca (Portugal
Viewers: 2480
Criminal minutes: 12/8
Disqualification: \ – / Ancsin (36th)

New DFB president elected

Bernd Neuendorf is the 14th President of the German Football Federation (DFB). The 60-year-old prevailed in the fight match in Bonn against Peter Peters.

Bernd Neuendorf took several hugs in the plenary hall “New York” several hugs, he held his thank-on speech with a bouquet in DFB colors in his hand.

The 60-year-old is the new strong man and is intended to lead the German Football Association as President from the National Crisis into a better future. Neuendorf sat down in the election against his competitor Peter Peters – the association hopes for years full of scandals and mud laughs at a fresh start.

Bernd Neuendorf zum neuen DFB-Präsidenten gewählt

“Many, thank you, the result overwhelms me. That I have so great trust is important and good to know,” said Neuendorf, who has so far unknown in the broad public. He is the 14th president of the association.

On the 44th Ordinary Bundestag in Bonn he secured the clear majority of the votes in the first combat match of DFB history for the office of the Supreme German Football Representative (193: 50).

New DFB President: “We have to hold the store together”

“The football must resume his social and political responsibility,” said Neuendorf in his application speech. In it, he was with a future vision for more diversity and appealed with a view to the constant disputes: “We have to hold together the store. Those who do not participate in cultural change, which will have me as a decisive opponent.”

Neuendorf was already considered a clear favorite prior to choice in the World Conference Center and securely supported the support of the amateur camp with the influential former interim boss Rainer Koch. Peters (59) was started as a candidate of professionals with outsider opportunities. Many pages doubled in advance at the competence of the former financial boss of Schalke 04.

Neuendorf adopts the succession of the Fritz cellar resigned in May 2021. Cellar had to take his hat after he had defamed his then vice chef with a scandalous Nazi comparison. Previously, the DFB had been shaken by a month-long power struggle at the top, which in addition to Keller also fell victim to General Secretary Friedrich Curtius. The controversial chef led the association to February together with Peters interior.

Waiting for Neuendorf work – Koch criticized “media attacks”

Neuendorf (60) moved to politics after several stations in Journalism in 2003. He worked, among other things, as spokesman for the SPD, was five years of Secretary of State in the Family Ministry of North Rhine-Westphalia from 2012. In June 2019 he was elected President of the Football Association Mittelrhein (FVM), now he settles the office.

It is clear: he expects a lot of work, a task at which the presidents most recently failed. Like cellars, Reinhard Grindel and Wolfgang Niersbach had to decline prematurely. Power struggles, scandals, affairs, raids, criminal proceedings and returns have severely shaken the credibility of the DFB. The image is desastrous.

Cook, which was most recently attacked by three ex-presidents, defended himself. “The work in the DFB is much better than her medial reputation,” said the continuous functional that criticized the “medial attacks”. The outgoing treasurer Stephan Osnabergge, who was involved in the chef side in the power struggle, spoke in a remarkable media-scared of a “merciless man hunt” and “Hetzartikeln”.

BVB BOSS and DFL Supervisory Board Watzke promotes cooperation

Hans-Joachim Watzke, the new Supervisory Board of the German Football League (DFL), was a better cooperation between DFB and DFL. “If we continue to lose DFB and DFL, two trains, the German football will lose dramatically,” he said. Next year, the renegotiation of the basic contract is attributable.

For this purpose, the financial situation of the DFB is tensioned by the costs for the new construction of the campus, tax payments or the pandemic. In addition, Neuendorf has to deal with the women’s initiative “Football can find more” to find Katja Kraus, who had waived a sharp criticism on its own candidacy.

The positions in the international committees does not want to occupy Neuendorf personally. Instead, he will play in the controversial personal details on time and cook (up to 2025) in the Executive Committee of the European Football Union (UEFA) and Peters (until 2024) in the Council of the World Association FIFA.

Facts created the delegates at the Personalie Gerhard Schröder. The DFB deprived of the Alt-Chancellor the honorary membership because of its proximity to Russia.

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