All those who buy Legends Pokémon Arceus before May 9, 2022 will receive a huge bonus for their adventure. It is a scarce resource, so do not forget to get your 30 free weight balls before the end of the deadline.

Where can I find my reward code?

How to get these BONUS GIFTS! Physical vs Digital! Pokémon Legends Arceus & Pokémon BDSP Bonus!

If you have purchased the game digitally at Nintendo Eshop , you can find your one-use code directly in your email (you have associated with your Nintendo account), or on the receipt of the ESHOP when you start download. Check the unwanted mail in your mailbox, the message should be called “Code for Pokémon Legends: Arceus”.

Once found, You must enter the code in your game :

  • Opens the menu with the arrow up,
  • With ZR, go to the Internet tab and select “Mysterious Gift”,
  • Now use the option “via code or password”,
  • The Internet connection will be established and you can enter the 16-digit code.

This code allows you to obtain 30 Balls weight directly on your inventory (the objects chest, not your pockets) and it is only valid until May 16, 2022. Therefore, you have plenty of time to claim this gift.

Also note that this purchase bonus is different from precompra bonuses or bonuses linked to your previous saved from other games (Pikachu mask or EEVEE, for example).

Since the Poké Ball have to be created through the game crafting system, it is not a bad idea to get a few through this gift. In addition to this, the weight Balls have a higher success rate against the heaviest Pokémons, which will appear as you progress in the adventure. A great gift from Nintendo.

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