Copa-Libertadores winner Palmeiras entered Abu Dhabi as an outsider – and with the intention to make life as hard as possible as much as possible with the intention of Champions League winner Chelsea. The Brazilians defended extremely concentrated and gave little to something, despite great ball dominance, the blues succeeded.

Whether via the long-distance shot, flank or coincidence: great opportunities revealed the clench eleven, which had to continue after half an hour without the battered mount, not in the first pass. Marriage Thiago Silva was dangerous from the distance (45. + 1), Palmeiras even had the better chances. The most promising needlestick of the Brazilians, however, played at the end (28.).

Lukaku has airheaness

An opportunity festival was the final of the Club World Cup, which had lost Chelsea 2012 against Palmeiras’ Arrival Corinthians, even after the side change. But the CL winner now attacked noticeably smoother, became noticeable better – and went noticeably in the lead: Hudson-Odo flanked from the baseline on Lukaku, who gave himself in the air and made in a few meters (55.).

For the first time, the blues seemed properly sovereign and on a really good way. After a hand game of Thiago Silva in the penalty area and the transformed penalty of Veiga but everything was suddenly open again (64.). Because Palmeiras was now hot and actively acting. Suddenly there was eye level, up to an exciting final phase, after the – Pulisic had the best chance (73nd) – no winner has yet been determined. So extension.

Penalty and emergency brake: Chelsea celebrates Hvertz

Thomas Tuchel Arrive Abu Dhabi to manage Club World cup Final #chelseafc #chelsea #thomastuchel 12_2
But the Brazilians made the impression that they would like to go straight into the penalty shoot – almost only Chelsea played in the extension. And just before there were many penalties, there was one for the blues again. Luan had blocked Azpilicueta’s degree as Thiago Silva with his hand, Hvertz turned to the point.

The winner’s winner of the CL finale lost Weverton and swung himself to the winning winer of the final of the Club World Cup (117.). Shortly thereafter, Luan cleared the Germans as a last man and looked red – with the Brazilians finally pulled the plug (120 + 6).