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Michael Zorc: Two live for Borussia Dortmund

Talents are already broken in modest comparisons. This young German reminds him of Franz Beckenbauer, inter-trainer legend Helenio Herrera pondered in Australia during the Junior World Championship in October 1981. Michael Zorc was the name of the black -tired Libero of the German team, who won the final against Qatar in Sydney 4-0.

And this Zorc, freshly baked world champion and winner of the silver ball as the second best player of the tournament? He sat down after the return and learned for his high school diploma at the Dortmund Heisenberg -Gymnasium – final grade 2.9, topic in the oral examination geography: the Peruvian irrigation system.

Six days after the World Cup final, he was already on the lawn 16,500 kilometers away and gave his Bundesliga debut for Borussia Dortmund under Branko Zebec, the very first of 572 games at the end as a professional in black and yellow. The boy from Dortmund-Eving, who used to stand in the stadium himself and cheered on BVB’s second division soccer players, was suddenly right in the middle of it-and he should no longer go.

He has the greatest career of all Borussia.

Hans-Joachim Watzke

Initially parallel to the Bundeswehr sports funding group in Essen-Kupferdroh and then to study economics at the University of Dortmund, Zorc became an increasingly important for his home club.

a real worker

A worker who rightly carried the 8 on his back. Always on the go between defense and storm, active at the front, active at the back, with calm on the ball, strong, loyal, reliable, reliable and incredibly effective: 159 goals scored the BVB’s record Bundesliga player for his club and converted 49 out of 57 penalty – decision -making weakness was not to be noted as a player.

Zorc went ahead: When in 1986 in the relegation against Fortuna Cologne about the whereabouts of the Bundesliga and a good extent was also about the economic survival of the club, he initiated the turn in the backlog with his equalizer in the furious 8: 0 -In victory in the decision -making game.

Greatest sporting success than players: Michael Zorc wins the Champions League. Imago sports photo service

In good and in bad times

The times got better and Zorc was in the middle of it. In 1988 he celebrated the victory in the DFB Cup a year later, stood in 1993 in the UEFA Cup final lost to Juventus Turin and experienced the big title at the end of his player career.

He, in 1995 and 1996, became German champion as the best goal scorer of his team, gets the Champions League and the 1997 World Cup – even if he doesn’t play much anymore. It is still important, and this meaning becomes clear, especially in the glorious evening in Munich, which Karl-Heinz Riedle and Lars Ricken dominate with their hits in retrospect.

The calls of the Dortmund fans in the Olympic Stadium are audible around a quarter of an hour before the final whistle, his nickname “Susi” echoes from the ranks. Matthias Sammer, the captain of the starting eleven, was, the coach Ottmar Hitzfeld convinced that it was at least briefly using Zorc so that he could accept the trophy, Andreas Möller had himself been replaced.

In addition to our glorious past and a great stadium, we didn’t have much to offer with 80,000 fans.

Michael Zorc

“A fine gesture of Matthias”, Zorc will say 25 years later in the current Franz Beckenbauer series about the royal class, “and how the audience asked my substitution deeply. I am grateful that I am still a few minutes on the Standing space and part of the team was allowed to be “.

In Tokyo in the intercontinental duel against Cruzeiro Belo Horizonte, in December of the same year, he demonstrated his qualities one last time in the same football world and hits the lead in the 2-0 win, after the season it is over.

fast change to management

He does not treat himself to a long break, on the contrary: Zorc gets in directly in the management of the club. “The quick change was wanted by me, nobody pushed me into this position,” he says in retrospect: “I have always had an interest in economic contexts.” One of his first transfers: Dede, still one of the largest crowd favorites. Not a bad start for someone who says today: “I was an apprentice in the first few years.”

He had to learn quickly, because the club’s most severe crisis awaited him and the club when BVB in the mid-2000s only scraped bankruptcy and Zorc had to work with significantly less money from 2003. “Back then, apart from our glorious past and a great stadium with 80,000 fans, we didn’t have much to offer. Our task was primarily to halve the salary expenses within a year and a half,” he looked back in the Franz Beckenbauer five years ago.

“Every issue that was over 500,000 euros had to be approved by a so-called steering committee. However, the claims had not reduced by half. We were still perceived as a champions League club for a long time – But we were no longer. Controlling this expectation was a big problem in addition to the acquisition of new players. “

Your dreams became our history! | Farewell from Michael Zorc

Happiness Happiness Jürgen Klopp

But a black and yellow Phoenix rose from the ashes of the burned millions. “In the look at we managed it quite well, I think, even if it took a few years until we developed up again from a solid base,” he reports: “That went step by step – also because we were At that time, Jürgen Klopp had done the right handle and won the right partner to develop our sporting concept. “

Klopp’s stroke of luck, maybe the most important personnel. With the energetic trainer and skillful purchases, the path went steeply again, reached the crowning glory in the 2011 championship title, the Double 2012, the 2013 Champions League final.

Success trio: Michael Zorc, Jürgen Klopp and Hans-Joachim Watzke (from left). Imago/Ulmer

Forming years were previously for everyone in the club, even for the Zorc, which was not undisputed for a while. “If you do the job as long as I do, then you just don’t have the sunny days. You have to learn to deal with it properly. Both in the negative scenario and now in the positive,” he says: “At least it has led to me for Has learned myself to let criticism only to a certain point and try to sleep sensibly and keep a clear look. This is not always easy. But you shouldn’t be completely captured. Otherwise you will feel At some point like in the jungle and finds no way out. “

To the outside, he conveyed a closed picture, the sporting leadership almost always conveyed a closed picture, controversial discussions remained internally, personal vanities and animosities behind. And Zorc, the Westphalian and the child of the Ruhrpott, whose grandfather was once a minister at the Stein colliery in Dortmund-Eving, remained the mostly dormant pole.

Loyal, level -headed, reliable, with a knack for good purchases and in negotiations tough if it had to be – especially when it came to a lot of money again: in the course of his career, he has implemented around 2 billion euros in transfers. “I’m not a romantic,” he repeated one time and time, sentimentalities are rather strange to him. And yet Saturday, the last game of Borussia Dortmund, will be particularly responsible.

He was formative for this club for 44 years, 20 years on the lawn, 24 in the office. Eight titles as a player, ten as a official – only five of his 23 titles won Borussia Dortmund without Michael Zorc. “He has the greatest career of all Borussia. 44 years with his club in his city – there is nothing more possible,” Hans -Joachim Watzke honors in an interview with the SID. It is the end of an era, a life’s work – and even that is still understated.

Freiburgs Haberer before switching to Union

“It looks like – it is not yet stipulated so far – the Janik is most likely leaving the club and is looking for a new challenge,” said Christian Streich last Thursday: “This is okay. He played here for many years. He worked fully for us and we were fully committed to him. “

Janik Haberer wechselt zu Union Berlin!

also interested in Cologne, Mainz and Schalke – Union is probably making the race

In the future, Haberer will work for another club and will probably stay in the Bundesliga. For a long time, among other things, Bochum seemed promising in the race to be the 2017 U-21 European champion. For VfL, the midfielder had completed 33 missions as a rental of TSG Hoffenheim in the 2015/16 second division season, and had also performed as a scorer with three goals and five assists.

There were talks with those responsible for VfL about a possible return. But as the Thursday learned from the Bochum environment, the club ultimately had to accept a cancellation because Haberer wanted to open a whole new chapter. While, according to Thursday information, Cologne, Mainz and Schalke were interested in Haberer, the signs that the 28-year-old are moving to the capital are now condensed.

before reunion with Heintz

A move to 1. FC Union Berlin, whose 4-1 triumph in Freiburg Haberer followed on Saturday, should be imminent at short notice. Haberer would meet his long-time team-mate Dominique Heintz, who had already moved from Breisgau to Berlin-Köpenick in winter. Haberer has played 169 competitive games for the sports club since 2016 and scored 13 goals.

Fortuna Düsseldorf pulls the purchase option for Tanaka

Ao Tanaka and Fortuna Düsseldorf continue their cooperation. The red-whites pulled the purchase option for the 23-year-old, who had been on loan from J-League Club Kawasaki since last summer for the Fortunes. The Japanese played 26 league games in the current season (Kawasaki note: 3.53) – recently under coach Daniel Thioune, he developed more and more into a regular player and was in five of the past six games over the full distance on the field. The second division team did not provide any information about the transfer modalities.

We are convinced that AO has not yet arrived at the end of its development.

Klaus Allofs

F95-Pressekonferenz | Hannover 96 vs. Fortuna Düsseldorf | 2021/22 | Thioune vor #H96F95

Accordingly, the Düsseldorfers are responsible for the fact that the central midfielder has signed a contract until 2025: “AO Tanaka has developed into an important part of our team in recent months. We are convinced that AO has not yet arrived at the end of its development And we will have a lot of fun in him in the next few years, “will be the board of directors Sport and Communication Klaus Allofs in the club announcement.

Tanaka, who scored his only second division hit in the home game against Hansa Rostock so far, “felt very well received in Düsseldorf from day one”. Fortuna is only the second club of its entire career. The Tanaka born in Kawasaki already played for his home club Kawasaki Frontale in his youth and celebrated his J-League debut there in 2018. With his youth club, he became Japanese champion in 2018 and 2020.

Fabian Klos successfully operated

The operation at the 34-year club icon of the Ostwestfalen is “without complications”. This was announced by the Bundesliga club on Tuesday afternoon. In addition, the attacker “with full awareness”.

Klos had pulled the heavy head injury with a violent collision with his teammate Alessandro’s crop in the final phase of the duel with the Swabia (1: 1).

The New Comeback Kids on The Bundesliga Block - Welcome Back Arminia Bielefeld

Whether Klos will run again for Bielefeld is unclear

Whether the outgoing center tower will once again for the Arminen will continue to be unclear. The club made no information after OP, Klos lacks Arminia with indefinite time. “Fabian Klos thanks you for all recovery requests that have reached him and his family in the last few days,” says in the message of the Arminia.

Klos has been playing for the Bielefelder since the summer of 2011 and has since reached cross-competition in 378 competitive games 147 goals, which he is record scorer hunters of the DSC. After this season, Klos will leave the East Westphalia, he had already announced this decision in February.

Bellarabi wants to quit career at Bayer Leverkusen

The former football national Karim Bellarabi has no interest in a club change.

He had a contract and Bayer Leverkusen in the next season, be his club, the 31-year-old official player told the TV channel “Sky”.
But it is also clear, “that it would be a dream to finish my career here”.
Bellarabis contract at the current table slide of the Bundesliga runs until June 30, 2023.
Bellarabi, who has denied his last of eleven internationals on 31 August 2016 at 2: 0 success against Finland, wants to discover the world after his official players career.
He will be a lot of time on the sea and the beach, won healthy feeding and making a world trip, said the right.

Leverkusen Won't Lie Down - Karim Bellarabi Leads Incredible Comeback
“In addition, I would like to travel Australia and America. A big round trip also irritates me. I have a lot,” he explained.

SSV Reutlingen: Drain pressure in a precarious location

Success reports are special balm for the wound soul at SSV Reutlingen these days. After an autumn where the former second division stayed in the meantime nine games without defeat, the year 2022 began in the timely direction: a point from five games. On Wednesday, Googäger Onesi Kuengienda extended his contract until 2023, added to the U-19 striker Jan-Christian Küfuß continued to bound to the club. “I am a real Reutlinger, so I am pleased to be part of the new project at the crossing,” says Kuengienda, who already met seven times this season and continues to give as a guide player with 29 years as a guide players.

Back to the athletic presence: To make matters to the fact that you had to play 2022 against the two heavyweights of Stuttgart clubs (0: 1) and SGV Freiberg (0: 3), a massive injury duty comes: “Against Freiberg we only had nine gentlers, the rest we had to fill up from the U 19, “says Christian Grießer, board sports at the crossing. Which is not, even if you would like to lend the game against Freiberg, but the opponent did not want to get involved.

Anyway, the U 19 of the SSV, which has good opportunities for a promotion to the Bundesliga as a leaders of the A-Junior Oberliga, is becoming more and more developing into a source of hopeful young talents. Of course, something bigger clubs, which in contrast to Reutlingen have a young talent center, also falls on, but the example of Foot shows that one or the other despite all desires begins his mens career in Reutlingen.

The “like” is crucial

“We are a training course,” underlines the grid and wants to lead the club in small, for sustainable steps. Addressed to the environment, which still has a very lively fans scene and may possibly be impatient at too small steps, the sports board says almost a bit irritated: “I do not think of these three-year plans. What do you do if you do not do the goals achieved? Then you can repeat everything again. ” Of course, for GRIßer, however, is that he would like to climb with the SSV, but the “like” is crucial whether the club is organizationally prepared. “Only with volunteers will not go in the Regionalliga.” In other areas, the club is already top: “We have a good infrastructure, especially with the stadium. This also attracts players. And the fans scene is unique, such a scene in the league only have the Stuttgart clubs in the league.”

25.02.2022 / SSV Reutlingen - Stuttgarter Kickers 0:1 / Stadion an der Kreuzeiche (Reutlingen)

The club wants to do it in the men’s area similar to youth. Years ago, the maxim was also to play with all youth teams as possible in the highest league, and now after five, six years, the seed seems to rise so slowly. “We do not make a time pressure,” says Grußer, who wants to avoid diligence, prefer a false hopes to the environment, though he knows: “The region is thirsty for higher-class football.”

The clear goal is the Oberliga, because I do not know if 6. League would be possible so easily.

Christian Grußer, board sport

No quick shots, no actionism, for the clear commitment to continuity. However, these brilliant goals could be placed on a hard test in the course of the season, because the SSV is only two points above the descent zone and coach Maik Schütt has already announced his farewell to the end of the season. Will not there be a premature coach change required, it must be directed in the decisive weeks of one from the category “Firefighter”? “Our wish is to finish the season with Maik Schütt. We are convinced of him, his training and his analyzes are good,” says Griießer. A double-edged sword, so it sounds at least then, because on the one hand, the backing for Schütt is supposed to have an impact on the more and more adhering relegation battle, on the other hand, GRIßer says: “The clear goal is the Oberliga, because I do not know if 6, League so readily feasible. ” Finally, the club lives very much from the encouragement of his viewers. Sliding into the association league would be counterproductive. The hopes are now on the fact that the lazaret is at least somewhat. “We still have a few long-term injured,” said GRIEGER.

The contract conclusions with Kuengienda and Both Foot show that the new season is already planned intensively. Highest priority has therefore also to find a new coach from summer. “The players want to clarify, of course,” says Grider. With a promulgation is expected by next week at the latest. Previously, the away game at the basement competitor Sportfreunde village feature is waiting: “That will not be nice games, now it’s about scratching and biting,” says the Reutlinger’s board of the Extendous tasks and still sounds happy that his club’s chunks from Stuttgart -Degerloch and Freiberg has already brought behind in the game plan.

VBL returns to the offline with club final

Since the beginning of the Corona Pandemic a little more than two years ago, the DFL could no longer align offline event as part of the Virtual Bundesliga (VBL). The VBL Grand Finals 2020 and 2021 had to turn into the online environment, the same fate grated the final of the VBL Club Championship 2021.

With the general national relaxation now the DFL the return to the live stage is dared: the final round of the VBL Club Championship season 2021/22 has been officially explained to the offline event, the final will be on 26 and 27 March in the Kölner Straßenyears ago Base played.

“Meet personally on the consoles”

“We are very pleased that the players and players will meet for the first time around the German club championship in Efootball for the first time after a long time again,” VBL boss Jörg is politely cited in the appropriate message.

The fact that this measure is decided on, subject to potential negative developments in the coming two and a half weeks, all involved should be clear. Nevertheless, all signs are on offline event, the planning is already in full swing. The participant field has been complete since Wednesday evening.

Hansa against Ingolstadt, RB against Werder

COVID-19 pandemic not over yet, experts warn

But not only that: the groups for the preliminary round of the VBL Club Championship finals have already been set. In Group A meet the North-West Season winner Hansa Rostock, South-East-Vizemister FC Ingolstadt 04, defending champion 1. FC Heidenheim 1846 and the 1st FC Cologne on each other.

Group B, in turn, consists of South-East season winner RB Leipzig, North-West-Vizemeister Hamburger SV, Club record champion SV Werder Bremen and FC St. Pauli. For the very first time in the history of the competition, the DFL awards a prize money, 65,000 euros are distributed among the strongest clubs.

18,000 euros prize money ideally

A detailed breakdown of this pool is not yet known, ideally, however, up to 18,000 euros can flow to the German club champion. The virtual ball rolls on March 26th from 15.30, when Rostock and Cologne, as well as Heidenheim and Ingolstadt open the final with the first matchday of Group A.

Before match against BVB: Complete Corona

Bundesliga club FSV Mainz 05 has to fight for a massive corona outbreak immediately before the 25th matchday. 19 members of the fully immunized licensing player area, consisting of professionals, coaches and staff, have been positive and have been issued in isolation.

This was announced by the club on Thursday. For the coming Sunday (15.30 clock live on Dazn), the home game against Borussia Dortmund is scheduled.

For the time being, the public training planned for Thursday afternoon was canceled the professionals, the negatively tested players completed an individual training instead. The club now in close contact with the Mainz Health Office and the German Football League (DFL) with regard to the further procedure.

The BVB was also informed “by the DFL and the club”, said Sebastian Kehl, head of the license player department at the Dortmundern: “We will continue to prepare professionally on the encounter. Stand now we assume that the game is going on can take place next Sunday. “

According to the policy of the DFL, a club can notify the deduction of an encounter for the current regulations only if less than 16 players (including amateurs including amateurs) are available.

Borussia Dortmund - SC Freiburg 5-1 | Highlights | Matchday 19 – Bundesliga 2021/22
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For Mainz, the short-term corona problem is not a new situation: Immediately before the start of the season, the club had eleven infections in the ranks of the professionals last August. The game against Vizemeister RB Leipzig, also the following Sunday, still found instead – and Mainz won 1-0.

VfB Stuttgart: The signs at Kalajdzic stand on farewell

Sasa Kalajdzic knows how to watch and maintain status of a pattern priority and sympathy wear. After the training session on Tuesday, the striker remained a bit longer for the approximately one hundred fans and thanked cordial words for tireless support. In the end, the Austrians also rose via the advertising tordes to enable pendants of memorial photos. All al1. While all other VFB professionals have long disappeared. Moments that felt like farewell. And that obviously suggests.

The likelihood that Kalajdzic bears the jersey of the traditional club beyond summer over the summer is reduced from week to week and defeat. The man who can lie as bad as a penguin, has always been difficult to succeed his soul life and his thoughts successfully.

The 24-year-old works more than ever and disilused these days. Nevertheless, the coach hardly believes in the after his shoulder surgery and a calf injury last still by one hundred percent fitness fighting attackers. “He knows that he is the striker who will shoot us to the league,” says Pellegrino Matarazzo optimistic.

Look How Good Saša Kalajdžić Has Become in VfB Stuttgart!

Interest from England, Italy – and the Bundesliga

It could be a farewell gift for the Swabians. Already last summer, much pointed to a change of the two-meter man. But his shoulder injury shortly before the end of the transfer period stopped all the desire attempts before they could be concrete.

The interest in the 24-year-old has not subsided since then. Priority clubs from England and Italy attract. At that time, like today, Among other things represented by Tottenham, West Ham or the Roma. But even in the Bundesliga, the name Kalajdzic was discussed among other things at RB Leipzig, Dortmund and FC Bayern.

Either way, a transfer of the game-strong and true attacker would mean a severe loss for the Stuttgart. Sporty as well as financially. The transfer fee, which has been awarded around 20 million euros, is likely to fall a lot. Conversations with the aim of a premature contract extension of the 2023 contract has been postponed so far.

Kalajdzic does not want to set itself, especially since the Swabia can not offer the national player neither on the lawn nor in the account the necessary perspective. Stuttgart remained the opportunity to push a bolt to a premature change of attacker. In the next year either either the chance to increase to a renewed league or a reply. An exit clause is not anchored in its contract. But a year later, Kalajdzic would leave the club the club.

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