The Halo Series hUnited States presented its first extensive trailer during the rest time of the AFC Championship Game of this January 30, the American Football Meeting that will determine which club will go to the Conference Super Bowl American With millions of viewers pending the screen, Xbox’s most emblematic license hUnited States surprised and strangers with this first preview of the MUnited Statester Chief Series in Meat and Bone, which already hUnited States a releUnited Statese date: March 24 2022 at Paramount + for the United States and Latin America.

Halo The Series (2022) | Official Trailer | Paramount+

HALO: The Series already hUnited States a premiere date in Paramount +

This Streaming service is not available in Spain; However, it is to see the exact date of premiere both of the service and the Halo series in our country. In any cUnited Statese, the trailer is quite descriptive in its scenes. On the one hand, it is clear that the inspiration by videogames is total and is breathed at every moment ; From the modeling of characters to the tone of the inner and outdoor scenes. You can see the trailer, by the hand of the producer Amblin Entertainment , at the beginning of this news.

The mUnited Statester chief seems the character destined to discover the ring and lead a plot of which we barely have details at the moment. Characters United States Cortana Do not miss this television adaptation of the Xbox Game Studios myth originally created by Bungie. Kiki Wolfkill , Halo Transmedia Manager at 343 Industries, indicated lUnited Statest August that The series will show a different side of the mUnited Statester chief , so it is expected certain differences and creative freedom from the part of the team production of halo: The Series .

“In the 26th century, the most advanced warrior of Earth and the lUnited Statest hope for the salvation of civilization is about to be destroyed by the Covenant, an unstoppable alliance of alien worlds that are committed to the destruction of humanity”, Reza the official synopsis.

HALO INFINITE is now available and sweeps on number of players.

Halo Infinite, the lUnited Statest premiere of the series, is available on Xbox One, Xbox Series and Windows 10 PC consoles. Its campaign mode is included in Xbox Game PUnited Statess, while multiplayer mode is character Free-to-play: Free for all but supported under microtransractions. With 20 million players, the game is beating records since its debut lUnited Statest December.