As a satisfaction, Koschinat did not want to designate the 5: 1-edge victory. “That would be the wrong word. It was now about finding the track,” explained the 50-year-old after the game on the microphone of “magenta sport”. It looked for the Saarlander first after the next disappointment – after the most recent 0: 1 defeats in Wiesbaden and against Viktoria Cologne. Coschinate was particularly annoyed about the initial phase, in which the “defensive graduation” did not like him, this also resulted in the goal.

Attack wars with “insane precision”

But after 20 minutes, the FCs turned on, explored by Sebastian Jacob by Sebastian Jacob, and laid with the 2-1 by Jalen Hawkins. “The team has shown that they can start damn a lot to do so if you give their rooms. I think we today played a fantastic speed football forward,” praised Koschinat.

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Explicitly, the coach turned out the combination of “fast players such as Gouras, Hawkins and shy on the wings and this duo Günther-Schmidt and Jacob” out. “You have a crazy precision in your game lecture and it’s hard for the opponent to really expand attacks.”

“Madness, This Support”

With increasing season, Turk’s Capture continued and enabled Saarbrücken plenty of space in the offensive. Double torcher Jacob, which a minute after 3: 1 by Julian Günther-Schmidt to 4: 1 networked, confirmed after closing whistle: “I had many rooms in which I could move in – both with ball, as well without.”

The 28-year-old attacker was pleased about the energetic support of fan side. Around half of the 800 spectators were pendants of the Saarlander. “Madness, this support, that is absolutely not self-evident,” appreciated Jacob and chatted out: “The opponents said, ‘Hammer! Monday evening and here are so many of you come with’.”

From our own backdrop, the now fourth place for Saarbrücken may be coming to Meppen next Sunday (1 pm). On Saturday it is the direct competitor Eintracht Brunswick.