One of the best events last year in the Twitch sphere will be back this same summer. The brand-new creator of Spanish-speaking content for the Island awards, IAI Llanos , just confirmed in their social networks something that was a secret to voices after the success of the first boxing evening: a new edition for this same summer.

The evening II will be held within a few months, as I was commented in Him’s social networks with the Toot you have below. It is a practically calculated event to the US PPV vessels, with various boxing fighting along one night, but with the particularity that participants are known twitch faces .

A first bright event

Although it could be an almost dangerous show, because boxing is a sport as beautiful as dangerous if it is not done by professionals, reality is that the first edition was a spectacular celebration of noble art . The participants took the challenge seriously, with a very hard workout since months before to give a great show, while the retransmission had a production at height and authoritative voices such as Jaime Gate.

If IAI fulfills the promise, he will be one of the Pugs that appears in the quadrilateral. The Vasco affirmed that if the event exceeded the million simultaneous signals, which was achieved at the time of emission, he will be one of the fighters. It would be to know who would be the rival of him, as well as the rest of the participants, who will be confirmed not too long so that they can start working on their physical conditioning and training.

Although it was a spectacular milestone, this second evening can surely learn that another lesson shown at other events such as that global world championship, which had much more global aspirations, as well as many more known faces involved. We will see.