Xbox Game Studios (formerly known as Microsoft Studios, Microsoft Video Game Studios, and also Microsoft Gaming) is an American video game author and also component of Microsoft Video gaming division based in Redmond, Washington. It was developed in March 2000, drew out from an interior Gaming Team, for the development and also publishing of computer game for Microsoft Windows. It has actually because increased to consist of games as well as various other interactive enjoyment for the namesake Xbox systems, Windows Mobile as well as various other mobile platforms, and web-based portals.

While many have celebrated the recent acquisition of Activision Blizzard by Microsoft, others are against this movement, and expect the United States court of justice to avoid this process. However, an analyst has indicated that this is probably not the case, and This purchase will not be seen as a violation of antitrust laws.

Although it is true that this purchase has to be evaluated by legal cuts in the United States, a process that will end up to 2023, David Hope, managing partner of the Media and Technology Lawyers based in San Francisco, known as Gamma Law, has indicated That Microsoft is not violating antitrust laws, and this will be a process similar to that of Bethesda . This was what Hope said about it:

Acquisition is another example of the so-called ‘vertical integration’ in the video game industry: a console manufacturer (distributor) acquires a game developer (producer). Of course, this is the greater agreement of this type in the history of the Games Industry, but historically the US courts have not been willing to apply restrictive antitrust principles to vertical transactions.

It is difficult to apply the principles of legal competition when ‘products’ are creative works such as video games, each of which is possibly unique and, therefore, does not compete directly.

It would be quite ridiculous at this point to try to present an antitrust case on the basis that the acquisition will result in less options for the consumer in the category of shooting gaming products, for example.

In this sense, it has been mentioned that King’s integration would be used to justify this purchase, since it would give a great presence to Microsoft in the mobile market. However, Hope also sees a negative side to this acquisition, since gives Activision Blizzard executives an easy output of your problems . This was what he commented:

[The clear winners] are probably the executives of Activision, who benefit from a great deviation from the attention of a huge crisis and, without a doubt, have the safety of rich output packets at the right time.

In this way, It is clear that there will be a big problem with the purchase of Activision Blizzard . While it does not rule out some inconvenience, it seems that at the end of the day, Microsoft will be able to continue with your plans. On related topics, Sony’s shares decreased after this acquisition. Similarly, it seems that Bobby Kick tried to buy Kodak to clean the image of him.

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It is clear that this will not be a problem for Microsoft. While you could do the argument that Activision Blizzard can also be considered a publisher, something that this process would make more complicated, the purchase of Bethesda is a precedent that makes it clear that at the end of the day everything will be done according to the main plan.