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Nations League: Portugal instructor does without Ronaldo as well as BVB

National train Fernando Santos told reporters that the factor was a normal administration inquiry. It makes no sense to take a trip to Switzerland with 26 gamers so an overall of 23 (go to the square as well as) rest on the bench, claimed the 67-year-old instructor, that became European champion in 2016.

After three out of an overall of 6 rounds, the Seleção leads group 2 of Organization A with seven factors to Spain (5) and the Czech Republic (4 ). Switzerland is still without counters after 3 defeats.


The national football team of Portugal will contest the Nation League duel at Switzerland on Sunday in Geneva without striker Cristiano Ronaldo, Dortmund defender Raphael Guerreiro and Mittelfeldroutinier Joao Moutinho.

The 3 routine players would not fly with the team to Geneva, the Portuguese association stated in Lisbon on Saturday.

Nonetheless, on Sunday, he counts with a very solid opponent, claimed Santos.

The 37-year-old Ronaldo had actually scored 2 goals in the 4-0 win in the initial leg versus Switzerland in Lisbon.

Cristiano Ronaldo overlooked: Portugal defeats Switzerland

The Portuguese, in which coach Fernando Santos had brought Cristiano Ronaldo from the beginning in the program of 6 modifications after 1-1 versus Spain, began in Lisbon. Over and over the Confederates, which Murat Yakin had additionally transformed 6 times contrasted to the 1-2 in the Czech Republic, managed to permeate unsafe spaces.

Seferovic supported too soon

As a result, the action initially occurred in between the penalty areas prior to the hosts played the Swiss apart in the last ten minutes of the very first fifty percent: just Cristiano Ronaldo succeeded in 2-0 (35th) before Diogo Jota and Pepe left out the 3rd goal (38. ), the CR7 in the 39th min, but he only missed out on the hat trick prior to the break (42nd).


The Nati recorded the initial emphasize of the video game and accomplished the expected 1-0 by Seferovic early on. Double bitter for the Confederates, given that the Portuguese were also effective with the first chance.

Ronaldo unsuccessfully goes after the triple pack

As the first half ended, the second round started after the adjustment of sides: Cristiano Ronaldo promoted a ball into the Kobel housing, however the 4: 0 counted because of an offside setting in the creation (52. ). A quarter of a hr later on, the Selecao then included the 4th goal by Joao Cancelo, who let the pusher out and securely inserted (68. ). Soon before the end, Cristiano Ronaldo attempted once more with a free kick, yet the Kobel pacified (84th).

This will certainly have a top game against the Czech Republic for the Portuguese on Thursday evening (8:45 p.m.), while Switzerland, which obtains Spain at the very same time, is already under terrific pressure.

World Cup 2023: Deborah group meets globe champ Finland

The Finnish tampere, this year with Helsinki World Cup area, will certainly be with the Latvian capital Riga from May 12th to 2823 for Russia. Because of the war of aggressiveness, the World Association had actually taken out the event versus Ukraine. Like Belarus, Russia will continue to be omitted from the World Cup next year.

This emerges from the provisionary team department, which the World Association IIHF announced after the 4: 3 after the extension of the Olympic champion in the final on Sunday night against Canada. The other German initial round opponents in team A are Sweden, the World Cup 3rd Czech Republic, Denmark, the outsiders of France as well as Austria along with advertised Hungary.

Sweden v Finland - Women's World Cup 2023 Qualifier (25.11.2021)

organizing according to the new globe rankings

Vice globe champion Canada, the U.S.A., Switzerland and Slovakia as well as Latvia, Norway, Kazakhstan and the second advertised Slovenia are intended in Team B in Riga. The team department of the World Cup results from the new globe rankings, in which Germany proceeds to be 9.

In Finland, the most successful German World Cup preliminary round prospered, but in the quarter-finals it ended with a clear 1: 4 versus the Czech Republic. A year after the strong 4th area, the selection of national train Toni Söderholm finished the World Cup as a seventh.

Phenomenon against the USA: Germany-converting Czech Republic wins WM.

Czech Republic vs USA Full Highlights | Bronze medal | 2022 IIHF - 5/29/2022
The Czech Republic has protected the very first medal at an ice hockey World Cup in the ready bronze in the ready bronze. On Sunday, the team led by top marker David Pastrnak won the ready 3rd place versus the United States with 8: 4 (1: 3, 1: 0, 6: 1) in Finnish tampere.

The Czechs, that last additionally won World Cup bronze in Finland in 2012, defeated 4-1 on Thursday in the quarter-finals in Germany. The team of nationwide coach Toni Söderholm therefore ranks 7th in the last audit. In the past year at the World Cup in Riga, Germany had actually become 4th.

The United States, which had won World Cup bronze last year, led 3: 1 after the first third via objectives of the NHL experts Karson Kuhlmann (10th/20th min) as well as Adam Gaudette (13th). After a goal of Jiri Cernoch (16th) and the link objective by Jiri Smejkal (33rd) in the center area, the Czechs transformed up appropriately in the last 3rd.

The United States, which had actually won World Cup bronze last year, led 3: 1 after the initial third through objectives of the NHL specialists Karson Kuhlmann (10th/20th minute) and also Adam Gaudette (13th). The Czechs, that last additionally won World Cup bronze in Finland in 2012, defeated 4-1 on Thursday in the quarter-finals in Germany. In the previous year at the World Cup in Riga, Germany had actually become 4th.

The United States group had no offending activities at all. David Kampf (55th) even fulfilled in the vacant United States objective (59.) a little later. In the long run, Pastrnak even managed his 7th tournament gateway (60th). Formerly, Thomas Bordeleau (59th) had just run the result modification for the USA.

Montenegros Sensation

The match between Montenegro and Slovenia was in the final phase in the balance, but the surprise loomed more and more — especially since the Montenegrins one point would have been enough. Keeper Nebraska Mimic from the MT Messenger parried in the decisive phase but a seven meters and made naught another litter — at the end there was a 33:32 on the scoreboard. Brando Ludovic was nine goals the best pitcher of the game.

Thus, the outsider draws with Denmark, which gave the evening against Northern Macedonia at 31:21 (15:11) any weakness in the main round one, Slovenia and northern Macedonia drew the short straw.

Spain holds harmless — Sweden makes it exciting

Otherwise, the favorites are considered harmless. Spain, however, had his love with Bosnia-Herzegovina, the Bear was still behind 12:14. Ultimately, however, the European champions continued from 2018 and 2020 with 28:24 by. The bottom line has three wins from three games in Group E.

Exciting it was in the evening when the Czech Republic and Sweden in a direct duel Place two mutually constituted. The Scandinavians went there as a favorite in the game and did tremendously difficult, the Czech Republic gave the Swedes a big fight, had finally but at 27:27 (11:12) in the final just left behind.

Russia third string — France almost effortless

Three wins from three games are also available for Russia to book that won in Group F clearly with 36:27 against Slovakia, the co-host is excreted it. Besides the Russians Norway, which asserted itself clearly against Lithuania with 35:29 (16:16), the next round reached.

No problems had Croatia with Ukraine (38:25), in the group C was in the evening, the top match between France and Serbia, according to the identities of the two main groups of participants. The Serbs had left in qualifying, the French still behind him, but this time they conceded a crushing defeat of. For a long time played the Serbs tense, seemed hopelessly overwhelmed and operated only at the end consolation. By 25:29 (7:16) The White Eagle dropped out, while France and Croatia continue to dream of the title.

Czech Republic — Sweden 27:27 (11:12)

Czech Republic: Mineral, MRA — Baba 5, Pibroch 5, IRSTEA 4, Rachel 4, air 3, Kasparov 2, Patel 2, CIP 1, Trotsky 1, Bear, FR, Burka, Solar, Vance
Sweden Johannes son, Alicia — Randell 5, tub 5/5, Clear 4, Berg 3, Gottfridsson 3, Bergendahl 2, Cardboard 2, Lagergren 2, Millard 1, Chintz, Johansson, Miller, F. Patterson, Wallis
Referee: Maria Cubic (Croatia) / Boris Milosevic (Croatia)
Attendance: 1368
penalty minutes: 8/6
Disqualification: / –

France — Serbia 29:25 (16: 7)

France: Gerard, Pardon — Mahé 6, Me 5, Y. Lenny 3, Mine 3, Descant 2, N. Dramatic 2, Gounod 2, Port 2, Tourney 2, Nazi 1/1, Richardson 1, Areas Conan, Laggard
Serbia: Ivanisevic 1, Boaster, Cu para — Radivojevic 7/3, Music 4, Arsenic 4, Milosavljevic 2, Pechmalbec 2, Sonic 2, Boreas 1, Music 1/1, Stenotic 1, V. Ilia, Orbit, PESC, Ludovic
Referee: Haidas Mazama (Lithuania) / Mindanao Gates (Lithuania)
Attendance: 4038
penalty minutes: 10/8
Disqualification: / –

Lithuania — Norway 29:35 (16:16)

Lithuania: Guests, Fortunes — Malasinskas 8/2, G. Babushkas 5, Antanavicius 3, Lucius 3, Drabavicius 2, Siemens 2, Urbana 2, Muskets 1/1, Perhaps 1, Smantauskas 1, D. 1 Virbauskas, Movies, Stankevicius, ZG Virbauskas
Norway: Berger, Savers — Bartholdi 7/5, 7/3 Sago sen, pure Child 6, Overjoyed 5, Gullible 4, Blond 2, Gulled 2, Sols tad 1, Tonnes 1, AGA Deck, Johnson, O|Sullivan, Thorsteinsen Soft, Overly
Referee: Adam Biro (Hungary) / Oliver Kiss (Hungary)
Attendance: 1705
penalty minutes: 10/4 disqualification: — / –

Northern Macedonia — Denmark 21:31 (11:15)

Northern Macedonia : Mitrevski 1, Tomsk — Peshevski 6, Izhevsk 3, Tale ski 3, Kuzmanoski 2/2, Velkovski 2, Hostess 1, Kuzmanovski 1, Mites 1, Seraphic 1, Georgievski, Georgie, Krstevski, Mirkulovski, Kimonos
Denmark: Green, Miller — Kirkelökke 9, Lindberg 4, Sensing 3, Andersson 2, Anton sen 2, Had 2, M. Hansen 2/2, Hold 2, EM 2 Jacobsen, M. Landing 2, H. Soft Hansen 1, Larsen, lye Schmidt, San
Referee: Boris Manual (Slovakia) / Mario Ruins (Slovakia)
Attendance: 1561
penalty minutes: 6/4
Disqualification: / –

Montenegro — Slovenia 33:32 (16:19)

Montenegro: Atomic, Mijuskovic, N. Mimic — B. Ludovic 9, Graphic 8, Angelic 5, M. Ludovic 5/3, Epic 4, Sevaljevic 1, F. Ludovic 1, Kaludjerovic, Basic, Laconic, B. Mimic, Mimic, Lunatic
Slovenian: Gaelic 2, Bank — Jolene 6/3, Odin 6, Blasting 4, Argue 4, Make 3, Mackovsek 2, Skate 2, CETE 1, Powered 1, Nikolić 1, Henchman, Jane, Suholaznik, Arabic
Schiedrichter: Mira Tragic (Sweden) / Matthias Wetter (Sweden)
purchaser: 1203
Strafminuten: 14/10

BOSNIEN-HERZEGOWINA — Spaniel 24:28 (14:12)

Bosnien-Herzegowina: Kanji, B. BRIC — Arabic 6, Here 4, J. Eric 4, Price 3, S. BRIC 2, Dramatic 2, Hamitic 1, Ranges 1, Music 1, Fabric, Reskin, Kris, Music, Eric

Spaniel: Hernandez Ferret 1, Perez de Vargas — Canada 7/1, Marquez Coloma 4/1, Figures 3, Odriosola 3, Amino 2, Manuela 2, Sanchez Mi gallon Parade 2, Sole Sale 2, Garcia 1, Turbine 1, Callas, Guardiola, Medina, Taffeta Serrano
Schiedrichter: Boleyn LAH (Slovenian) / David So (Slovenian)
Strafminuten: 12/4

Ukraine — Croatian 25:38 (13:18)

Ukraine: Kook, Airshow — Artemenko 5/2, Oriya 4, Elysium 2, Bookend 2, Donor 2, Iltschenko 2, Kasai 2, Krawtschenko 2, Title 2, Salewskyi 1, Turtschenko 1, Breakfast, Minozkji, Tiutiunnyk
Croatian: PESC, Sonic — Martini 7/2, SIPC 7, Clinic 6, Lucia 5, Guavas 4/2, Gaza 3, Graham 2, Magic 2, Cubic 1/1, Civic 1, Cedric, Go jun, Panic.
Schiedrichter: Bogdan Nicolas Stark (Rumanian) / Romeo Movie Stefan (Rumanian)
Purchaser: 4038
Strafminuten: 10/10

Slower — Russ land 27:36 (9:19)

Slower: Paul, Heroic — Proof 8, Urban 7, Smetana 3, Haida 2, Race 2, Lanka 2, Brianna 1, Peachy 1, Polish 1, Doris, Truck, Klaus, Mach ac, Nikita
Russ land: Gaucho, Kareem — Kossorotow 7/2, Andrew 5, Khamenei 5, Krakow 3, Corner 3, Ostaschchenko 3, Schitnikow 3, Santa low 2, Wrarschewitsch 2, Stroke 1, Winogradow 1, Workbook 1, A. Kowtow.
Schiedrichter: Mads Hansen (Landmark) / Jesper Madsen (Landmark)
purchaser: 1290
Strafminuten: 8 / –

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