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BVB: Hans-Joachim Watzke and Co. threaten more DFB

The German Football Confederation obviously threatens again in the work-up of past missing reports. BVB-BOSS Hans-Joachim Watzke and other members of the DFB Bureau should prepare for further investigation.

Hans-Joachim Watzke zum Halbfinal-Gegner Madrid

The fact that Hans-Joachim Watzke would enter into a minefield at the end of 2021 with his appeal to the DFL Supervisory Board Chairman at the end of 2021, the managing director of Borussia Dortmund should have been clear.

Although the League Association has been repeated for years. Combined with the DFL item, however, an Office in the Presidium of the DFB is also an office for the BVB club chief.

And the largest national Football Confederations federation of the world has not come to rest, investigations and searches are almost on the agenda.

BVB-Boss Watzke and Co. expect further investigations

In the past week, the DFB once again had a visit to investigators of the public prosecutor’s office Frankfurt / Main.

It was about an alleged “apparent contract” with a communications advisor, whose (expensive) role in the DFB thickness of recent years remains opaque.

An end of the inconvenience for today’s bidding tip and thus also for Watzke is not in sight: apparently the long-standing BVB maker expects that after the election of the new DFB president on the Bundestag on Friday, further contaminated sites come to the table.

Who will become a new DFB president?

Watzke and DFL managing director Donata Hops, which also has a seat in the DFB-Presidium, would therefore have already handed down documents to be prepared in the case of cases for further investigations, reported “Football Confederation Image”.

Anyone who takes place as DFB President is still open at the “spinous seat”. To post the posts of the former Schalke Finance boss and longtime DFL and DFB official Peter Peters as a professional football representative as well as the Bernd Neuendorf supported by the Amateur representatives.

DFB Bundestag: Too many cancellations for women

The Women’s Initiative Football can be more written in advance of the DFB Bundestag applications for amendment to the statute – but will not be able to contribute due to lack of support.

We have led many conversations, we were often signaled to be interested in our expertise, said initiator Katja Kraus in conversation with the new Osnabrücker Zeitung and the Main-Post. In the end, however, could always be abandoned.

The initiative can not contribute the applications formulated in terms of timely applications, only ordinary members of the Bundestag of the German Football Confederation are authorized. On March 11, the DFB chooses its new President, Bernd Neuendorf and the current co-interim president Peter Peters, as part of the event. It was not until December Football can be more proclaimed the waiver of a separate candidate after ripe consideration.

In its applications, the initiative calls for a women’s quota of 30 percent for leadership offices in DFB, a change in the delegate system and a double lace for the Office of the President. We urgently need change in a rapidly changing society, said Kraus, It’s about securing the future viability of football, sharing power to redefine leadership and bring together different perspectives and competences.

Lower Saxony’s Bundestag applicationss Minister Boris Pistorius, supporters of the initiative, also sees the need. Does the association take a new role in society, it also needs a commitment that seven million members can not only be represented by men, said the SPD politicians the two newspapers: To believe they could be on the competence of Women renounce, shows a certain hybris.


Kraus also announced the creation of a non-profit GmbH (gGmbH) with football can be more already in February. In this way, a contact point should be created, which supports, among other things, to succeed in the football business.

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