Although it is expected that _ Dragon Ball Super _ Return to our lives with the movie of Super Hero, at the moment there is no information related to a new anime season. However, This has not stopped several people from being deceived by one of the already classic jokes of April Fool’s.

Recently, the DBS Chronicles account, which has earned a reputation for being a source of quite credible information in everything that it is concerned with Dragon Ball, shared a poster, and pointed out that Toei Animation will adapt the Moro arch To anime at some point of 2023.

However, this is not true. This is only a joke by this account . While the possibility that the current manga of Dragon Ball Super will eventually have an adaptation for the anime, at the moment there is no official information, and it is likely that this is the case until the film of super hero is released in a future.

So they already know, do not trust the United States Twitter today . On related topics, Gohan of the future returns, but not the way you expected. Similarly, there is already an official synopsis for the next chapter of Super Dragon Ball Heroes.

STOP! Dragon Ball Super Anime Return In 2022 NOT Confirmed

Editor’s note:

Although this was just a joke, it would not be a surprise if at the end of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, a new anime season is confirmed. However, it is likely that Toei Animation is waiting for a minimum to end the current Granolah arch.