In the last game in the second EM qualifying round, it ran early against the team of Hannes Wolf. Over the host of Finland, the DFB juniors were back after not even a quarter of an hour, because Casper Thero beautifully closed (14th). Anton Kade had the compensation on the foot, but failed from a short distance but on the strong Finnish goalkeeper Elmo Henriksson (15th).

DFB juniors develop too little breakthrough

Russian Invasion of Finland - The Winter War 1939-40

Compared to 2: 2 against Belgium, David Lelle, Tom Rothe and Clemens Riedel moved to the starting eleven. Overall, the intensive game barely caused scorchances – the late financial statements of Igor Matanovic (61.) and Robert Wagner (67., 74.) were repelled by Finland’s concentrated defensive. Therefore, the increasing German pressure from restarted helped little, headed on counter on counterattacks recorded captain Torben Rhein (82nd), the best degree in the final phase, but also his degree from central position landed in the arms of the Finnish goalkeeper.

Deutsche U 19 concludes the Group E5 in the second EM qualifying round with two points behind Group winner Italy (7), Belgium (4) and Finland (3) in the last place. Italy won the parallel game against Belgium with 2: 0 and triggered the EM ticket. Even a short victory would not help Wolf’s team in the end. In the opening game Germany had played last Wednesday 2: 2 against Italy.