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Arjen Robben Beendet Rotterdam

The former football star Arjen Robben has discovered a new sport for his career end. The 37-year-old ran his first marathon in Rotterdam on Sunday and needed for the 42.195 kilometers 3:13:57 hours only 69 minutes longer than winner Abdi nageeye. Thus he achieved almost exactly his predetermined target time.

“Some say you’re an idiot ‘, but I’m just a sports fan,” Robben had said before the start of the TV station nos. His immediate preparation had been disturbed by a corona infection five weeks ago.

“Above all, before the last part, I’m scared,” he said, “You know that he comes, the man with the hammer. But you just have to reach the finish line, whether left or right.”

???? | Arjen Robben vond marathon NIET LEUK: 'Ik ben gefinisht en daar is alles mee gezegd'
Robben went the distance together with the former Dutch world-class ice-fast runner inheritor. “I have a fantastic hare,” he joked, “Over 200 meters, I can still keep up, but the track is a little longer.” The former Bavaria professional had finished his player career in his home club FC Groningen last summer.

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Tennis Hammer: Ashleigh Barty announces career end

The tennis world ranking knorthy Ashleigh Barty has announced surprise her career end. “Today is a heavy day of emotions for me because I know my withdrawal from tennis,” said the 25-year-old Australian in a video she released on Instagram.

“I am grateful for everything that this sport gave me”. But she sure, “that the time would be right” to take off and “pursue other dreams,” Barty said in a conversation with her former double partner Casey dellacqua, which she published on the platform.

Ash Barty Announces Shock Retirement From Tennis After Australian Open Triumph | 10 News First

Success is for Barty, to know “that I have absolutely everything”. She was “fulfilled” and “I know how much work it takes to get the most out of herself”.

Nevertheless, it is “so that I did not have that in me anymore,” Barty said, “I no longer have the physical drive, the emotional desire and somehow everything you need to challenge at the highest level.”

She just knew that she was “absolutely consumed”: “I know that I did not physically give nothing and that’s success for me”.

Barty led world ranking more than two years

“Thank you for being an incredible ambassador for this sport and for women around the world,” wrote the WTA on Twitter: “We will miss you so much, Ash.”

The three-time Grand Slam winner led the world ranking for more than two years. At the Australian Open she had taken care of at the end of January for the first home win since 1978 in Melbourne. She is also the current Wimbledon winner, 2019 Barty had won the French Open.

Lastly, Barty had waived participation in the prestigious tournaments in Indian Wells and Miami.

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