NFL-Boss Roger Goodell has turned after the discrimination allegations of the former Miami coach Brian Flores with a letter to the 32 clubs and expressed his displeasure about the settings criteria. The results of the efforts to promote the diversity in the attitude of chief trainers are “unacceptable”, criticized Goodell on Saturday.

Ex-Dolphins coach Brian Flores sues NFL over alleged discrimination

On Tuesday, Flores had sued the NFL and three teams. The league is “in a sense racist separated and is led like a plantation,” it said in the indictment: “The 32 team owners – none of them black – benefit significantly from the work of the NFL players, of which 70 percent are black. ” The NFL initially resisted against the allegations.

Goodell supplemented that the league of divider measures and guidelines re-evaluate and commission external experts to support this review. “Racism and any form of discrimination contradicts the values ​​of the NFL,” said Goodell: “We have undertaken significant efforts to promote diversity and passed numerous guidelines and programs that have caused positive changes in many areas.”

Flores had submitted his action on Tuesday at a district court in the state of New York. “The owners look at the games from their luxury slogies in the stadiums, while their majority black employees put their body on their bodies every Sunday, plug in bad punches and suffer fierce injuries to body and brain”, wrote flores’ lawyers. Meanwhile, the NFL and the owners of the teams would earn millions of dollars with the spectacle.

The black coach takes on his ex-club also the New York Giants and the Denver Broncos, in which he had been traded as a candidate, but did not get the job. The case is created as a collection claim.