As one of the challenges of Groot’s awakening, you will have to plant a seed on a heart-shaped island in Fortnite. It is a little fun challenge that is attached to the fact that Groot is essentially a tree.

Plant a seed on a heart shaped island as Groot - Groot Awakening Challenge in Fortnite Season 4
The first thing to do is equip the Groot skin that you can unlock at Level 38 of Battle Pass. You will need to reach the level 46 before you can meet this challenge, you will certainly have the skin. After that, direction the heart-shaped island, which you can find on the map below.

Visit the island, although the easiest way to access it either simply to go directly from the combat bus, and you can easily see a brunette ground spot on it. Go ahead and interact with him to plant the seed.

Once this is finished, you are halfway to win the special Rocket Racoon emote that Groot can get. The Emote is, frankly, incredible, because Rocket Racoon will fly around Groot, looking for enemies and threats. He does nothing in fact, but it’s a very nice touch for the skin.