Like all other games of the genre, The Elder Scrolls Online is a title that is constantly evolving and since its launch eight years ago, Bethesda has been updating it with a lot of content that users They certainly appreciate. Your next massive expansion, known as High Isle, is just around the corner and here at Bretons We had an opportunity to make an extensive look at everything you offer. Spoiler: It seems that the community will be extremely satisfied with everything that will be offered to them.

HIGH ISLE - Exclusive 2022 Chapter Preview - EVERYTHING I Found Out | The Elder Scrolls Online
To begin with, it is important to mention that High Isle will continue with the story that was introduced at Legacy of the Bretons , and according to its developers, it will offer us up to 30 hours of unique content of history. In this new chapter, the player can explore in depth the old home of the Bretons and experience a noble housing society to the edge of a war.

In terms of content, High Isle will allow us to explore a new area that will take us to places never before seen. Besides that we will have a complex narrative full of politics, honor, and intrigue that as I mentioned earlier, it will be linked to Legacy of the Bretons . In the same way, a new system called Tales of Tribute was created, a set of collectible letters where you can face other NPCs and players, and from which I will talk about it later.

Of course, there will also be new Companions, Ember and Isobel , which will be able to join your adventures once you know them. Within these same adventures you will find new World Events known as Fissures , which will provide an additional level of challenge for the most experienced players. Obviously, there will also be new Delves, Public Dungeons, World Bosses, and a wide variety of missions.

As I talked it before, in High Isle you can discover a part of NIRN never before seen not only at The Elder Scrolls Online, but throughout the franchise. It is the old island home of the elite of Breton . Inside the Systres Archipelago awaits you a lot of tropical biomes full of majestic castles and extensive jungles, all this accompanied by endless missions.

Tales of Tribute, The new card game introduced in this expansion, will allow you to face other NPCs, but also against other players in a qualifying system. To dominate this game completely, it will be necessary to put together a huge deck with all kinds of cards. To unlock these letters you must challenge other NPCs, which will be distributed along the taverns of all Tamriel . Every time you win you will get different rewards, including achievements, collectibles, and more.

On the other hand, it is also confirmed that the update number 34 of The Elder Scrolls Online will also introduce texts and subtitles in Spanish, and this patch is planned to debut with High Isle The next June 6 For PC, Mac and Stadia. For its part, players in console must wait until June 21.