Keseer Games (Representative Park Jae-hyun) is the original rhythm game ‘KALPA (Calpa)’ to develop and service ‘KALPA (Calpa)’ to April Fool’s Day, Comic Simulation Action Games’ I said it was carried out.

The college of entertainment was designed to give a different joy to users with a lie in the Genre, character and gender of the game, and the character of the two games that have no association at the game,

Through this, the deer character appears in a variety of deer characters in a certain probability of coming from the resulting window after playing a weekly (1 day) for a week until 7 days. Also, if you choose a song until 3rd, you can also play a unique and pleasant play that can not be predicted at all.

Evolving A Deer To Its Perfect Form - Deer Simulator
The ‘deer simulator’ BGM is also introduced with a five-songed album, which has been reinterpreted by ‘KALPA’ only. The William Tell Overture Finale (Keyboard-Breaking Mix), a song, is a song that reinterprets the finale of the “William Tel Welcome” of the BGM and Classic Masters, Rosini. ‘Ragnarok (Roy Mikete Remix)’ is one of the leading songs of Earliri, a song that arranged BGMs that appear on the ‘deer simulator’ final Boss Stage. In addition, various ‘deer simulator’ BGM was reborn in a new style.

The SNS event is also held together to commemorate the college of collaboration. We pay Dark Meter through Twitter Retweet events from day to 7 days. Also, if you upload a scene on Twitter, you will be added to the College of Cullad by uploading the scene where the deer character appeared on the resulting screen.

On the other hand, the top-down 5 key keyboard original rhythm game ‘KALPA’ is aimed at the US illustrations and original music, which is participating in the world’s famous artists, Based on, it is steadily showing new songs and updates. 2021 In Indie Kraft, Exhall Pick, 2021 Jupa BIC Showcase Voting Votes won the first place in the popularity of popularity and has been recognized for both box office and work.

Japan’s GIBIER GAMES developed and the ‘Deer Simulator’, which is distributed through the console such as PC and PlayStation 4, Xbox, and Nintendo switch, is a comic simulation action game that has become a deer, which has become a deer, And unpredictable stuff is a game that forms the mania layer with the mouth of the mouth.

“Kaenne Games Haili Director said,” Kalpa ‘and’ Deer Simulator ‘show that there is no common in both games, but there is a common point that the user is a common game that can be fun to enjoy the game, of course, ” All of the experiences that have been sponsored in early development early in the beginning of the goal, such as the fandoms are solid, and this college will be able to give them a different pleasure to the users. “