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VBL returns to the offline with club final

Since the beginning of the Corona Pandemic a little more than two years ago, the DFL could no longer align offline event as part of the Virtual Bundesliga (VBL). The VBL Grand Finals 2020 and 2021 had to turn into the online environment, the same fate grated the final of the VBL Club Championship 2021.

With the general national relaxation now the DFL the return to the live stage is dared: the final round of the VBL Club Championship season 2021/22 has been officially explained to the offline event, the final will be on 26 and 27 March in the Kölner Straßenyears ago Base played.

“Meet personally on the consoles”

“We are very pleased that the players and players will meet for the first time around the German club championship in Efootball for the first time after a long time again,” VBL boss Jörg is politely cited in the appropriate message.

The fact that this measure is decided on, subject to potential negative developments in the coming two and a half weeks, all involved should be clear. Nevertheless, all signs are on offline event, the planning is already in full swing. The participant field has been complete since Wednesday evening.

Hansa against Ingolstadt, RB against Werder

COVID-19 pandemic not over yet, experts warn

But not only that: the groups for the preliminary round of the VBL Club Championship finals have already been set. In Group A meet the North-West Season winner Hansa Rostock, South-East-Vizemister FC Ingolstadt 04, defending champion 1. FC Heidenheim 1846 and the 1st FC Cologne on each other.

Group B, in turn, consists of South-East season winner RB Leipzig, North-West-Vizemeister Hamburger SV, Club record champion SV Werder Bremen and FC St. Pauli. For the very first time in the history of the competition, the DFL awards a prize money, 65,000 euros are distributed among the strongest clubs.

18,000 euros prize money ideally

A detailed breakdown of this pool is not yet known, ideally, however, up to 18,000 euros can flow to the German club champion. The virtual ball rolls on March 26th from 15.30, when Rostock and Cologne, as well as Heidenheim and Ingolstadt open the final with the first matchday of Group A.

DFB Bundestag in March in Bonn as a presence event

The 44th ordinary Bundestag of the German Football Chamber is locally relocated because of the Corona Pandemic and is to take place on 11 March now in the Bonn World Conference Center, the DFB-Burittin decided unanimously on an extraordinary presidium meeting.


The DFB Bundestag was originally held in Frankfurt am Main and given the importance and number of decisions to be made, the entire Bureau that the Bundestag is not carried out online, but as a presence event, said. Thus, the delegates should be made possible for direct exchange. In addition, no one should also be excluded due to legal aspects. In Frankfurt am Main, this is not possible from today’s perspective, the specifications see 250 people as a maximum for events in closed rooms. In addition, the 2G rule applies, access have only completely vaccinated or geneses.

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