Destiny 2 Dawning’s 2019 event arrived and it’s time to celebrate the feast joy. For starters, you have to talk to Eva waiting at the top of the EVERVERSE store on the tower. Talk to him and take the cheer up? Looking for her after you gave her gift to Zavala and you are about to receive the participation sparrow.

The quest needs you to accomplish four different tasks:

  • Deliver vanilla blades to Shaxx
  • Deliver chocolate cookies in Amanda
  • Deliver bird seeds in Hawthorne
  • Cook 12 gifts

Where to get Ether Cane Destiny 2 The Dawning
These tasks require a variety of ingredients to finish, ie the first three. Decompose them (we will see how to get gasoline of dawn at the end):

Vanilla blades : Cabal oil, bright flavor and 15 essences of dawn

For cabal oil, all you have to do is kill the cabal you meet in the universe. You can find several in the EDZ on the Echion shim. You can acquire Sharp Flavor by killing an enemy with a sword, so be sure to kill some cabals that way.

Chocolate cookies : Cabal oil, zero taste and 15 essences of dawn

Just like the previous ingredient, you have to kill Cabal for these bakery products, so no need to explain it. For the zero taste, you must kill an enemy using class capabilities based on the vacuum or types of weapons. Similar to strong flavor, you want to kill Cabal using these two choices.

ELIKSNI BIRDSEED : Ether Cane, Personal Touch and 15 gasoline of Dawning

Now, for the Ether Cane, you have to take our Falleen anywhere in the universe. Since you work on this quest, it could be a good idea to stick to the EDZ and visit Trostland and take them there. For Personal Touch, you have to eliminate enemies with the melee attack on your goalkeeper, so kill some Falleen closely.

Thus, for the essence of dawning, there are several ways to gather them. You can win them by doing premiums for EVA, patrols, climbing protocols, public events, heroic adventures, gambit or crucible matches, Nightfalls or Forge Completions.

After that, the last thing to do is to prepare 12 different gifts. After that, you will receive the Dawning Cheer Sparrow that you can browse to spread Dawning Cheer wherever you go.

Finally, you will need to upgrade the Sparrow if you want to complete the 2019 Dawning triumphs. To upgrade it, you must make 150 gifts, make cookies with the lavender ribbon for Saint-14, then fractal rolls for Brother Vance.