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Neowiz P2E Games Kripo Golf Impact Global Dictionary Reservation

16 days, P2E golf game ‘Crypto Golf Impact’ has begun advance reservation through the Google Play Store.

Kripo Golf Impact in Development is a game that applies a block chain technology to sports mobile game ‘Golf Impact’. It is characterized that it is possible to enjoy different players and real-time PVPs with simple operation only for various world spots. Crypto Golf Impact is expected to launch in April of April, which is on-board of Neowiz Holdings’s subsidiary Neo-Yez Holdings.

Dictionary reservations of Crypto Golf Impact are conducted in 156 Global, excluding Korea and China. For all users who participated in advance reservations, we pay ‘Crystal’ for about $ 10 for $ 10. Crystal can be replaced by a compensation for the game, the game utility token ‘s2 token’, and can be exchanged as a ‘Neopin token (NPT).

Meanwhile, a large-scale airdrop event is also in progress ahead of formal launch with advance reservations. Cryton Foundation with Crypto Golf Impact and Clayton Foundation Official Twitter Follow, Neotin Wallet, and the Clay Purse Complete Mission, including the input input of the Clay Deposit, and the $ 7,000 per capita, about $ 20 per capita, Free payment.


More information on the pre-reservation and promotion of Crypto Golf Impact can be found in the official community.

Neowiz First P & E Games Kripo Golf Impact, Roadmap Disclosure

Neowiz (P & E (PLAY and EARN, Play Anion) game, developed by Neowiz (Crypto Golf Impact “, released the roadmap on the 16th.

The Roadmap has been launching the global launch of the next month and contains service directions and schedules to be held for 2022.

‘Crypto Golf Impact’ is based on the Open Platform ‘Neopin’, which is a block chain, and the token name used in the game is ‘S2 Token’. Enjoy the game and get a ‘crystal’ goods, and switch it to the S2 token. The S2 token can be swaped with the ‘Neopin Token (NPT’, and it is possible to purchase NFT items that are updated in the future as well as the purchase of items in the game.

We plan to proceed with the ‘Air Drop’, which offers a free S2 token for a full release. Twitter, Facebook, etc., we provide the use of users who are participating in the official community of ‘Crypto Golf Impact’. During March, we will introduce interesting and farming services using the S2 token on the Neopin platform to expand the utilization of the game coin.

In the third quarter, update the NFT (alternative permissible) system and open the exchanges. Precision for 2Q11 is achieved in the second quarter, and it is a plan to be sequentially presented to the ‘NFT avatar slot system’ that helps to attach the NFT item to the NFT item in 4Q.

In addition, Neowiz concluded partnership with the ‘Clayton Foundation’, which supports the global ecosystem expansion of network Clayton, a block chain for P & E game activation. Through this, it is a policy to cooperate in various fields such as technical support and marketing for the successful market seats of ‘Crypto Golf Impact’ and the successful market in the future.

Roadmap for Kripo Golf Impact ‘has been released to a ticking site, and a white paper 1.0 version with a torque nomix is ​​also available.

Golf Impact - World Tour - NEOWIZ - Gameplay Walkthrough (Android / IOS)

‘Crypto Golf Impact’ is a game that applies a block chain technology to sports mobile game ‘Golf Impact’. With a simple operation, you can enjoy real-time PVP (using users) and real-time confrontation (confrontation), and sophisticated shots and spins are likely to be a real golf game. In addition, the background and impinging of global attractions expressed in reality provide a higher immersion sense.

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