For years, the Maltese critical member of the FIFA community – and constantly on War Foot with EA Sports. Meanwhile, ‘Kurt’ wants to do it better and works on the development of Goals with, a new football simulation. The most recent design reveal explained numerous mechanics that can be expected in the coming title.

Since the corresponding blog entry on the Goals homepage is quite extensive and technical, ‘Kurt’ was entrusted as a face of the future offshoot with a video classification. The former FIFA professional leads to around 22 minutes by the most important aspects of Reveal – including the great differences to the traditional brands on the market.

The concept “True Digital Ownership”

As “elephant in the room” Fenech described the “True Digital Ownership” concept in Goals. The players are earned exclusively by gameplay, they can not – as in FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT), for example – by real money use directly bought by the creators. Very well but from other trailers.

The developers believe in the blockchain, Web3 and the secondary market on which the fans can trade with each other. In contrast to many other publishers, they do not want to prevent this approach, as many players call the compilation of a team through transfers to the realistic image of football.

Each player object should be unique

The revenue should benefit Goals only within the framework of low transaction fees, which are partially incorporated into a community pool. This business model currently provides for financing the free-to-play title. The great stimulus should also be that every player is unique and actually heard the respective owner.

“From my experience, I can say: I know how it feels to invest extremely time and effort into a game – and in the end you have nothing to show. I found this practice always ridiculous and outdated,” explains ‘Kurt’. The player objects in Goals become a factual digital property of the fans – and not of the studio.

Mbappé, Kane and Messi combined

In this projection ‘Kurt’ directly revealed the second major difference to known football simulations: no real players are presented. Lionel Messi, Robert Lewandowski or Cristiano Ronaldo will not be playing – but you can become offset pieces of the fictitious professionals in goals.

“You can have a player inspired by MBappés Tempo, Kanes Graduation, Messis Dribbling and Van Dijk’s Defense,” says ‘Kurt’. The so-called performance genes define over seven attributes the respective strengths and weaknesses of the players, the visual genes in turn set their external.

‘Kurt’ wants to avoid typical cycles

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The different components and the detection of reality allows to create goals to create absolutely unique players. Who owns an object in the game, should be able to be sure that this item will not be obsessed by any other trailer. Thus, the developers are against another problem, which has approximately the FIFA series.

“When we map real players, we need a cycle – one season, for example. And then you have to start from the beginning at the beginning of a new season,” explains Fenech. It is a well-known criticism of Fut that the hard-developed or expensive teams acquired with each new title will be worthless.

Fairplay switch against pay-to-win

Players can therefore be bought and purchased without gigantic profit by the developer, which calls the pay-to-win theme on the plan. To take advantage of possible allegations directly the wind from the sails, Goals introduce the Fairplay switch to be anchored in a corner of the user interface.

The fans can decide for themselves whether the matchmaking may also consider bought-bought teams as opponents – or exclusively teams of first owners. The pay-to-win factor can therefore be deactivated at any time. Whether this is practicable for ESPORT, however, remains to be seen.

Goals wants “greatest possible skill gap”

Speaking of Esport: ‘Kurt’ speaks in his video classification of the “greatest possible skill gap”, the player should be crucial for success at any time. He also announced that Goals will be “esport-ready” to release. The gameplay must contribute to the successful implementation in this way.

“We create a correct football match. However, wherever the need is, the gameplay experience is prioritized over realism,” Fenech said clearly. “Tempo Boosts or Flying Players” should not give, but Goals reserves the right to “bend the rules so far to create the best possible product”.

Lack of realism as stumbling block?

The Reveal was rounded off by some other features such as the possibilities to set up their own “clans” directly in the title or to play into a Goals national team.
‘Kurt’ and the rest of the team seem to have regarded exactly what Fifa & Co. have failed in recent years.
The absence of the well-known names and faces of the football cosmos could nevertheless become obstacle to goals.
The option to lead its idols and role models on the virtual lawn to great fame is driving many fans.
Whether they can also be thrilled by a Messi-Kane mbappé hybrid, must still show.