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United Arab Emirates True World Cup

#AsianQualifiers - Group A | United Arab Emirates 1 - 0 Korea Republic
The United Arab Emirates have maintained the chance of participating in the World Cup in Qatar (21 November to 18 December). The team around the Argentine head coach Rodolfo Arruabarrena hit the last matchday of Asian Qualification Group A in Dubai South Korea 1: 0 (0: 0). For the group range, in mid-June against Australia is about the first World Cup ticket since 1990. For the guests, offensive players Jae-Sung Lee from Mainz 05 90 minutes on the square. The team of the Paulo Bento’s Paulo Bento, as well as Iran, Japan and Saudi Arabia, had previously qualified for the finals. Iraq did not submit a 1: 1 (1: 1) against Syria in Dubai to conquer three more. Thus, the association must continue to wait for his second World Cup participation after 1986.

Goretzka lacks the FC Bayern probably still “a few weeks”

Since the beginning of December, FC Bayern has to do without Midfield Motor Leon Goretzka. A timely comeback of the national player is probably in a long distance.

As the “picture” reports, Goretzka lacks the dealers “probably a few weeks”. A comeback against RB Leipzig on 05 February was excluded.

Currently Goretzka works only individually to his comeback and completes paths at the Säbener Straße. The 26-year-old did not participate in the team training.

Full Match | FC Bayern vs. AC Milan 1-0 | International Champions Cup 2019

Goretzka has been planning for weeks with persistent patella strand problems in the knee and has not denied a mandatory game for Bayern since the beginning of December.

First, it was still speculated that Goretzka had to undergo surgery to get his injury under control. However, in Munich, in consultation with the Austrian knee specialist Prof. Dr. med. Christian Fink against such a procedure decided, but probably only for the time being. If the complaints continue to persist, the last the “kicker”, surgery would be inevitable.

“We try again with a drug therapy and a construction training that we gradually increase over two weeks,” commented coach Julian Nagelsmann.

Condition for Goretzka “Infringementable”

In the current season, Goretzka belonged to its injury-related failure to the large supports in the midfield of Bayern. Under Nagelsmann, the flexibly usable right foot came to use so far 18 times in four different competitions and met twice for his colors.

Nagelsmann most recently emphasized: “It is important that it does not go on, because the condition is particularly intelligible for him. He is very wavy. Leon is unable to play. We have to go to other ways to make sure he does not another four to five weeks fails. “

Castle and Dragon will be held from Tuesday on December 28 Tuesday Up to 900 ruby New Year avertiles You can get 50 pieces

Co., Ltd. Asobizumu (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President: Tomoyuki major) is a castle and dragon in the popular delivery at the App Store · Google Play, the lottery mission 2021 December 28 (Tuesday) informed to be held from.

Co., Ltd. Asobizumu (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President: Tomoyuki major) is a castle and dragon in the popular delivery at the App Store · Google Play, the lottery mission 2021 December 28 (Tuesday) will be held from.

◆ castle and dragon official site

December 28 (Tuesday) Ya up to 900 ruby ​​in mission clearer than after maintenance lottery Abbey Tampa Ticket 50 sheets will be held is get Otoshidama mission. In addition, punitive event 2021 All Stars that character that appeared in 2021 is to appear as an enemy also held! Aiming a little early lottery win, also enjoy the castle Dora the end of the year!

Otoshidama mission held

Enur - Calabria 2007 ft. Natasja (Lyrics)
It has been prepared and to achieve a variety of mission up to 900 ruby ​​or lottery Abbey Tampa Ticket you can earn 50 sheets. The term lottery Abbey Tampa Ticket, is a valuable ticket that can be used in such development item of limited swordsman your change of clothes or a character is hit Otoshidama Abbey Tampa.

[Hold period]
2021 December 28 (Tuesday) maintenance later — 2022 January 10 (Mon), 23:59

■ mission content and reward
1 day to Visit: lottery Abbey Tampa ticket × 10 sheets
5 days to log in: lottery Abbey Tampa ticket × 10 sheets
Shop to purchase a grab bag eggs (lottery): 100 Ruby
Subdue 2021 All Stars 7 stage clear: lottery Abbey Tampa ticket × 10 sheets
Subdue 2021 All-Star’s 10 stage clear: lottery Abbey Tampa ticket × 10 sheets
To 5 wins the attack using the Golem Girl: lottery Abbey Tampa ticket × 10 sheets
To 30 wins the league trophy with the Golem Girl: 200 Ruby
The mission to five achieved: 100 Ruby
The mission to eight achieved: 500 Ruby

Subdue event 2021 All Stars was held

It emerged as the enemy character that appeared in 2021! Stage all 10 stages, it will be held only in the punitive alone. and to Bakugo the castle of the enemy becomes clear the stage, you can earn, such as lottery Abbey Tampa ticket up to 30 sheets. It should be noted that you can try to subdue without the consumption of up to three times a day Ruby.

※ number of times that you can challenge subduing will be reset every day at 4:00.
※ If you want to challenge in the Ruby will be up to 10 times each alone.

[Hold period]
2021 December 28 (Tuesday) maintenance later — 2022 January 10 (Mon), 23:59

[Stage release schedule]
2021 December 28 (Tuesday): Stage 1, 2 release
2021 December 29 (Wednesday): Stage 3, 4 release
2021 December 30 (Thursday): Stage 5, 6 release
2021 December 31 (Friday): Stage 7, 8 release
2022 January 1 (Saturday and holidays): Stage 9, 10 release

Basic information

■ Title: castle and dragon ■ App Store: HTTPS:? // CT = 8 ■ Google Play: HTTPS: // ? Id = castleanddragon ■ genre: Real-time Matches strategy ■ Price: basic free (free-to-play system) ■ corresponding OS: iOS / Android ■ official site: HTTPS: // / ■ official Twitter: HTTPS: // ■ iOS delivery Date: February 5, 2015 (Thursday) ■ Android delivery Date: April 16, 2015 (Thursday) ■ Copyright notation: © 2015 Atomism Co., Ltd. All Rights Reserved.

Company Profile

■ Company Name: Co., Ltd. Asobizumu ■ Representative: Representative Director leading Tomoyuki ■ Capital: 10,000,000 yen ■ Established: December 6, 2005 ■ Location: 100-0005 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 3-3-1 Shin Tokyo Building 4F ■ TEL: 03-6551-2813 ■ FAX: 03-6551-2692 ■ URL: HTTPS: // ■ Email: [email protected] ■ business: game planning and of development / mobile site planning, development and operation of / As obi consulting business

COD VANGUARD Patch 1 08 of December 6 and all changes it brings

While Call of Duty: Vanguard prepares to welcome your season 1 on December 8, in less than 24 hours, Sledgehammer Games has already published the patch notes. Through it, we discovered a little more about the new maps that will join the multiplayer since the beginning of the season. In addition, bugs corrections are appreciated.

Unfortunately, with regard to zombies, we will have to wait a little more even if the study has news planned from December 8, as a new goal, new challenges, or even a little later, the possibility of improving the Artifacts According to the patch notes, we should be able to continue a little the story of the Dark Ether…

Notes of the December 6 patch of Vanguard

Season 1

First day

New maps

Paradise: Medium size map of three levels, with an underground tunnel and a dangerous weapons test site.
Radar: A reinvented version of the Dome of Modern Warfare 3.

New Perks.

Serpentine: slightly reduces the ballistic and explosive damage received when running.
Intuition: Players are alerted from the presence of nearby enemies, even through the walls.

New mortal equipment.

Incendiary Grenades: A powerful pomegranate that inflicts harm to anyone within its scope.

Week 1

New mode

Control: Ternaries to defend and attack two control points with limited reappearances. Defenders should prevent attackers from capturing their areas. If a team runs out without reappearances or does not achieve its goal within the assigned time, it loses the game.

Zombie content

New mode

Purge: capture control runes to eradicate increases of existence.

New agreements

Equip five new skills with 14 total improvements at all levels of rarity in Altar of Pacts.

New weapons

Warn the new weapons of season 1 and introduce launchers into battle with your equipment and mysterious box.

New challenges

Enter a new set of zombies challenges unlocking exclusive rewards of extra cards and XP.

Challenges and rewards of season 1

Complete all the challenges of the season to win a unique business card and XP rewards, including the main business card for season 1.

Multiplayer updates

All points indicated by patch notes will be implemented between December 6 and 9.

Weapons — Balance

General: Fixed loads using 7 round so that the total ammunition count was divisible by 7.
M1 Grand: Reduced recoil.
Type 99: Reduced aiming instability, it maintains the ability to kill in a single shot for shots to the breast when using small caliber ammunition, reduced aiming time.
Rifle of 3 bursts: reduced aiming time.
Kar98K: He kept the ability to kill a single shot for chest shooting when using small caliber ammunition.
Sniper accessories: Hollow Junta Ammunition has a shorter range.
Top Break: The use of minor gauge ammunition now reduces scope instead of reducing damage.
Choose: Reduced aiming and shooting multiplier to the head of bullets and pellets.


Personalized modifications: Players can save customized modifications.
Adjusted the position of the camera when selecting specific weapons or accessories. Players have reported that the preview of the weapon is blocked by a handful of accessories.

In the game

The error has been corrected by which the players entered the games with an invisible weapon.

Call of Duty: Vanguard Season 1 - ALL NEW ITEMS AND WEAPONS (Patch 1.08)
Combat shields now correctly show aspects when they are saved.

Progression and camouflages

XP: XP rates for snipers have been increased.
Rifle of 3 bursts: blood challenges have been changed to prone challenges.


Mortar attack (December 9): Improve visibility by reducing the effects of smoke in full screen. Therefore, players must be closer to the bombing to be affected.
Filament: Damage direction indicators were added for players who use Filament.
Incendiary bombardment: a problem was solved that caused the players to not see where the visual effects of fire began, which caused players to receive damage while they were not on the flames.
Attack dogs: a path of visual effects were corrected that was missing when the animation of whistle was reproduced.
User interface: improves the performance of Kill streaks to reduce blinking.

Combat improvements

Post Morten: An error was corrected by which players continuously received their best streak of deaths when they used post-mortem, the loading time doubled.
Goliath: It is now easier to determine if a Zodiac deployed is an ally.


A problem with Reynoso Veteran — gets X deaths in extreme mode was solved correctly.


An error was corrected that prevented some players unblocking reticles.



A vulnerability was corrected by which the players could leave the map.


Exploits were corrected where players could leave the map.


An uncommon problem was solved by which the players appeared off the map.


An uncommon problem was solved by which the players appeared off the map.

Shipping (December 9)

Adjusted generation management to avoid Spawn Trapping.


UI / UX: An error was corrected by which the names of the players were empty in incoming clan requests if the request was received from the Clan Requests menu.


Players will see a warning when equipping 2xp tokens while a 2XP global event is in progress.

Performance and connectivity

Improved stability when logging into lobbies.
An error was corrected that caused a snapshot error of the server, which caused players to be expelled from the games and MP menus. (December 9)

Campaign updates


An error was corrected by which the game was blocked when Molina was collecting a NPC.

The Battle of Berlin

A problem was solved that caused the game to river after a cutting scene.

Zombie updates

New objective

Purge the increases of existence by capturing powerful control runes throughout the area.
The increases will produce waves of enemies as a defense mechanism when players try to capture control runes.
Survive waves of enemies and can capture all control runes within the time limit to achieve the perfect objective and bonus rewards (maximum ammunition, maximum armor and bonus points).
If you can not capture all the control runes before the time runs out, a huge horde of zombies will appear, and you will have to defeat them to complete the target and get standard rewards.

New Pacts

Sulfur: Inflicts damage to nearby enemies (rare / epic / legendary).
Lethal shot: By pointing down, the grid is positioned at the location of the jerk at the head of the enemies. Bonus of damage to the first critical attack for each enemy. Eliminates the movement of the weapon (rare / epic).
Dead Wire: Strangle an enemy (rare / epic). It stuns an enemy and nearby enemies (legendary).
Scrapper: Win more recovery when picked up (rare / epic). Get more collections of objective collections and rewards (legendary).
Fast vengeance: the faster you move, the more damage inflicts. It is activated shortly after the start of your move. Shoot while you run (rare / epic). It is activated as soon as you move (legendary).

Content of MGG Fr.

Xbox Series X replenish is happening today

An Xbox Series X replenish is occurring today at Walmart at 9am PT/ 12pm ET today (December 8), and it’s solely for Walmart And also participants. Here’s how you can get your hands on the evasive system.

Since this Xbox Series X restock is booked just for paid Walmart And also participants, you will require to have a membership to the service in order to take part (totally free test participants will certainly not be granted the opportunity to take part). The good news is, this plan is one of the more budget friendly alternatives when it comes to store loyalty schemes, and ought to make all the difference in ending your search early.

Walmart And also sets you back $12.95 monthly (or $98 yearly) and offers you not only early access to Xbox Series X supply decreases yet additionally special discount rates and cost savings on a myriad of tech and basic interest things, also. Nevertheless, it’s worth stating that you’re still hosting likely to have a very limited window with obtaining yourself an Xbox Series X replenish today at Walmart — while you’re competing with much fewer people, offered it isn’t available to the basic public, there’s still very high demand. Nonetheless, if you have actually missed out on out in the past, today might very well be that excellent chance to get the console.

Additionally, of value, today there’s an opportunity that GameStop could have an Xbox Series X Halo Infinite version restock ahead of the title’s full launch. Nothing has been ensured yet, however we’ve seen a tip on the store’s main Twitter page that systems can be going down anytime. If you have actually had your eyes on this hard-to-get scandal sheet system, you might effectively obtain lucky here.

See extra

Today’s Xbox Series X restock at Walmart

Xbox Series X|$499.99 at Walmart

Xbox Series X| $499.99 at Walmart
It’s not only one of the most effective Xbox ever forged, but also, technically, the world’s most effective console also. Remember to be quick when those flood gateways open up to Walmart And also subscribers.

Sight Deal

Previous Xbox Series X restock days

Walmart: Xbox Series X | Xbox Series S -. Xbox Series X | Xbox Series S -.
Best Buy: Xbox Series X | Xbox Series S.
Microsoft: Xbox Series X | Xbox Series S -.
GameStop: Xbox Series X | Xbox Series S -.
Target: Xbox Series X | Xbox Series S —.

Xbox Series X replenish: acquiring guidance.

1 . Log in as early as possible.

Due to the fact that we understand not just where the Xbox Series X restock is occurring, yet additionally what time it goes online, there’s adequate opportunity to visit to your Walmart And also account as early as feasible to make sure a good place in the line.

2 . Have your information all set to go.

We recommend having your payment address and electronic banking information pre-emptively got in so that you do not lose out during your time window to buy the console. Just obtaining the system into your basket isn’t enough to assure the acquisition, so do not take any type of chances.

3 . Be individual.

It’s most likely that you’ll be entered into an online line up line with a buffering home window prior to you hit the touchdown page. Our best advice is to await it to tick over — there’s generally a timer or a loading bar on-screen — as clicking or rejuvenating can indicate losing your place.

4 . Go for bundles (ideally).

Given just how tough Xbox Series X units have actually been to locate since release, the large amount of interest is hosting likely to be targeted at the standalone system, where it will sell out initially. Ought to bundles be packaged in with a few of the most effective Xbox Series X devices or video games, we advise making them the concern to prevent any type of frustration.

What time will halo infinite unlock in Mexico

United States competed at the 2018 Youth Olympic Gaming in Buenos Aires, Argentina, held in between October 6 as well as 18, 2018. It was stood for by 90 professional athletes in 22 self-controls as well as obtained 6 gold medals, five silver and seven bronze In the sports just.

While the multiplayer Halo Infinite is already available at this time, there are those who prefer to wait until December to enjoy their campaign for a single player. If you are one of them, then you will be happy to know that 343 Industries already revealed exact schedules for its launch.

Via Twitter, authors of this anticipated title revealed the exact time when the campaign will be unlocked for the different regions of the planet:

If you live in Mexico, you can enjoy the campaign from 12pm on December 8, while some players at United States can start playing since 10am from that same day. Here are the schedules:

— California, United States — 10am

— Lima, Peru — 1pm

— Bogotá, Colombia — 1pm

— New York, United States -1pm

— San Juan, Puerto Rico — 2pm

— Caracas, Venezuela — 2pm

— Santiago de Chile — 3pm


— Buenos Aires, Argentina — 3pm

— Madrid, Spain — 7pm

Here at Atomic We already had a chance to play a portion of its Single-Player section, and we leave you with the link to that video where we talk about this element of the game with much more detail.

HALO INFINITE Dugout for consoles Xbox and PC The next December 8.

Editor’s note: Surely there will be a lot of people enjoying your campaign as soon as it was unlocked. But on the other hand, there will also be those who can not care less and with being able to play their online section is more than enough for them.

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