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DFB Cup: Fans keep your fingers crossed SC Freiburg against RB Leipzig

The vast majority of German football prospective people treat SC Freiburg against RB Leipzig in the final of the DFB Cup (Saturday, 8:00 p.m./ARD and Sky).
According to a representative survey by Fanq on behalf of the “SID”, 82.8 percent of 1000 fans expressed their sympathy for the team of coach Christian Streich.
From a football prospectiveing point of view, the respondents also see Freiburg in front: 69.6 percent believe in a victory of Breisgauer, 28.5 percent expect a success of the Leipziger.
The entire season in the DFB Cup is rated positively: 60.7 percent of fans found the “exciting” or “very exciting” competition.
The decision of SC Freiburg was also well received not to release your own logo for a so -called “meeting scarf”.

Penalty thriller! RB take the title | Freiburg vs. Leipzig 2-4 Pens | Highlights | DFB-Pokal Final

Leipzig’s boss Oliver Mintzlaff criticized this decision, but is part of a minority: 62.6 percent of those surveyed rate the procedure of the RB opponent as “positive” to “very positive”.

RB Leipzig vs. SC Freiburg: Voices for the DFB

RB Leipzig celebrated the first title of his young club history. In an exciting DFB Cup final, the team of coach Domenico Tedesco won the penalty shootout against SC Freiburg, which had long been outnumbered. Christian Streichsclub coach Christian Streich emphasized the strong season of his team despite the disappointment. The voices for the final:

Domenico Tedesco (coach RB Leipzig): “It was a very good game from us, especially in the second half. We are very, very happy. I can’t really realize it yet, it feels very well. I can only praise the boys for this insane performance. The team was totally intact, I changed a little bit, a few plugs. “

EEN ZINDERENDE DUITSE BEKERFINALE! ???? | Freiburg vs RB Leipzig | DFB-Pokal 2021/22 | Samenvatting
Christian Streich (coach SC Freiburg): “We played an incredibly great season, a great first half. When we then led and the red card came, we were a little bit of afraid, we have it Or playing too long. But that’s whining at a high level, we will play European Cup next year. The fans are grateful, that’s right, the team does incredible. “

Oliver Mintzlaff (Managing Director RB Leipzig): “It is amazing. We played an incredibly bad first half. It is incredible that it still worked. The first title in our short club history. We will let it crack today. This is a historic evening for us. “

Emil Forsberg (RB Leipzig): “I have no words. So to win is just insane. That shows the passion, the mentality, I am very proud and happy.”

Freiburg: Günter and Höfler with a mixed conclusion

In the 73rd minute, the 1-0 lead of the Bielefelder against Leipzig arrived at the Freiburg banker. Christian Streich rows with his arms, demands and fires his team, who is just 0: 1 in Leverkusen after a rather uninspired and incorrect appearance. If she was still doing the game and Bielefeld actually made the surprise against RB, it would still be solved to the Champions League ticket for the Breisgauer.

“We noticed that, then a jerk went through the team again. The 1-1 came up again, then we had one or two situations – but Leipzig finally did 1-1 before the season We would have said that we would have been playing Europa League next year… “, said SC captain Christian Günter at” Sky “and acquaintances:” Nevertheless, it hurts a bit if you are there two games before the end and have tight games. “

Nicolas Höfler and Kevin Schade score in Freiburg's win | Bundesliga Highlights | ESPN FC

“It’s extremely annoying”

After the 32nd matchday, the string team was in fourth place and could have moved into the premier class for the first time in the club’s history with a win and a draw. But a clear and sobering 1: 4 against Union Berlin followed and now the 1-2 at the last minute in Leverkusen. Union, for example, passed the sports club in the final table, who, as the sixth, ends the season with the second best in the table and the second approval for the Europa League group phase in the over ten-year string era.

“We played an extremely successful season,” emphasized Nicolas Höfler in the “Sky” interview, but also admitted: “Nevertheless, it is extremely annoying that we have lost the last two Bundesliga games and two table positions.”

However, there is no time for the understandable disappointment to have played the chance of the sporting and economically attractive European Cup. “We are looking ahead, we will play internationally next season. We would have signed that at the beginning of the season and next week the cup final will come. This is a big highlight for us, we want to be successful,” said Höfler.

how Freiburg Leipzig wants to “make life difficult”

In order to be successful against Leipzig, however, an increase is required, especially in the third of the attack. “If we go on the pitch with the energy like today, a bit more determined to have the final situations at the front, we will make Leipzig difficult,” says Günter. Höfler is similar and emphasized the importance of good regeneration: “The next few days we have to bring in a relaxation, so that we will recharge your batteries on Saturday.” So you want to put Leipzig under pressure, but also Höfler knows that more offensive has to come: “With ball, we should get a little more quality than today. Then I am good courage that we are making the game successfully.”

If the cup triumph succeeds, the missed premier class would quickly be forgotten for most Freiburg. Günter had already emphasized that the pot would be more important to him. On the other hand, the third defeat in series threatens. Nobody wants to start on summer vacation.

Freiburgs Haberer before switching to Union

“It looks like – it is not yet stipulated so far – the Janik is most likely leaving the club and is looking for a new challenge,” said Christian Streich last Thursday: “This is okay. He played here for many years. He worked fully for us and we were fully committed to him. “

Janik Haberer wechselt zu Union Berlin!

also interested in Cologne, Mainz and Schalke – Union is probably making the race

In the future, Haberer will work for another club and will probably stay in the Bundesliga. For a long time, among other things, Bochum seemed promising in the race to be the 2017 U-21 European champion. For VfL, the midfielder had completed 33 missions as a rental of TSG Hoffenheim in the 2015/16 second division season, and had also performed as a scorer with three goals and five assists.

There were talks with those responsible for VfL about a possible return. But as the Thursday learned from the Bochum environment, the club ultimately had to accept a cancellation because Haberer wanted to open a whole new chapter. While, according to Thursday information, Cologne, Mainz and Schalke were interested in Haberer, the signs that the 28-year-old are moving to the capital are now condensed.

before reunion with Heintz

A move to 1. FC Union Berlin, whose 4-1 triumph in Freiburg Haberer followed on Saturday, should be imminent at short notice. Haberer would meet his long-time team-mate Dominique Heintz, who had already moved from Breisgau to Berlin-Köpenick in winter. Haberer has played 169 competitive games for the sports club since 2016 and scored 13 goals.

FC Freiburg: Champions League? Cup victory? Streich holds the ball flat

David Abraham Knocks over Freiburg coach Christian Streich - Red Card Abraham And Vicenzo Grifo

Christian Streich remains loyal to all the dreams of SC Freiburg from the Champions League.
“I can understand everything from the fans, of course, so they are fans because they have dreams and hopes,” said Streich at “Sky” before the game at TSG Hoffenheim.
However, he himself does not “honestly” think of the DFB Cup final or the great chance of the SC in the coming season in the European Cup and maybe even in the Champions League.
“I don’t think about it at all,” said Streich, who meets RB Leipzig with Freiburg in the cup final on May 21 in Berlin.
He recently only thought of the game against Hoffenheim.
“I know that it goes into the final phase, to the decisions.”

Streichs mixed conclusion: I would have liked …

No, the protagonists of the Sc Freiburg did not have to be ashamed. Her coach Christian Streich was right. “But it was already a tight box,” gives the 56-year-old after the 2-1 victory at Eintracht Frankfurt too. Two scorchances ranged his team to success: a counter-closing counter to a good ball gain Maximilian Eggestein and Safe Acceptance Roland Sallais. And a header of Top Joker Nils Petersen after a free-kick of Captain Christian Günter. The South Baden occurred in Hesse with the efficiency of a top team. With the performance overall, prank was anything but satisfied.

His team left the Eintracht over wide routes the game and developed apart from the two hits barely noticeable goal of goals. The households still had the Europa League game against FC Barcelona (1: 1) from Thursday in the bones. “We knew we needed possession and pass staffettes to run Frankfurt because they have already walked a lot to Barcelona,” says prank about a plan that did not get up. Ball security and contact numbers are not “so good that I am satisfied”. His professionals had lost too many one-counter-one situations and not well defended. “I would have wished that we have more actions myself,” emphasizes the SC coach. But it was nothing.

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Especially midstorms Ermedin Demirovic and the somewhat offset behind him Lucas Höler dived completely (both Kicker Weekly grade 5). Both had to leave the field after 60 minutes from the field, brought for them the winning scorer Nils Petersen and Woo-Yeong Jeong. He also turned his system to a triple chain. A claw that worked. “At the front was well started after the conversion,” praises prank, whose team in the final phase at a post-shot of Ajdin Hrustic and a distance of Daichi Kamada’s good portion of luck.

Even if a success succeeded against the competitor Frankfurt: If it is supposed to fold in the international business, the Freiburg must increase. Next Saturday, VfL Bochum comes into Breisgau (kick-off 15.30, live! At Kicker Weekly), followed by the DFB Cup semi-final at the Hamburger SV and the home game against Borussia Mönchengladbach. Three encounters in which the SC is on the paper of the favorite. “We fight back and stand together,” says prank, but also asks: “We have to play simple and clearer. Then we can do good games.”

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