NFL quarterback Deshaun Watson does not have to fear criminal consequences in Houston because of the numerous abuse allegations against him.

A jury jury in the US state of Texas rejected an indictment of 26-year-old football professionals after a multi-time hearing. According to information of the “New York Times”, the prosecution did not carry a tenth case after nine rejections.

Effects on the 22 civil lawsuits of women who have accused sexual abuse during private massages has no decision. Plaintiff Lawyer Tony Buzbee pointed out that these procedures continue.

Watson’s lawyer said according to US media, one was prepared for a defense. “Deshaun Watson did not commit a crime and did not guilty offenses,” said Rustin Hardin.

“Emotional moment”

Watson, who had passed all allegations via social media, expressed a year after the civilian complaints for the first time before journalists: “That’s a very emotional moment for me. I know that we are not finished for a long time, legally By dealing with which we have to deal with, but today is certainly a big day. “

Grand Jury Does NOT Criminally Charge Deshaun Watson | CBS Sports HQ

Watson had already demonstrated a farewell to the Houston Texans before the abuse allegations and last played at the end of the season 2020 in the NFL. He did not work in the past season. The NFL has started its own investigation and merely informed that the league pursue all developments closely. US media reported the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Carolina Panthers are intended to be interested in a commitment of Watson. He is one of the Watsony best quarterbacks of the National Football League.