ROBLOX games are actually known for their colorful and youth friendly optics, a coming shooter wants to change this but apparently. Like Call of Duty, the project Frontlines focuses on realistic graphics and violence – which does not rightly match the game platform.

A ROBLOX developer provides a brief video from its current shooter project for a stir. The community is shown by the surprisingly realistic graphic impressed and wants to see from the uncommon call of-duty alternative more.

Frontlines: Call of Duty times very different

ROBLOX developers and Twitter users 1231551 shows the community with a short gameplay video , which is graphically possible on the Game platform of Roblox. The textures and the light are also impressive when repeated.

The gameplay video comes from a publicly accessible beta test and shows a short firefight with a kill cam. It is particularly noticeable that were designed as realistic the weapons and environments were as possible – but the avatars are still the classic Roblox figures. The commentators on Twitter do not seem to be bothered – the reactions to the video are mostly very positive and praise above all the graphic performance.

Roblox: Is the free shooter youth free?

While the graphics of frontlines is quite remarkable, the content is still for question marks – because ** The COD-like shooter does not seem to be a youth free of youth. ROBLOX has received the USK state in Germany from 12 years – but alone the bloodstained camera does not fit into this age group. The realistic armory use also seems inappropriate.

This game is too realistic for roblox..
FRONTLINES is still in development at the Developer Team Studio Maximillian. Whether regarding the age release, restrictions of ROBLOX must be initiated, but it is probably not likely. The game platform has no positive balance ** in particular in dealing with young users. Recently, reports were known to announce the blatant abuses in the development of Roblox games. (Source: Giga)

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