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These consequences threaten to the FC Bayern after the change

Chaise Chaos at Bayern: For a few seconds, the record champion played in the away game at the SC Freiburg on Saturday with twelve men. Who is to blame for change? What are the consequences of FC Bayern now? “Collinas heirs” give answers to the most important questions.

Actually, replicas in football are not a complex affair. The procedure is usually set 3 (players) and follows a clear, manageable process: The game must be interrupted, the referee will be informed about the changeover point and gives its approval sign.

Then the player leaves the field, then the player will enters the center line. This completes the change, and the game continues. If the game takes place with referee wizards, then one wraps off the changes; There is also a fourth official, he takes over this job.

That’s how the change chaos ran at FC Bayern

As a rule, there are no complications, but sometimes the devil is in detail, and then it can come to irritation and excitement. Just as on Saturday in the game of Sc Freiburg against FC Bayern Munich (1: 4) after 84 minutes.

The record champion wanted to replace Corenentin Tolisso and Kingsley Coman by Marcel Sabitzer and Niklas Süle, these two also entered the lawn with the approval of referees Christian Dingert – respectively with the permission of the Fourth Official Arno Blos. However, only Tolisso had left the place before, Coman had remained in the field.

The reason for this was in a mistake of the team manager of FC Bayern, Kathleen Krüger. She had set the back number 29 on the change panel – Coman’s old number; Since this season, however, he carries the 11. As a result, the attacker did not feel addressed and made no institutions to go from the field. Nevertheless, the impartial played the game initially – he was, as well as the fourth official, escaped that for Sabitzer and Süle only Tolisso had gone from the square. Fifteen seconds, the Bayern were at twelfth in the field, then interrupted Dingert, which both the Freiburg Nico Schlotterbeck and the fourth official had pointed to this fact, the game with a whistle.

Now Coman went from the square. But before the encounter was continued with a referee ball in midfield, five minutes and 40 seconds passed. For so long, it took up until the impartial team clarified the problem and its conclusion, also with the help of the video wizard Felix Zwayer in Cologne. However, the discussions had no end, because not a few wondered: has this change chaos possibly consistences beyond the game? Could there be a repetition game? Or do the Munich be lose their three points, because the game is evaluated by the Coman Court for the SC Freiburg? Here are the answers to these and other questions.

Is the mistake of the impartial or FC Bayern?

Even if the FC Bayern has contributed to the confusion by the wrong number of numbers: Underlying Christian Dingert and Arno Blos, the referee always carries overall responsibility. The Fourth Official Had Slee and Sabitzer would allow admission to the game only under the condition that two other Bayern players leave the place before.

Any ambiguities who should be replaced would have to be cleared out by him. Also, the game should not have been continued as long as the Bavarians were twelfth.

The referee has had to make sure the game continues with the correct number of players on both sides.

SC Freiburg - FC Bayern München 1-4 | Highlights | Matchday 28 – Bundesliga 2021/22

Would Kingsley Coman have to be warned?

No, says DFB referee teacher Lutz Wagner in the interview of the online portal “Spox”. Because Coman did not act unComanedly: “It was not on him that the change was not completed correctly because the chalkboard of Bayern’s team manager was incorrectly displayed and the referee did not properly controlled it.”

Even Slee and Sabitzer is not a reproach because they had the approval of the impartial to play. They did not participate unauthorized in the game.

FC Bayern has used a bill of exchange too much by the mistake?

Also no. Sabitzer and Süle entered the place in the third and last bill of exchange of Munich with the approval of the referee, so they became players. Because in the rule 3 it says: “The replacement is completed if the substitute enters the field.” And that’s the case even if the player does not leave the place to be replaced.

Decisive here is the consent of the impartial with the game entry, even if it was given too early. Süles or Sabitzers was therefore not finished when Coman left the field in the next interruption. An improper fourth bill of exchange was thus not used.

Was it right to continue the game with a referee ball?

If the referee interrupts the game because a surplus player is in the field, there is a direct free kick, according to Rule 3, if this player intervened into the game, for example through a ball touch. If this procedure has taken place in the penalty area, there is even a penalty.

If he did not intervene in the game, the game must be continued in case of interruption with an indirect free kick. Since Coman played the ball shortly after the whistle, there was no procedure, so it would have to give an indirect free kick.

Is the change error with that of the VFL Wolfsburg in the DFB Cup?

Again, the answer is no. Wolfsburg changed a sixth time in the round-round cup game at Prussia Münster in the extension, although only five changes were permissible. The additionally substitute player was not entitled to use. According to Paragraph 17 of the legal and procedural order of the DFB, therefore, the game was mandatory for Münster, even if the referee – it was also Christian Dingert – had allowed this change.

In Freiburg things were different, as Lutz Wagner emphasizes: “The change as such was completely correct and was allowed to be done because the substitute player was eligible to play.” Due to a misunderstanding, the players to be replaced to be replaced in the field. However, this is “not comparable to Wolfsburg or other cases where an inadmissible change was performed”.

Would an objection of the SC Freiburg still have prospect of success?

On the mentioned paragraph, which provides a game rating for the opponent when using a non-game or commitiable player, the club would not be able to call itself in any case. That the Comans court would determine a rule violation of the impartial, is also little likely. For Christian Dingert did not miscalculate the rules wrongly, but admit the play of play, because it – erroneously – assumed that the replacement had been carried out instructed. So it was a wrong fact in fact.

A rule violation only represents the wrong game progress – arbitrator ball instead of indirect free kick – after the next interruption. However, that’s irrelevant, especially Freiburg also came in possession. And even if a rule violation would be detected in the replacement, the Comans court would have to consider it the regulations, whether this violation has influenced the outcome of the game so much that the lot has to be repeated. Because that would be the consequence.

At a score of 1: 3 shortly before the end and an overdrawal of only 15 seconds, in which nothing happened to meaning and Coman had not even had a ball contact, it is obvious that the mistake does not promote the outcome of the game Freiburg influenced.

According to human discretion, in the case of a Freiburg objection, without which the Coman court of the DFB would not be active in this case, there should be neither a game classification against FC Bayern nor a repetition game.

Because neither the Munich has used a non-game or useful player, nor did they have used a bill of exchange too much. The referee in turn has noticed his mistake and corrected before this Lapsus could take an influence on the play exit. It would therefore be a surprise if the 4-1 victory of Bayern should not be retained.

Alex Fireherdt

Bellarabi wants to quit career at Bayer Leverkusen

The former football national Karim Bellarabi has no interest in a club change.

He had a contract and Bayer Leverkusen in the next season, be his club, the 31-year-old official player told the TV channel “Sky”.
But it is also clear, “that it would be a dream to finish my career here”.
Bellarabis contract at the current table slide of the Bundesliga runs until June 30, 2023.
Bellarabi, who has denied his last of eleven internationals on 31 August 2016 at 2: 0 success against Finland, wants to discover the world after his official players career.
He will be a lot of time on the sea and the beach, won healthy feeding and making a world trip, said the right.

Leverkusen Won't Lie Down - Karim Bellarabi Leads Incredible Comeback
“In addition, I would like to travel Australia and America. A big round trip also irritates me. I have a lot,” he explained.

CALL OF DUTY: Warzone makes a great change in the UAV

_ Duty: war zone_ players have noticed that a great change has been made in the UAV in the game. Previously, players who used ghost benefit remained hidden from unmanned aerial vehicles. However, GHOST users have discovered that now they are only hidden from UAV when they are moving, and players who use UAV can discover them if they remain stationary. The change brings this more in line with the way it worked in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. While Raven Software has not made any official announcement on the change, the Twitter @Modernwarzone account informs that it has been noted in private games. This led several other players to point out that they also noticed the change, so it seems that it could also be the case of public parties.

In his report, @Modernwarzone shared a Tweet on this change in the UAV of @truegamedata, who seems to be one of the first to notice the Stealth Update. That Tweet can be found embedded below.

Until now, the reaction to this change has been quite positive! Much zona of war Fans expect this to be dissuaded to other camping players, making the game more competitive; In fact, many have been requesting this change for a while. It is rare to see -duty: war zone players lined up universally in anything, but it seems that most agree that this change is definitely for better!

That said, it is a bit strange that Raven Software has not published anything official that announces the change. _ Duty of duty: war zone_ Season 2 Reladed has just launched last week, and this is the kind of things that fans would expect to see in the developer patch notes. With luck, we will obtain more clarifications about the change in the near future!

_ Duty area: War zone is currently available at PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S and PC. You can check all our previous game coverage here.

Call of Duty Warzone: Primele Impresii (Limba Romana/ PS4)

What do you think about this change to the UAV in Flama of duty: war zone? Do you think this will be a change for better? Let us know in the comments or share directly on Twitter in @marcdachamp to talk about everything related to games!

Ex-BVB star Sancho unveils devaluation attempts

After four years at Borussia Dortmund, Jadon Sancho joined Manschester United in the summer of 2021. The former BVB professional now spoke about a change and revealed that he could have ended up at FC Chelsea and FC Liverpool.

“At the national team, I already met Jesse Lingard, Marcus Rashford, Harry Maguire and Luke Shaw. They always said: Come to United,” Sancho said at “Sky” about his motivations for the change to the Red Devils.

But other national team colleagues from other clubs from the Premier League lured the wing sprocker: “There were also the guys of Chelsea or Liverpool, all trying to convince me of their club.”

Ultimately, Sancho decided to change to Manchester United. There, the Youngster has not yet been constant to his achievements he had regularly shown in the BVB jersey.

“I’m very self-critical. It was certainly not my best season, but I’ve learned a lot,” Sancho reflected and added: “A new league, new teammates. I would say that I’m just starting right now Feel more comfortable and am happy. “

The Balance Sheet of the Englishman at Manchester United falls rather meager – especially in view of the 85 million euros. In 31 competitive games, he achieved five goals and prepared two more hits.

This role played Pulisic at Sancho’s change to BVB

What happened to JADON SANCHO!! watch till the end to find out..............
In the interview, Sancho also voted over a change in 2017 from the Youth Department of Manchester City to Borussia Dortmund. “The club has tried very around me,” the 21-year-old recalled.

An important role in his decision was the then 19-year-old Christian Pulisic, who was “almost a role model” for Sancho. “I saw him and thought, that could be me too.”

For the BVB, Sancho completed 137 mandatory games where there are 50 goals and 64 templates. “Luckily, the BVB has given me this opportunity and I think I’ve brought this achievement then,” the attacker accounted for his time at the black and yellow.

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