PlayStation fanatics report that some old digital games can no longer be played on older consoles. PlayStation has raised a series of concerns about how it will maintain its oldest platforms over the years. In 2021, Sony announced that it would close the PLAYSTATION STORE stores from PS Vita and PS3, which caused a great violent reaction by the players. Even though it is a platform that now has two generations, many worried that there were tons of games that would essentially be lost over time. With the vowels that were the fans, Sony reversed the decision and confirmed that the stores would remain in operation in the foreseeable future.

That said, people meet a problem that has left them confused. Twitter users like Christopher Foose have reported that the old digital games on PS3 and PS vita as Crono Cruz, unity 13 and more now have “dates of expiration” that date back to 1969, even before PlayStation existed. REDDIT User Borellis78 even affirmed that all its PS Vita library has become unpackable. It is not clear what this has caused, but the lack of information about it is disconcerting. The most solid theory about what could be causing this comes from Kotaku. The website noted that the engineers established arbitrary dates that designate the start of the life of an operating system and that an error could be changing the expiration date of the game at that date, causing a license problem on the platform.

Sony has not yet commented on the situation, but it is expected to be resolved soon. However, this only generates more concerns about the sustainability of digital games. Although this is likely that this only affects a minority of people at this time, it is not ruled out that problems like this can affect a more modern and relevant console someday. PlayStation also recently announced its new PlayStation Plus review, which will allow users to access an old game library of different PlayStation platforms at different subscription levels. Many have compared the service with the Game Pass service of Xbox.

Sony is BANNING PlayStation Games you ALREADY BOUGHT?

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