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Heavy injury clouds 12: 0

With the hits 108 to 119, front rider Bremer SV continued to polish his goal statistics on Saturday in the Bremen league. 12: 0 ended it at the end against a hopeless inferior tail light from Borgfeld. For the Panzberg Mamadou Diop it was after 2014, a 15: 1 at FC Union 60, the second highest success in its Bremen league history. Already after 17 minutes the sack was too. Kmiec with his head (5th), Kurkiewicz with a rich shot from the distance (9th) and Mamadou Ibrahima Diop (17th) had already met three times. But then SchriteRichter Dennis had to suspend the encounter for several minutes. Mamadou Diop and Borgfeld’s Keeper Kaessler were together. While the Bremen could continue, the Borgfelder stopped goalkeeper with a place wound and the suspicion of concussion in the square. The ambulance was called and transported Kaessler to the nearest hospital. Both teams had agreed on it during the interruption to finish the remaining 15 minutes of the first half to finish the second half directly without break. Until the half-time whistle, the Bremer SV should still meet again. Lamine Diop set to 4: 0 (37.). In half two broke in the guests then all the dams and the BSV placed eight more hits. Lame Diop and Suljevic each achieved a triple pack.

Followers Brinkum also mastered his task. After goatless first passage and a power increase in the second, the BSV sat down by a magnificent Hattrick of Nao (50th, 74th, 85th) and a last minute hitch from Hamid yet with 4: 0 against the SV Werder Bremen III through. The residue on the Bremer SV remains with four counters. For the Werderaner, the air in the table cellar, on the other hand, is gradually thinner. The competition – especially the Blumenthaler SV – does not sleep. Blumenthal won away from the KSV Vatan Sport with 2: 0 – Malek and Mohmand met in the second section for victory – and referred Werder and the distinct SG Aumund vege bag behind it.

B.C. man fighting for compensation after rare vaccine injury
Especially for the SGAV it was a painful defeat in a direct competitor. The SFL Bremerhaven presented in the first pass through Tunjic (24th) and Torge-Marvin Kück (34.), but without being clear. The 3-0 – Tunjic also turned a penalty in the 64th minute – did not give the hosts the necessary security. And so aumund vege bag came to 2: 3 again in the final phase by a Toski double pack (76., 90. + 1). However, the guests started their catching up too late, shortly after the counterpart was finished.

Behind the SG Aumund vege bag, which is now on the first relegation place, everything remains at the old 1. Borgfeld conceded, as mentioned, a thick swatter, but also the BSC Hatedt (3: 5 against Union 60 Bremen) and the HAVEHauser FV (0: 6 at the OSC Bremerhaven) some goals began. Siege also existed for the BTS Neustadt (4: 1 at Hemelingen), the Lehr Turnerschaft (3: 2 at Gewestemünde) and the TuS Komet Arsten, who won the important game against the TuS Schwausen with 2: 1 and on five points can settle from the descent zone.

OSC Bremerhaven annoys the Bremer SV

Although the current season gradually approaches its end, the 21st matchday of the Bremen League brought a novelty with him. After a sheer endless winning streak of 13 threes in a row, the Ligaprimus Bremer SV loved not only two points last weekend, but went to the 0-0 against the OSC Bremerhaven for the first time in this season without its own goal success from the square. The Primus began as usual. With a lot of possession and open-life the BSV, the BSV put the guest defensive early under pressure and already had three big opportunities through Diop and Suljevic in the first quarter of an hour. As a result, the OSC managed to bring some rest to the game through his own ball passages and keeping the Bremen Tormaschinen away from his own housing. After the side change, the spectators offered the same picture. The BSV pressed and squeezed, but the wardrobe of the guests kept against it. Also, the necessary playback seemed to be on the part of the guests that day, for example as Matat shortly before the end of the post failed or Wazneh freestanding before the OSC housing the nerves failed. At the end Bremerhaven cheered a very happy point win in the stranger, the Primus needs to be quite a nose due to the light-ready handling with their own opportunities.

Brinkum unstoppable – HasteDt gives the red lantern

What the Bremer SV did not seem to succeed on that day, top-purulant Brinkum meanwhile demonstrated with flying colors. Against the table-four ESC Geestemünde, who already revealed serious defensively problems in the previous week at the 1: 7 against undertaking Borgfeld, was the offensive department of the Brinkumer SV not to stop and swept the ESC with 7: 0 from the field. Geestemünde, meanwhile, with massive personnel bottlenecks, was overwhelmed in passage one with the offensive scale of the table-second simply and was back to the break with 0: 5. Safi (9./38.), UschPol (11.), NaO (23.) and Thinkels (25. et) steered the game in favor of the BSV. In half time two switched Brinkum back several gears and allowed the guests to breathe air. But even in spirit, the ESC was not competitive that day. First, Li made half a dozen full (55th) after a tight hour, marriage Kujabi briefly sealed the 7: 0 final score shortly before the end. Tabular not changed for both teams. Geestemünde ranks at the fourth table spot with 30 points, meanwhile, Brinkum was able to use the slips of the Bremer SV and shorten the distance to five counters – with a lot less – shorten.

Bremer SV - OSC Bremerhaven 5:0 (2:0), 18.09.2021, 1. Halbzeit

The surprise team of the new calendar year is the BSC Hatedt. After the surprising 7: 1-edge victory against the ESC Geestemünde in the previous week confirmed HasteDt the trend change and beat KSV Vatan Sport last Sunday just 2: 1. Thanks to a double strike of Odoi and Grote Lambers in the final chord of the game, the Biricik Eleven even turned a 0: 1 residue. Also tabular it goes up for hastedt. The BSC climbs on the 17th place and moves with the HAVEHauser FV (16th place 16) that had to be beaten at home with 1: 3 against SV Hemelingen. The red lantern takes over until further the SC Borgfeld. In the basement duel with the Blumenthaler SV, the SCB showed a weak idea and came with 0: 5 under the wheels.

In the table in the table, BTS Neustadt Indes is still in the sink flight. After the second defeat in the second game of the new calendar year, Neustadt slips down to rank eleven and threatens, possibly once again in the relegation strudel. Against the TuS Schwausen, the Fahlbusch-Eleven conceded two late heads and ultimately lost 1: 3. The SV Werder Bremen III and Tus Komet Arsten went empty. Both teams were just finished with 0: 1 – Werder III had to give himself beaten to the SFL Bremerhaven and the Arsten of the Lehr Turnerschaft. On the other hand, the FC Union 60 Bremen dissociates itself from the relegation ranks. With 3: 2 ranked the team of Frank Dahlenberg the SG Aumund vege bag and enlarged the distance to the dash on eight counters.

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