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Deep cut for us: Eager beaver needs to pay 300,000 euros in penalty

Most of all, the DFB punished the events in the relegation 2nd leg against Kaiserslautern (0: 2) when Dresden viewer burned 200 pyros and partly on the yard, which according to DFB brought about a seven-minute interruption. In addition, the organization penalized the penetration of some fans right into the cabin wing and also the group bus of the inferior house team, with 2 folders being wounded. For the events in this game, a penalty of 155,000 euros was enforced with a discount rate of 52,000 euros, claims the DFB.

Economic climates were additionally punished at the 2nd department residence game against Schalke 04 on April 1st (1: 2). As the DFB checklists in the reasoning, at the very least 200 Bengal lanterns as well as transform signals and 20 rockets from Dresden fans were burned down or obliterated. The kick-off had actually as a result postponed one minute. On top of that, in the 84th min they threw a minimum of 10 things such as less heavies and pens towards an opposing player, proceeds the DFB web site. The events likewise cost the SGD 130,000 euros.

The roughly 30 pyrotechnic items were penalized, which were melted down in the visitor area during the initial leg (0: 0) in Kaiserslautern. For this purpose, the DFB enforced a fine of 15,000 euros with an estate of 5000 euros, as it states in the thinking.

Taken with each other, the Saxons delegated to the third league should therefore pay a total charge of 300,000 euros. The organization can utilize up to 100,000 euros for protection or violence avoidance steps, which would certainly need to be shown to the DFB by December 31, 2022, claims the organization’s page.

Dynamo position: The judgment hits us really, very tough

This judgment makes us really, extremely hard in a stylish second-division-off-nothing. It is all the much more essential that we continue the internal handling and the close dialogue with all parties involved in order to accomplish the necessary rethink.

11. July 202253: 04 minutes

season 1991/92: East groups, excitement, Bavaria situation

A Bundesliga with 20 groups, a master test up until the last second as well as that without FC Bayern? The visitors Thomas Helmer, Guido Buchwald, Heinz Gründel and also Florian Weichert were right in the center of it and look back with each other with the mediators Pini Platenius as well as Niklas Baumgart.

Trailer: DFB punished History


As the DFB listings in the thinking, at the very least 200 Bengal torches and turn signals and 20 rockets from Dresden followers were melted down or shot down. In addition, in the 84th min they tossed at the very least ten objects such as less heavies and pens in the direction of an opposing player, continues the DFB website. The occasions likewise cost the SGD 130,000 euros.

Above all, the DFB punished the incidents in the relegation second leg versus Kaiserslautern (0: 2) when Dresden viewer burned 200 pyros and partially on the lawn, which according to DFB led to a seven-minute interruption. For the events in this game, a fine of 155,000 euros was enforced with a discount of 52,000 euros, says the DFB.


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Markus Begin is the new coach of Dynamo Dresden

Dynamo’s sports manager Ralf Becker stated: Obviously, we thought a great deal prior to this decision that went past the totally flashy 1. In the very great conversations with Markus, the start was critical that he was open and also honestly his misbehavior from the previous confessed as well as sincerely been sorry for. Everybody makes blunders and also Markus took duty for his and also got simply punishment.

Markus Begin is the brand-new instructor of Dynamo Dresden. The 47-year-old signed a contract until 2024. The Saxons announced this on Friday.

At the beginning of in 2015, a fake Corona inoculation pass was caught and also ultimately resigned from Werder Bremen. He was after that convicted by the DFB for a penalty of 20,000 euros as well as a restriction until November 20, 2022. This has since been decreased to June 10, consisting of probation for one year.

Becker knows the start of interacting at Holstein Kiel. Under the direction of the duo, the storks commemorated the promotion to the second organization in 2017, a year later the team only directly failed in the relegation on the Bundesliga promotion.

Markus Starting becomes the new train of Dynamo Dresden

Markus Begin is the brand-new coach of Dynamo Dresden. Dynamo’s sports supervisor Ralf Becker claimed: Of course, we thought a great deal prior to this decision that went beyond the purely sporty 1. Markus Begin claimed: I am very thankful to those liable for Dynamo Dresden for this possibility. Dynamo Dresden is encountering a fresh start in the Third league.

Becker continued: We are convinced that he has located the appropriate guy with him. His professional experience as head instructor runs out the question and also he has actually currently effectively shown in our time together in Kiel that he has a group for promotion to the 2. Lead the Bundesliga and also after that establish there.


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Markus Beginning claimed: I am really thankful to those liable for Dynamo Dresden for this opportunity. Above all, I am additionally looking ahead to my new group and also this great club with superb followers.

Dynamo Dresden is facing a new beginning in the 3rd league. The Saxons had actually delegated after a 0-0 (first leg) and a 0: 2 defeat (2nd leg) versus 1. FC Kaiserslautern in the relegation as 16th of the second Bundesliga.

Reverse game Dynamo Dresden against 1. FC Kaiserslautern sold out

Dynamo Dresden can build on a fully occupied stadium in the second leg of the relegation to the 2nd Football Bundesliga against third division third 1. FC Kaiserslautern.
Like the second division-16.

1. FC Kaiserslautern vs. Dynamo Dresden 0-1 | Full Game | 3rd Division 2020/21 | Matchday 1
known, the approximately 30,000 tickets for the game on May 24 (8:30 p.m./SAT1) were sold out within one and a half days.

The first leg will take place on May 20 (8:30 p.m./SAT1) in Kaiserslautern.
The active fan scene in Dresden called on all ticket holders for both games to get into the stadiums in yellow clothes in order to optically symbolize the community.

Dynamo Dresden | Capretti about missing self-confidence

The direct league preserves for Dynamo Dresden after the draw against Holstein Kiel in a distance, also because Sandhausen in the final phase of the FC St. Pauli a point exhaled. Above all, the Saxony lacked the KSV in the offensive to ideas. “It was simply noticed in the offensive actions that we did not struggle against self-confidence,” says SGD head coach Guerino Capretti, who still saw a performance increase of his team in the previous week, “We had a team in the square who has shown a completely different face. “

But some supporters of black and yellow after the final whistle apparently looked different: as the team ran to the curve to thank him, she was bad. From the point of view of the Dynamo Trainer, this is “totally comprehensible”, yet he found it “cool” that his players had made this situation.

Die Rino Capretti Show #Dynamo #DynamoDresden #Sgd #Dresden#Sgd1953#Dynamo1953#zweiteliga #fcnsgd

It has absolute priority that we now win a game again.

Guerino Capretti

Although the Dresdner is no longer in one’s own hand, Capreti does not want to think about different constellations, but focus on the next game. “It has absolute priority that we’ll win a game again now,” explained the 40-year-old with a view to the meanwhile 13 games Sachloss series of the Saxons.

Dynamo Dresden takes up refugees Ukrainians

President Biden: Poland has taken ‘significant responsibility’ in welcoming Ukraine refugees

Dynamo Dresden supports the war-fled Ukrainian footballer Kyrylo Melichenko from FK Mariupol. The second division organized for the 21-year-old right-back a flight to Dresden, worried a housing option and an interpreter for public authorities. On Friday, Melichenko then trained with Dynamo for the first time, if only individually with co-coach Heiko Scholz and athletic coach Matthias Grahé. This was announced by the club. Melichenko adheres to Dynamo only fit, is not a trial player and is not used. By the end of the season, Melichenko was regular at the Ukrainian first division mariupol. The venue and the training ground of his club are almost completely destroyed. The port city of Mariupol is one of the strongest regions of Ukraine affected by the war

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