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Thick tons diminished the shoulders

Exactly how does that really feel that after ins 2014 to finally hold the master shell in their hands?

It had not been the ‘rblz_umut’ that I expected

Dylan ‘Dullenmike’ Neuhausen

Merely due to the fact that I have actually been functioning towards it all the time. Last year second, fourth two years ago…
That it really happens occurs that I only just the semi-finals, then the final last and also after that today’s final, I did not expect that myself.

Would you have expected the outcome of the final, just against umut ‘rblz_umut’ Gültekin on the PlayStation?

Heavy shells in the media discussion reported ‘rblz_umut’ concerning the weight of the German championship title. This was currently also permitted to lift ‘Dullenmike’ in the confetti rainfall. Imago/Beautiful Sports

Never! To be straightforward, ‘Umut’ is the most effective player in Germany this year. In my view, the initial leg was difficult. It is also rather delighted that I go out with a 1-0. In the 2nd leg I located spaces and afterwards scored 2 goals very quickly. It was not the ‘rblz_umut’ I anticipated.

there was a time in the last when you knew: fine, now I win that!

It was probably due to the fact that I am not the greatest. In the last 10 minutes, when we both place the controller away, I initially had to understand that I was truly German champion.

Ten mins prior to completion you simply allow the game run out. Does that for that reason discover it difficult to elevate the dish when you were concentrated on the controller and also completely in the mode regularly?

Yes, that sought the 2-0 in the 2nd leg on the Playstation. After that I led an overall of 3-0 and also quickly before half-time. I assumed: Come on, a fifty percent with a 3-0 leadership das you actually have to take location.

getaway in Mallorca

You only acknowledged 2 goals in the knockout stage. Was your defensive the trick to success?

I don’t truly know yet. I still have to reject that with my young boys. It will probably be Mallorca, yet past the Ballermanns an unwinded vacation to regenerate.

I really did not recognize myself that I only acknowledged two goals. After finishing the Swiss Round, my coach informed me that my defensive is extremely strong today. I was very secure at the back, safeguarded well, the possibilities at the front come with some point.

I would certainly have preferred to win the German championship title ten times as opposed to the 2nd worldwide title.

Dylan ‘Dullenmike’ Neuhausen

You said in breakthrough that you wish to take place trip from the cash prize. Do you currently recognize where it should go?

Do you also have time for a vacation? Your FIFA period is not over!

The ECLUB World Mug play-offs are following weekend. Afterwards, 3 weeks are totally free until the enative as well as the Globe Cup play-offs proceed. There is currently something.

Is there a little stress from you with the German championship title for these international competitions?

I would certainly have chosen to win the German championship title 10 times instead of the 2nd global title. Just since you can state you are a German champ, you commemorate yourself on the shell.

Control Cross in the means

Regrettably not in the photo: ‘Dullenmike’ regulates the left stick to thumb as well as forefinger. This may lead to complications. Imago/Beautiful Sports

Did you have difficulty getting ready for the PlayStation with your unique controller stance?

It is actually a little harder to play because I constantly touch the control cross with component of the finger. At the beginning of the year, when the modification to the Playstation was required, I constantly inadvertently pressed any buttons. The good news is, I was now able to park that.

How did you even start playing in this design?


10 minutes prior to the end you simply allow the game run out. You just yielded 2 goals in the knockout phase. You claimed in advancement that you want to go on holiday from the reward money. Do you even have time for a holiday? **

Because I constantly played that way, I in fact don’t recognize. When a colleague directed out to me as well as asked why I played that did I observe it, it was only.

SC Magdeburg not to be stopped

Six points ahead of five outstanding games: SC Magdeburg does not seem to stop on its way to its first German championship title since 2001. On Sunday, the sovereign Bundesliga heading leader gave the MT Melsungen no chance and presented himself at 33:26 (17:13) like the upcoming champion.

From the beginning, the team of coach Bennet Wiegert led and suffocated the hope of the competition for a slip in the bud. The SCM was quickly 8: 3 in front and the MT never left more denser than to four goals. The best Magdeburg goal scorer in a one -sided game was once more back room player Omar Ingi Magnusson with six goals. André Gomes and Kai Häfner each scored five goals for the guests.

Thanks to its current form, the SCM (54: 4 points) could be as a new champion on the third day of the match. Three victories are still necessary to finally distance the worst pursuers THW Kiel (48:10), SG Flensburg-Handewitt and Füchse Berlin (both 46:12). Next Thursday, Magdeburg will receive Liga-Lichtlicht TuS N-Lübbecke, then it goes to the eleventh HSV Hamburg, then at home against the current penultimate HBW Balingen-Weilstetten. So everything is arranged.

TBV collects Melsungen in the table

In the second Sunday game, TBV Lemgo Lippe defeated TVB Stuttgart with 33:30 (14:15). It was once again a tough work for the team of coach Florian Kehrmann, through the victory the TBV pushed past Melsungen with 30:30 points in ninth place. TBV left-left-wing Bjarki Mar Elisson was the most accurate with eight goals, for which Swabians scored Jerome Müller like Lemgos Tim Suton seven times.

SC Magdeburg – MT Melsungen 33:26 (17:13)

Tore for Magdeburg: O. I. Magnusson 6/3, O’Sullivan 5, M. Damgaard 4, Musche 4, Smits 4, Gullerud 2, Hornke 2, Ph. Weber 2, Bezjak 1, G. T. Kristjansson 1, Mertens 1, Saugstrup 1
Gates for Melsungen: A. Gomes 5, K. Häfner 5, Arnarsson 3, Kühn 3, Reichmann 3/3, Drosten 2, Kunkel 2, Allendorf 1, Hörr 1, Petersson 1
Referee: Christian vom Dorff (Kaarst)/Fabian vom Dorff (Kaarst)
viewer: 5606
Criminal minutes: – / 6
Disqualification: \ – / –

TBV Lemgo Lippe – TVB Stuttgart 33:30 (14:15)

Gates for the TBV: Elisson 8/2, Suton 7, Zerbe 6, G. Guardiola Villaplana 4, Hutecek 3, Schagen 3, Simak 2
Gates for Stuttgart : Jer. Müller 7, Hanusz 5, M. Häfner 4, Pfattheicher 4, V. Kristjansson 2/1, Nicolaus 2, Zieker 2, Peshevski 1, Pesic 1, Schulze 1, White 1
Referee: Julian Köppl (Darmstadt)/Denis Regner (Nieder-Olm)
viewer: 2364

Spielfrei Episode 1 - Bennet Wiegert
Criminal minutes: 4/8
Disqualification: \ – / –

FC Bayern | Flick: Championship the most honest title

National coach Hansi Flick has congratulated the FC Bayern München after the 3-1 success against Borussia Dortmund for renewed title win in the football league.
“The German Championship is the most honest title and the basis for further successes. Every title win gives self-confidence – and hopefully for our national players also tailwind for the upcoming tasks in the UEFA Nations League and as a climax at the World Cup in Qatar,” said Flick according to one
Communication from the German Football Federation (DFB).
The Bayern brought the title in the Bundesliga for the tenth time in a row.

FC Bayern Celebrate Like True Champions

DFB President Bernd Neuendorf supplemented: “The Konstanz of the club is extremely impressive.”
DFB Director Oliver Bierhoff meant: “The discussions about the lack of tension in the Bundesliga can not diminish this great success. To become a strong champion ten times in a German champion is impressive and makes it clear how well the club works for many years.”

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