As the world’s economic sanctions on Russia, which invade Ukraine, the cipheral acceleration is likely to function as a rectangular basis.

In this way, in the West of the United States and the European Union (EU), the encryption inclusion ecosystem is also trying to participate in Russian sanctions. However, because there is no means to force this completely, it will be degraded by the Economic Economic Sanctions effects.

According to the Wall Street Journal and Reuters, the United States, EU reviews a plan to reflect cryptographic accuracy in the scope of economic sanctions applied to Russia.

Previously, the United States and the EU applied economic sanctions in the United States, excluding the Russian banks, such as excluding the Russian banks in the International Banking Association (Swift), which supports the payment of more than 200 countries, These sanctions immediately hit the Russian Economy, and the Russian ruble quotes have been hit by 30% of Russian ruble quotes.

However, the analysis that Russia is trying to bypass these sanctions with a cryptographic accommodation, and is being worried about countermeasures. Recently, the recently relaxed cryptographic investment regulation, and the dots that the ruble-based cryptographic gravity surged was stronger.

Due to the nature of the encryption, the authorities can not completely control their financial transactions, and it is pointed out that this behavior is difficult for trader identification.

Stewart Levy, former Treasury Treasury Treasury, said the US political media polytico, has provided this opinion through Polytico, and should provide an economic sanctions anti-government anti-encryption by encryption.

It is a context of the context of Mihail on the 27th of last month to Fedo Rope Ukraine, and the Person of Fedor Rover, which is a member of the Russian owned wallet address to the cryptographic exchanges through Twitter.

Sanctions send Russia's national economy into meltdown

There is a difference between domestic and overseas when we look at the exchange. The domestic market, the domestic market, a domestic market, a domestic trading, a marginal, coarse, Kobab, and Golps, said that it is a Russian owned account to participate in the International Economic Sanctuary Flow.

On the other hand, overseas exchanges such as coin bass, bienes are not planning to block Russian ownership accounts. That is why we need to guarantee the permissions of individual users.

Brian Armstrong, a Coin Base’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO), said, “As long as the legal regulations, all users are qualified to access financial services by default.”

Biennes also posted an admission on this blog on the last 5 days. In that post, the company says, “If companies, platforms are not right to froze the assets of ordinary Russian citizens,” said the company, “If the bank CEO decides to freeze the assets, for the reason why the public is against a particular country and the people, He claimed that the target could be expanded to it. ” Although the requirements for the encryption chart are provided in accordance with the international agreement, we will be discussed in the following time, but we can not prevent Russia’s exchanges.

The reason why this entry difference between domestic and overseas exchanges is related to the regulatory strength applied. In the case of domestic exchanges, it is undergoing a powerful regulation according to a specific financial information law (금 (). Operators meet various requirements to receive reporting repairs through financial information analysts (FIUs). The Korean trading has a partnership contract with the bank, and it is only possible with a real name account. It must be verified from the FIU and the bank.

In the case of overseas exchange, it is not applicable to a strong level of regulation. Although it is necessary to affiliate with banks as in domestic operators for trading services, it is necessary to be partnership with a variety of banks, not specific banks, and the service is not limited to a real name account..

“In fact, the Overseas Exchange is in fact,” In fact, it is not in fact a honeycomb account (format that distributes customer funds through an exchange corporation account). “It is” It explained that it is possible to make a petition remarks related to Russian economic sanctions because of its size. “

It is an industry observation that there is no forces to block the economic bypass through encryption at the global level in the future. Considers, such as coin bass and biennium, said they would accommodate them when global sanctions are provided, but they have no way to accept sanctions if the opposite exchanges are emerging.

However, even if Russia exploits crypto as a means of sanction by the bypass, the effect was limited.

Biennes heard this for another reason that did not stop the Russian account. Less than 3% of the world’s population owns a crypto, In other words, it is an analysis that the cryptographic market is not enough to be achieved as a narrow. In addition, when switching national currencies in rubles, the ruble value will not be able to do this because the ruble value is lowered and the national force is lowered.

With the same prospect of the US Ganji Porin Polysh, a similar prospect, “There is a fact that North Korea is used at the economic sanctions level, but Russia is a larger country than North Korea.”