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[Review] Im a monster, I beat everything

Casual fighting of heavy monsters

What would happen if there was a huge monster than the 63 building, or in the city center, hitting each other and fighting each other?
If you often watch monster movies, you can easily think of the city that has become a wormwood field.
If you assume that you are standing in the middle of the overwhelming destruction, your motivation will be broken.
In Gigabashh, we will be one of the striking monsters, not human beings.

Game Name : Gigabash (Gigabash)
Genre Name : Action
release date : 2022.08.05
Review : 1.0.0|
Developer : Fashion Referring Games
Service : Fashion Referring Games

Platform : PC, ps, xbox, switch
Play : PC


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Congratulations of attractive monsters

The work of monsters is one of the topics that appear in movies and games. The overwhelming feelings of monsters, and the destruction that occurs every time you move a heavy body have the charm of boiling blood.

Thus, most of the monster works appear to be the monster as absolute evil, and the player stands on the side of humanity or justice and turns down the villain of monsters. The game, which has been out of this fixed role, is a monster game that features monsters such as King of the Monsters series and Rampage series. The way the player is a monster with overwhelming force and makes the city a wormwood field gives a sense of destructive fulfillment from the impact that can be felt in general action games.

Giga Bash is a big game that is similar to the classic game ‘King of the Monsters’. In addition to the keywords of the monsters of the monsters, there are quite a few similarities in the viewpoint and combat methods of the game. In other words, if you are an old gamer who enjoyed the classic game, Gigabash is also fun.

The important thing to see in this monster game is how attractive the monster is, and the heavy battle that takes advantage of the characteristics of the monster is drawn. Think about how much it would be if the monsters that were bigger than the building were like a fight.

First of all, eight kinds of monsters and two heroes appear in the game, and two kinds of monsters are locked at first, but they can proceed with the story or repeatedly unlock certain behaviors. The monsters are characterized by being very unique. If you meet on the streets, such as lava monsters or alien Phi Phi Zuras, there is a force that seems to have to go down and pass quietly.

On the other hand, the characteristics of the monsters were made well, and at the same time, the player’s rejection of the monster directly manipulated these monsters. Some monsters and heroes feel like they have seen them somewhere, and they seem to have been a famous monster, but I think they expressed their charms in each monster as a whole.

The charm of the monsters can be deeper in story mode. The story mode can see what purpose it has with the origin of the monsters, and deals with the different side of the monster that always appeared as a villain. Of course, there is also a monster from the absolute villain. Originally, it was a hero to try to knock down the monster. In particular, the quality of the narrative of the monster and the direction of the cartoon method contained in the story was better than I thought, so I could understand the story intuitively and gave a high immersion.

Meanwhile, the story mode not only delivered the story but also the tastes of competition with other users. The story mode can be played by selecting the desired difficulty of a total of four levels of difficulty, and some sections were quite difficult in the balance difficulty that can be seen as difficulty. Even if you are familiar with 3D large-scale games, there are various variables in the game, so you can feel different from the online mode.

In addition, the Earth’s end difficulty, which is held by clearing the extreme difficulty once, was difficult to play the game, and the level of artificial intelligence was also high. But it’s really ridiculous, so it may seem a bit unreasonable.

Battle of destructive monsters

When you see the beasts fighting in the movie, they roll their body and smash the building and throw them into threw them very radical but hot. The battle in Gigabash is no different. In the screen of the 3D side view, the player can run to the other party to punch or tear the building from afar, and whenever he moves, he realized that the surrounding buildings are broken and split.

For example, if a battle takes place in the urban area, you can see the citizens running away from the monster, and various tanks are flew to kill the monster. At this time, the player can tear the building and throw it to the enemy, or hold the tank and forcibly fire a gun. If a strong attack is successful, the enemy may fly away, and the direction of the building in the flying track is also one of the great sights.

Battle has basic attacks, special attacks, jumps and catching, blocking, dashes, etc., and can be used to hold a specific key or combine two or more keys. The operation method is intuitive, so even if it’s the first monster, you can easily manipulate it, but if you dig into it, you have to use a variety of technologies to attack the combo attack or to cope with the situation.

The attack method that takes advantage of the external characteristics of the monster adds strength to the charm of the monster. In particular, not all monsters had similar attack methods, but each had a unique attack method, so it was fun to deal with and when I played myself. For example, Suntross, Zaiba, and Phi Phi Juras have a long-range check-up technology, which is an attacking method of lightning in the sky, and Phi Phi Zuras and Zyba are firing a projectile, but one shot or not. The personality was added by differentiated hitting methods such as back.

In addition, each technology is not only a personality, but also has a good composition in terms of balance. The distance check technology was slow, so it was easy to avoid if the distance was enough, and the monster without ranged technology gave a quick dash technology to create a melee composition instantly. Most of the attacks can be prevented or avoided, and super armor, etc. are applied so that each technology can hit the opponent first, so in the 1: 1 composition, it was necessary to read and fight the opponent’s number.

When you fight with the enemy, you may feel that the pattern of fighting flows similarly. It is a series of continuation of attacking, counterattacking, and throwing surrounding objects. It’s a game where a bright color is fighting by calling a monster, but if it’s not much different from a typical fighting game? In order to break this trend, there is a differentiated combat system in the game, such as a special movement and a transformation of S-Class.

The killing is literally a powerful situation with a strong one-time technology. Whenever you hit the enemy, you can trigger the special kill by pressing a special key when the special gauge gauges are filled. During the use of special moves, it could be invincible and very powerful damage, so it was used for emergency escape depending on the situation. Each monster has an original killing, and the directing is quite cool, so it was a technology that felt really a special move.

S-Class is a kind of awakening technology. Whenever you hit an enemy or destroy the surrounding environment, the S-Class gauge is filled. Compared to before and after awakening, it is almost three times the size, and as the overall stats are not simply huge, the overall stats are increasing and the size is growing, the attack range and length are also very advantageous.

In particular, if the attack power becomes ridiculously powerful, and if you hit the enemy well, it can be made as a star in that sky. The transformation of S-Class is also pretty cool and can be blown every time I hit it, so it gives me a hot feeling as if I became an overwhelming monster.

Of course, even if you are transformed, you may be damaged by the enemy and you can die, so you don’t feel like an invincible cheat key. In addition, if you hit the opponent transformed into a S-Class, you can spit on a purple sphere.


Giga Bash is a game with a lot of fun if you are a gamer who usually likes monsters. There is a system that cannot be felt in existing large-scale games such as map design, hitting system, special skills and awakening, which are well-made of monster warfare. The lack of these games recently is one of the factors that enhance the rare of the game. There are quite a lot of content that can be collected in the game, and the more monster level up, the more cool costumes can be used.

However, it was too considered to be the difficulty of the battle of the game. For example, the efficiency of the blockage was much higher, so it was advantageous to defend and counter the other person’s attack rather than attacking first, and because the technology to cope with the guard had to stick closer than you thought, it was easy to catch the enemy from the point of view. Could.

In addition, the delay between the attack and the attack is quite long and there is nothing to run because it was intended to reflect the characteristics of the monster with a heavy body. Of course, if the attack motion continues without any delay, it can be a problem, so I think there are each advantages and disadvantages.

The most unfortunate thing is that the matching is not well matched based on the PC platform. Gigabash is PC and Switch, PS,

HSV sheds psychological home video game – desire begin with Jahn

Schumacher makes a decision the video game in the Volkspark

Burger SV shed the very first house game after the fatality of club legend Uwe Seeler on Sunday mid-day with 0-1 versus Hansa Rostock. The psychological scenes before the kick-off was adhered to by a blended first half, each with a chance for both group frods (22nd) and also Kittel (38th). After the adjustment of sides, Hansa was the better team and had a number of possibilities for the management. From the HSV just came extra in the last minutes of the game, yet Glatzel failed two times (84th, 88th). Already in the 4th min of deduction time it was Schumacher that looked after the 1-0 supported by the away block. Joker David almost ensured the tons second equalization, but headed just over (90. +7).

desire begin for regensburg, incorrect begin for Bielefeld

Jahn Regensburg commemorated an action of the new second division season: The residence win against Darmstadt a week earlier, the Upper Palatinate complied with a 3-0 away win at Bundesliga delegated Arminia Bielefeld. Jahn demonstrator Albers had the lengthy chance of the first fifty percent after 8 minutes prior to Gimber took the lead 2nd before the change of sides (45. +3). The second Regensburg gateway through Thalhammer (56.) fell into a tiny impulse phase of the Bielefeld. Gouras set the final point in included time (90. +1). The Jahn stands with six, Arminia with zero factors after two video games.

KSC additionally misses the residence beginning

After the 0: 5 ordeal at the beginning in Paderborn, the Karlsruher SC has already manifested a bit of a 2: 3 versus advertised Magdeburg. After seven mins, the FCM took the lead with Müller before Atik as well as Kwarteng made a double strike for the intended initial decision (32nd, 34th). After the adjustment of sides, the protective KSC was still protective and also concerned the link through the goals of Wanitzek and Kaufmann (63., 64.). As a result, Karlsruhe tossed everything into the equilibrium, however ended up empty hands again.

Daferner’s bust as well as the Joker Club wins Derby versus Fürth

FC Nürnberg won the Frankenderby on the Saturday mid-day versus SpVgg Greuther Fürth-and the well should have. The team of train Robert Klauß, at which Youngster Castrop gave his starting eleven debut and also very early post shot, won the prominent battle with 2-0. In the end the Nuremberg stayed much more unsafe and, by a co-production of the Joker Wekesser, Duman as well as objective scorer Wintzheimer, put the cover on it with the second goal.

Boyd counters Reeses Doppack-Fck scores in Kiel

Seiling Kaiserslautern won a counter after the opening success against Hanover at the duel in Kiel. Apart from the very early quarter of a hr, the 2-2 draw was an exchange of strikes over lengthy distances. The video game initially tipped for the Palatinate many thanks to Ritter’s dribbling, which Hanslik improved with the lead. The Holsteiners were really harmless on the offensive till the break, but after the change, Holstein striker Reese transformed. The North Germans led within six mins, however the upper water did not last long, since Boyd matched virtually instantly. Kiel pressed in the final quarter of an hour, but the FCK brought the point sway time.

An own objective aids: Heidenheim celebrates the 2nd victory

FC Heidenheim is with six points after two video games. The FCH, on the other hand, acted ice-cold, which many thanks to little service header to 2-0 compelled the preliminary decision. Sessa established the last factor to 3-0.

penalty frustration for St. Pauli with delighted finishing

The top game on the Saturday night in Hanover took a bitter training course for St. Pauli because of a wrong decision and yet had a satisfied ending. The game subsequently provided the best entertainment with possibilities on both sides. After the change, the Lower Saxony ultimately transformed the video game via a huge shot from Köhn.

Düsseldorf drives the 2nd victory

Both Düsseldorf and also Paderborn had won their games on the first suit day, both fitness instructors did not alter as necessary. After seconds, Conteh narrowly stopped working, in the second minute Kownacki made it better-1-0 for the Fortuna on the other. The striking plate had the brand-new equalizer on the foot in the 59th minute, simply like Hünemeier with a long-range shot (81. ).

Stark Manu supporting again with a hat

Hamburger SV lost the very first house game after the fatality of club legend Uwe Seeler on Sunday afternoon with 0-1 versus Hansa Rostock. From the HSV just came a lot more in the last minutes of the game, yet Glatzel fell short two times (84th, 88th). The Jahn stands with 6, Arminia with no factors after two games.

The incorrect beginning and the various personnel fears had repercussions: Torsten Lieberknecht against Sandhausen took four modifications, the unmodified hardwalds had surprisingly beat Bielefeld at the start. Manu made use of a misunderstanding in the SVS defense in the 9th minute and supported with an angler hat as in the past. Given that there were no a lot more top chances later on, the 2-1 for the lilies, which now have the first factors in the account.

The top game on the Saturday night in Hanover took a bitter training course for St. Pauli due to the fact that of a wrong choice and also yet had a delighted closing. Both Düsseldorf and also Paderborn had won their video games on the first match day, both trainers did not change accordingly.

John Romero is developing a completely new FPS! Call for applications for further recruitment of developers who are good at UE5

American designers and programmers such as Doom , Doom II , quake , Wolfenstein 3D , or the United States known as a co-founder of ID Software. Game developer John Romero announced on July 19 that it is recruiting developers at Romero Games for the new FPS.


Developing a completely new FPS!

This new work is currently being developed with the cooperation of famous publishers, an original and completely new work. It has emphasized that the recruitment of human resources has been dealing with Unreal Engine 5 in Epic Games, suggesting that it will be developed using the engine.

Romero Games another work developed

Romero Games, which was established by John Romero with his wife Brenda, released the unofficial latest episode Sigil in 2019 in 2019 for free. At the 3D Realms event in 2021, it announced that it is working on the development of Sigil 2 , an unofficial latest episode of DOOM II. In March 2022, one of the ONE HUMANITY maps were released to support Ukraine. The release date of Sigil 2 is still unpublished.

Among Us as well as Fortnite sign up with forces in one of the most awaited crossover after their clashes from the past

Last year the debate leapt after the announcement of Epic Games in an impostor way that kept in mind the title of locating the traitor of Ingersloth. Actually, soon Epic Games acknowledged that it had actually been a source of inspiration. Over time, connections were stabilized, up until now, that Amongst United States officially get off on the island of Battle-Royale also if it is only as a decorative component.

By shock, INNERSLOTH has announced a collaboration with Fortnite for which all players getting United States or one of their DLC in Epic Games Store before June 9, 2023 will be done with a pair of aesthetic additionals in the Battle-Royale. Beyond the content of the information itself, the crossover ends the pain amongst the makers of the social video game for a world of play released in 2021.



Acquisition Among United States or any type of Pack of Among United States Stars via the Epic Games initiator from June 9, 2022 to June 9, 2023 and obtains the staff backpacker and the Dancing motion to use them in Fortnite, We can read in the summary of the cross between both computer game. We are therefore encountering a simply aesthetic collaboration, but possibly the beginning of something else.

Amongst United States continues its training course, much from the successful numbers in complete pandemic, and prepares a conversion to online truth tools that provided to chat in its trailer. For its component, Fortnite has actually simply launched period 3 of Chapter 3: Good Wave, and also according to educated sources of the computer game it appears to be operating in a first individual setting that could reinvent the way of playing the effective Battle-Royale.

Artist unites Valorant and LoL in cute Viper Porcelain Skin

There is a widespread passion among League of Legends players for the skins that Riot Games creates for MOBA champions. There are Prestige, Ultimate, and Mega Rare skins, among others, which happens with Valorant, the developer’s FPS, but differently since the skins are exclusive to weapons and not agents. With that in mind, artist Kyullama created the Porcelain skin, a line of visuals that already exists in LoL, for the character Viper.

What if Valorant had skins for agents?
According to Kyullama, if Valorant had skins, Viper Porcelain would be adored by the game’s fan community.

In the illustration created by her, Viper no longer uses her usual shade of neon green, which gives way to the characteristic blue of Porcelana skins in LoL, which was created in 2022. The agent’s costume gained excellent porcelain parts, and behind her, it is possible to see the spirit of a snake, an animal linked to the character.

In addition to all this, there is also a change in the agent’s hair, which has gained a different hairstyle than usual. Would you buy the Porcelain Viper if it were available on Valorant? Tell us in the comments.

Why doesn’t Valorant have skins for agents?
In 2020, Dexter Yu, Senior Producer of Valorant, talked about the possibility of the FPS getting skins for its agents.

According to him, at the time, it was still not possible to develop visuals like those of LoL for the game because the developer team was worried about the possibility of skins having a negative impact not only on development but also on the players’ gameplay.

Yu explained that skins could change agents’ hitbox, which would increase players’ difficulty in specific plays. Still, Riot has said in the past that as players get used to the game, this idea could be re-planned.

KRU Esport wins Vitan in Valorant VCT South and remains unbeaten

A second date in the south that shows the great rivalry of the teams, with the classic at the door where the levianeta faces the KRU, a day full of a great Valorant where we can see the great teams in search of full glory, now there will be to see what changes the teams will make, the sea dragon comes with old acquaintances in the technical staff to look for a significant difference in the games.

MOX comeback
The first confrontation of the day put New Pampas against Movistar Optix on a Haven map. The pampas team began with an early aggressiveness where Rubbkoide managed to put things in favor of his team with a mighty Bridge that managed to put the glare to benefit his teammates by leaving things with an 8. In the change of sides, the MOX team played with a much better defense than the attack they proposed, managing to do several rounds to be able to turn the game around by sending the game to overtime thanks to the power of Vicktor and that it would end with a 14-12 in favor of MOX.

In the second map, we went to an Ascent where Gio took out his K/yo that made the rivals suffer, making the difference in rounds minimize during the first half of the confrontation ending with 6-6, changing roles the Tuli would react with his Jett to seek aggressiveness in the attack in favor of MOX putting several rounds in a row that would end up giving him the victory with a 13-8.

The south is painted pink.
The second series pitted the classic southern Leviathan against KRÜ Esports, starting on a Haven map taking a Neon into the hands of King, showing excellent in-game performance to turn things in favor of the sea dragon with an 8-4, reaching the second part, the defense posed by the pink team would change things thanks to the work of Delz1k, sending the map to overtime where Tacolilla would be the one to put things in favor of the levianeta to close the map with 14-12.

For the second map, we move to Breeze, where Leviathan’s team would propose great plays. However, KRÜ put things even thanks to his strategies to leave items with a 6-6. In the change of roles, we see Mazino playing to K/yo in a splendid way inside the map with grenades that managed to give tickets to the pink team that would take several rounds in their favor to define the match with a 13-8 that would leave things even.

One last Ascent map where both teams seek to remain undefeated within the southern competition, taking an Omen in the hands of Delz1k, which becomes the team’s breaking point managing to score the first half of the match with a 6-6, changing the sides we see we see the power of Mazino with a Fade that excellently gave his team many opportunities with great innings that made the levianeta suffer from leaving the series with a 13-9.

The classic of the south ends with a victory in favor of the current champion. After great matches, the lower zone of the continent is left with only one undefeated team and at the top of the table. On the other hand, the MOX team shows excellent performance for staying in the middle of the table to close this achievement in a good way.

New State of Play revealed: Day as well as time of the event with news of PS5 as well as PS VR2

You have possibly found several individuals that forecasted a brand-new state of play if you normally navigate social networks. This shows that players are still pregnant to any type of info pertaining to PS4 as well as PS5 games, so PlayStation has actually not intended to beg and also has actually introduced a brand-new occasion . It will certainly happen on Thursday, June 2 at 23:59 (Spanish peninsular time), and you can follow, customarily, from the brand-new state web pages.

Besides this unforeseen news, it is necessary to note that PlayStation remains to expand by jumps and bounds. Right now, he currently has his eyes on PC and mobile ecosystems and also desires fifty percent of his 2025 launches to be focused on these systems. Additionally, the firm has been commemorating the great numbers achieved during the first quarter of the year, in what highlights the success of PS5 in China and also the sales of its shipments in computer systems.

The PlayStation VR2 games will have this State of Play what is PlayStation for this State of Play? Evidently, the firm will urge us with a presentation filled with advertisements: Surprises of the Third-Party partners, breakthroughs on creating ready PS VR2, updates as well as even more material that will certainly be exposed to us during the event. Customarily for the business, its online will be relayed via its Twitch channel.

Said all this, there is only one more point to add: Theories can begin . The area has been awaiting the statement of a new State of Play to discover more information around the future of PS5, which will certainly remain to increase its magazine through new propositions. Additionally, the multinational reaffirms its purpose to continue promoting VR2 PlayStation with even more ads connected to its online fact.

brand-new state DISCOR

We currently have an official server! A place where you can speak directly to the magazine’s editors, take part in competitions, get gifts or simply having fun with various other individuals. Do not think of it anymore and also join our community.

Join the brand-new state discord

June State of Play Announced, New PS5 & PSVR2 Games To Be Revealed | New PS Plus Classics & More

The PlayStation VR2 games will have this State of Play what is PlayStation for this State of Play? Apparently, the firm will motivate us with a discussion filled with ads: Shocks of the Third-Party companions, developments on establishing video games for PS VR2, updates and even more content that will be revealed to us throughout the occasion. Said all this, there is just one even more thing to include: Theories can start .

LOL: Players accuse Riot of plagiarizing an artist to create Belveths new skin

League of Legends players have accused Riot Games of plagiarizing an artist for the creation of the skin art of the Skin Bel’veth Battle Chief . The new cosmetic will arrive on the occasion of the champion’s launch in the next 12.11 patch and is one of the most spectacular aspects that have accompanied the premiere of a character. However, his illustration has been the reason for a great controversy in the community. According to many players, who provide forceful evidence, the company would have plagiarized one of the key elements of Splash art.

controversy by plagiarism in the splash art by Bel’veth

Some skins of the “battle leaders” belonging to the “Arcade” cosmetic line include elements that seek to honor other video games. This is the case of the cosmetic that Riven and Blitzcrank share, which shows a character selector similar to fighting titles. The reference is more than evident, although the differences with any known game are very large. However, in the case of the new Skin of Bel’veth there are hardly any distinctions and Riot Games could have copied the mod created by a member of the Terraria community .

The truth is that The life bar looks extremely similar , with just a few elements modified at the edges. The community, which has realized the similarities, has even carried out a pixel comparison by Pixel to realize that even the changes and color happen in the same coordinates of the image. Something similar occurs with the red degraded inside this life bar. The creation of Riot is, in many ways, identical to the original version created by Tyler and shared freely with the Steam community.

The failure that could explain Riot’s possible plagiarism

A Rioter Changed League of Legends Code (Hilarious Spell Reworks)
Before turning on those torches, there are several circumstances that could explain the similarities. Almost all the elements in which the company has been accused of plagiarism has a common factor. They are artistic pieces subcontracted to self-employed workers outside the company . This happened in the case of an emoticon that Riot Games ended up changing. The case would be tremendously similar, since the company also usually subcontract many of the illustrations created for its skins. In this case, the ruling would not realize the situation.

The artist lives in the state of California, where Riot also has its offices. In response to this situation, the possibility that who has done the original work has also been in charge of the splash art of Bel’veth has even been mentioned. In this sense, although the copy remains a reuse that it might not like, the practice would hardly be reproachable. However, to finish clarifying the mess, an official response from League of Legends developers will have to wait. Of course, we will be here to tell you the conclusion.


Gran Turismo 7 Update 1.15 Released, Includes Three New Cars For Free

As promised by Kaz Yamauchi, creator, and director of the driving saga, we now have three new cars available to add to the collection, including the latest winner of the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

It had already been promised by Kazunori Yamauchi, the game director, just a few days ago. Update 1.15 for Gran Turismo 7, Polyphony Digital’s driving simulator for PS4 and PS5, is now available.

It includes a car that we will surely want to have in our garage among its main novelties. We are talking about the Toyota GR010 Hybrid super sports car, the winner of the last edition of the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

The content, of course, is included via a free update available to all owners of the game to enhance the experience. At Brand Central, we will have three new cars available, among which the Toyota above, winner of the prestigious Le Man’s race, stands out.

A spectacular prototype was presented as a compact convertible with three engines, one of them from the legendary Suzuki Hayabusa, considered the definitive motorcycle engine. Alongside it is the Shop Rampage Roadster, a model based on the 1970 Chevrolet Camaro SS with a wholly redone chassis and several unique tweaks done by this exclusive Illinois tuner. We will also find the exclusive Suzuki Vision Gran Turismo with him.

Additionally, Update 1.15 has added the New O leans location to the Featured section of Scapes, increasing the number of places to take photos of your vehicles in-game. New events have also been implemented in the GT Café and World Circuits.

Viktoria coach Toku: Meppen will be difficult enough

After a series of eleven winless games, Berlin had returned to Magdeburg on matchday 32 with a threesome, with another six points from the following four games opened the chance to remove the league. The competition also died hard, especially main competitor SC Verl, who recently went out of the square three times in a row. After Viktoria Köln (2-0 against FCK), Hallesche FC (2-1 in Würzburg) and the MSV Duisburg (1-0 against SC Freiburg II) also import victories, the remote duel for the last free place Viktoria Berlin is called Against Verl.

The starting point is clear: Viktoria must definitely win over the SCV in the final duel against SV Meppen in two points, you don’t want to leave the 3rd league after only a year. And the association from the capital is dependent on shooting aid from the MSV Duisburg, which laid down the relegation with the 1-0 against Freiburg II.

FC Viktoria Köln - SV Meppen | Highlights 3. Liga 21/22

Meppen in front of the chest, Verl in view

“I am not a dreamer, see the realities, but Verl has to score against Duisburg,” coach Farat Toku encourages himself and his team, but he appreciates the chance of Viktoria as “minimal”. First of all, he demands that he do his own homework. “We will prepare professionally, to beat Meppen will be difficult enough.” That SVM had beaten 3: 2 in the outnumbered.

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