Diafra Sakho was awarded to Stade Rennes in 2018 from West Ham United to France. Back, Senegalese had a sports car worth around 250,000 euros.

Diafra Sakho | West Ham United 2014/15
It was in January 2018, when Diafra Sakho was borrowed from the Premier League Club West Ham United to Stade Rennes to Ligue 1. In modern soccer everyday life, nothing is not exceptional if a player changes the club at the end of the transfer period.

Exceptional is the history of Sakhos change only through the subject, which of the Senegalese probably also because of the fast departure on the training ground of West Ham United.

It was not about a jersey or a few discarded football boots, not at a clock, the Sakho forgot in his locker in the dressing room. Sakho simply left his Lamborghini worth around 250,000 euros in the association grounds.

“He had just bought the car and then just left,” an anonymous source wondered from the ranks of the 2018 club in the Daily Mail.

Sakhos car stands for months at the training area

Sakho apparently had a fondness for Lamborghinis, but he did not treat the luxury cars but not very careful: the then 28-year-old Senegalese did not only return the His rider on the training area in 2018, in 2016 he also destroyed one of the Italian super sports cars in an accident in Hornchurch.

Even months after Sakho West Ham United had left, the car was still on the training ground. He thought it was probably not necessary to bring him to France. What happened to the car after that is not traded.

Of course, a story like the Sakho and its left-back Lamborghini was a found eating for those who wanted to criticize the high salaries of footballers and their dissipating lifestyle. In 2018, the Daily Mail wrote in an article on the incident: “The gigantic revenue of the Premier League football enabled an average striker to have the idea to leave a 250,000 euro vehicle, because it’s the effort to take it, easy Not worth it. “

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After changing to France, Sakho disappeared in the sinking, his current club is to be AS Arta / Solar 7 in Djibouti. Whether he comes there with a Lamborghini for training, is unclear.