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The new PlayStation Plus: You have to know that about the subscription

The time has come: Sony has released handproof details about the “PlayStation Plus” reboot. We reveal you what the new subscription models include and what changes for you from summer.

PlayStation Plus: These are the new models and prices

It is no secret The Sony has been working for some time a “Game Pass” alternative . Now the Japanese company has released details on the official PlayStation Blog. Thus, it is also clear what Gamer expects in the coming summer!

First of all, the streaming service PlayStation NOW is resolved and integrated into the new “PlayStation Plus” service. Instead of just a subscription, as that was the case, PlayStation users will have the choice between three subscription variants in the future:

1. PlayStation Plus Essential (8.99 euros per month)

  • This subscription corresponds to the previous “PlayStation Plus” model . So involves the online multiplayer, exclusive discounts in the store and monthly “free” games.

2. PlayStation Plus Extra (13.99 euros per month)

  • This subscription includes in addition to the essential variant over 400 ps4 and ps5 games , which you can download on your console.

3. PlayStation Plus Premium (17.99 euros per month)

  • This subscription includes all the advantages of the essential and extra variant, but also grant you access to more than 340 PlayStation classics from the PS1, PS2, PS3 and PSP era. However, PS3 games will only be streamable.

'All-New PlayStation Plus' Subscription Tiers Explained - IGN Daily Fix

No First Party Games to Release

In contrast to the Xbox Game Pass, the new “PlayStation Plus” service is not included No first party games to the release . According to Playstation-Boss Jim Ryan, this strategy does not fit Sony (Source:

However, users of the extra and premium variant are access to (partially) relatively young PlayStation blockbuster . Among them, for example, Returnal and Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales.

The new “PlayStation Plus” service should go to the start in June 2022 . First in Asia and following, North America and Europe follow.

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Big changes in PlayStation Now could arrive very soon

It seems that the great changes of PlayStation Now are imminent, and possibly also great changes in PlayStation Plus. There have been rumors for months about PlayStation Spartacus, a new PlayStation subscription service that will replace PlayStation Now. There have been rumors that it will combine PLAYSTATION NOW with PlayStation Plus and will also add greater access to the inherited PlayStation games, but the most recent rumors suggest that it is more a PS Now replacement than anything else. That said, it is likely that the changes of PS Plus are performed together. To this end, it seems that all these rumors are finally about to materialize.

Later Neogaf, a PS NOW subscriber revealed that its subscription no longer appears and is shown as two Subscriptions of PS Plus. Of course, this could be a mistake, but it seems to be a fairly widespread problem, since other users have begun to report not only this, but the same thing is happening in some cases with the change of subscriptions of PlayStation Plus to Subscriptions of PS NOW.

So what is going on? Well, that’s a good question. This could be nothing more than a psn error, which is not so rare. However, given the context, months and months of reports on PlayStation Spartacus, it is difficult to simply attribute it to technical problems.

PlayStation Now 2021 - Before You Buy

There is no possibility that PlayStation eliminate PlayStation Plus, as it generates too much money. And even Xbox has not undone from his version of PlayStation Plus, Xbox Live Gold. However, it has packaged Xbox Live Gold with a premium version of Xbox Game Pass in the form of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. At this time, it seems that PLAYSTATION NOW will be replaced, or at least evolved, and some levels will be included in PlayStation Plus. That said, none of this has been confirmed, but that could change soon.

At the time of publication, PlayStation has not addressed any of this in any way. If this changes, we will make sure to update the story accordingly. Meanwhile, be attentive to a formal announcement tomorrow.

Xbox Boss breaks the silence about the price increase of price of Xbox Game Pass

Xbox Game Pass in Xbox One, Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X and PC costs only $ 10 per month. For $ 5 additional per month, Xbox users can upgrade to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, adding Xbox Live Gold, EA Play, Limited Time Advantages and more to the package. It can not be denied that at your current price, both levels offer an incredible and unmatched value. However, the more this lasts, more and more anticipation accumulates for an increase in prices. And an increase in price will occur. It is inevitable, if it is not purely for inflation. That said, the head of Xbox, Phil Spencer, suggests that there is no price increase at this time.

Much of speculation about an increase in the price of Xbox games is the result of the huge amounts of money that Xbox has been investing in acquisitions. Of course, Microsoft prints money, but that does not deny the fact that it is a company listed on the stock exchange that it is recently looking for profits. In other words, Spencer is not writing blank checks without expectations. Even so, if he is Xbox Game Pass subscriber, he seems that he does not need to worry about an increase in price in the short term.

«I feel that I can not prove this negative. [People Ask] When will the price of Game Pass go up? They are buying all these studies. You know, it is inevitable. Even though it has been what, now, four years we have not raised it. But it’s like, ‘you know, it’s coming’ ‘when they’re number one, they’ll start making all those exclusive offers that, like, you know, Xbox has history’ and all I can do is make the decisions. They are in front of us and try to be explicit about what our goals are, “Spencer said talking to Esteban Totillo.

The truth about the Xbox Game Pass price increase

Spencer continued, talking about how this strategy has already begun to bear fruit, citing the recent releases of Forza Horizon 5 and Halo infinito, which saw a record number of players, which should not be confused with record sales. How did this happen? By Xbox Game Pass.

“Honestly I mean… you can see it with forza and halo in the last releases. Those are the games more played in those franchises because we put them available on more screens than ever, through more commercial models than ever ». They made them available ».

Of course, it was not so long ago that Xbox tried to duplicate the price of Xbox Live Gold before returning after a massive violent reaction. Then, although Spencer seems quite firm in that Xbox Game Pass subscribers have nothing to worry about, reality is the financial reality of the situation and the history of Xbox suggests that there are many reasons to worry.

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