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FC Bayern – Lewandowski for the seventh time Bundesliga

World football player Robert Lewandowski from the German record champion Bayern Munich has set up the crown for the seventh time as the top scorer of the Bundesliga for the seventh time.

The Polish striker, who may be leaving Bayern at the end of the season, was once successful in the 2-2 at VfL Wolfsburg. For the fifth time in a row, the ex-Dortmunder won the goal scorer cannon in the German football team.

Lewandowski referred the Leverkusener Patrick Schick (24) and the Norwegian striker Erling Haaland (22) from Borussia Dortmund to the further ranks. The Scandinavian will leave BVB towards Manchester City at the end of the season.

The most accurate German player in the 2021/22 season was national player Serge Gnabry from FC Bayern, who networked 14 times.

top scorer list of the Bundesliga after the 34th matchday

1. Robert Lewandowski Bayern Munich 35

2. Patrik Schick Bayer Leverkusen 24

3. Erling Haaland Borussia Dortmund 22

4. Anthony Modeste 1. FC Köln 20

4. Christopher Nkunku RB Leipzig 20

6. Taiwo Awoniyi 1. FC Union Berlin 15

7. Serge Gnabry Bayern Munich 14

8th. Moussa Diaby Bayer Leverkusen 13

9. Jonas Hofmann Borussia Mönchengladbach 12

9. Max Kruse 1. FC Union Berlin/VfL Wolfsburg 12

11. Jonathan Burkardt FSV Mainz 05 11

11. Andre Silva RB Leipzig 11

13. Alassane Plea Borussia Mönchengladbach 10

13. Sebastian Polter VfL Bochum 10

15. Julian Brandt Borussia Dortmund 9

15. Breel Embolo Borussia Mönchengladbach 9

15. Michael Gregoritsch FC Augsburg 9

15. Vincenzo Grifo SC Freiburg 9

5 Goals in 9 Minutes – The Legendary Lewandowski Show | Bayern München vs. VfL Wolfsburg
15. Branimir Hrgota SpVgg Greuther Fürth 9

15. Marco Reus Borussia Dortmund 9

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BVB: Schmelzer announces career ends after 367 competitive games for Borussia Dortmund

The former international Marcel Schmelzer will end his career after the season. The left -back from Borussia Dortmund announced this in a video on Instagram on Thursday. The 34-year-old has become German champion and three times cup winner with BVB since 2008.

“Unfortunately, injuries have repeatedly thrown me back in the past two years,” said Schmelzer, who played 367 competitive games for Borussia: “In this context, I would like to thank BVB that I was able to complete my rehab here again. I don’t know yet what is coming, but I’m looking forward to the challenges. “

Schmelzer moved from the youth of 1. FC Magdeburg to the U19 team of Dortmund in 2005. Four years later he became European champion with the U21 national team in Sweden.

In November 2010, Schmelzer completed his first of a total of 16 international matches for the German national team. Schmelzer enters his last game for BVB in June 2020.

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Rummenigge criticizes BVB: failed with all Big Points

With a victory in the top game against BVB, FC Bayern could crown the German Champion prematurely on Saturday. Michael Rummenigge, who once played in the Bundesliga for both clubs, has little hope that the Dortmund can exist in Munich.

Why clubs like Dortmund will never win the Champions League again
“If you look at the whole season, Borussia Dortmund actually lost every important game or excreted it. It draws like a red thread through the season that the team has failed with all Big Points,” said the 58-year-old in an interview With “T-Online”: “I have little hope that this changes for Borussia on Saturday.”

An additional obstacle is that the record champion for the top game will be particularly motivated: “Bavaria can be mastered by a victory, making it out in the Champions League in the background and distract something from the problems Munich straight up cooking, “Rummenigge analyzed.

Basically, the former midfielder at BVB sees many problems, which currently prevent the area club from being a serious title candidate.

“For me, the problem is also a quality question of the players. There are surprised by some tremendous that stand on the lawn,” criticized the brother of the longtime Bavaria Boss Karl-Heinz.

Rummenigge asks BVB trainer

In addition to the quality of the players, Rummenigge also questioned the character of BVB stars: “During the Dortmundern sometimes I have a little feeling that one has found themselves to become second and thus to be safe in the Champions League. But That’s very fatal, “the threefold German champions warned.

In addition, many false decisions have been made in Dortmund overlooking the occupation of the coaching office in recent years. “I think that Thomas Tuchel would have been in Dortmund as a coach, Bayern did not have the title ten times in a row,” says Rummenigge.

Nevertheless, he hopes that there will be a master again soon than FC Bayern. So that it comes to it, but other clubs would have to change their self-understanding and spend the title offensively as a goal: “I would want to hear about Leipzig for the new season, which are currently the number two in Germany for me – and not Borussia Dortmund “

BVB: Does FC Bayern have to pay more than Real and City for Erling Haaland?

To Borussia Dortmund’s Erling Haaland has been the wildest rumors for months. Now new speculation occur, which also concern FC Bayern. How much of the BVB can ultimately take a transfer depends apparently from several factors.

Manchester City and Real Madrid have miscrystallized themselves as supposed favorites in the poker around Erling Haaland over the past few months. But FC Bayern was also traded as possible as possible, especially since the future of world footballer Robert Lewandowski is not fully clarified.

The Pole is contractually tied to the record champion until 2023, according to media reports from Spain, according to now, however, at a farewell in the coming summer. Should it actually come to it, Haaland automatically moves to the Säbener Straße.

“Sky” attacks rumors to which FC Bayern would have to take a little more money for the Norwegian in hand than about Manchester City or Real Madrid. Accordingly, domestic clubs from the Bundesliga have to pay a higher transfer fee to the BVB as foreign. Thus, the area club seems to avoid that the direct competition in the league everyday life is additionally strengthened.

No deadline for Erling Haaland?

„What should be better, Erling?“ | BVB FIFA 22 Ratings presented by Jude Bellingham

Meanwhile, the TV channel assumes that all change modalities were regulated in an extra contract. The pedestal amount of the transfer, which could at least receive the BVB, should be 75 million euros. It is possible, however, that ultimately more money could flow into the Ruhr area.

A deadline until the Erling Haaland must make a decision in order to activate those contractual clauses, accordingly, there is no such reports against different reports.

It is certainly that the BVB soon wants to finally clarify his probably most important personnel. Last reported “Picture” that the center tower wants to decide in April.

Bellingham gives the BVB a promise

Despite his age of his age, Jude Bellingham belongs to the family forces at Borussia Dortmund. The good performances of the young Englishman have already made international top clubs attention to the midfielder. But Bellingham has apparently already given the BVB a promise.

Since summer 2020, Jute Bellingham laces the football boots for Borussia Dortmund. Impressive 80 games has already completed the English international for the black yellow. He reaches ten gates and 16 templates. Hardly surprising that, according to rumors, the 18-year-old was already courted by Real Madrid, the FC Liverpool and other top clubs in Europe.

But for Bellingham, who extended his contract until the last summer until 2025, a premature farewell is not an issue despite the flattering interest so far. According to information from “picture”, the Briton is to have already given the BVB responsible for his commitment to definitely want to play for the Dortmunder Borussia in the coming season.

Reus, Haaland, Bellingham and Kobel take time for BVB fanclubs
At the beginning of the year, Bellingham had already made the black-yellow matching a declaration of love and said, “The BVB is the best club for me and my development. I would even say: For me, there is no better around the world!”

Bellingham-Motzanfall ensures displeasure

Bellingham, in July 2020, had come for after all 23 million euros from the English second division Birmingham City and then developed rapidly. In the current season, under coach Marco Rose belongs to the supports in the BVB team.

That Bellingham last sometimes shot out of the target, for example, by playing players Nico Schulz on the field after several miscalculations open (“You are damned Sch ***”) will forgive him from his coach.

More: New swirl at BVB around Jude Bellingham

“Jude wants to win games and is angry, that makes him out. Of that, we really need more,” Rose said last. In the cabin, however, Bellingham’s motzanfall is seen a little more critical.

Through his research, the tenfold international would be the BVB cabin “a bit of far columns”, it was even with “Jude 1”. Bellingham, with his behavior, is also “tremendous on the spirit”, also registered the portal.

BVB launches donation campaign for Ukraine

Minutes of Silence for Ukraine in the Bundesliga

Football Bundesligaist Borussia Dortmund launches a donation campaign for people in Ukraine together with fan representatives. The BVB calls for materials and drug donations, including monetary amounts are welcome. A bracelet with the inscription “Stand with Ukraine” is also sold online and in the fan shop. +++ Help families in Ukraine! The RTL donation marathon guarantees: each cent arrives. All information and donations here! +++ Together with the human rights organization Libereco, according to press release from Thursday, “the first 160 tons of medical relief supplies” are launched on the way to Ukraine. Donations are also possible via the BVB Foundation “Light Up”.

Lothar Matthew takes BVB

BVB total! #echteLiebe | TV total

Borussia Dortmund has ensured for some peace in the club environment by the 6-0 ridge victory against Borussia Mönchengladbach for the time being. However, the next directional match is imminent. The pressure on BVB coach Marco Rose is thus still big. Record National Player Lothar Matthäus sees first and foremost the team in the bringing debt.

3: 2, 2: 5, 3: 0, 2: 4, 6: 0: Borussia Dortmund experienced a change in the feelings in the past five competitions. Time to breathe away remains the BVB but not. Already on Thursday (21 clock live at RTL and RTL +) stands for the Black Yellow the Europa League second leg against the Rangers from Glasgow on the program.

The Bundesliga club has to make the 2-4 mortgage from the first duel. If the miracle absent, BVB continues to threaten uncomfortable times. In general, coach Marco Rose currently has to ask many uncomfortable questions. Lothar Matthäus does not see the 45-year-old as a major debt for the youngest crisis.

“As far as this team is concerned, I am rather involved the players and their view of performance,” Matthew defended the BVB coach in his “Sky” column: “I’m sure Marco Rose and his team offer everything When it comes to analyzing the opponent, to give the players the tool to the hand, explain everything to you down to the last detail what you have to do in the square. “

“At the end are adult men on the field…”

If the team does not implement the specifications at regular intervals at all, “then it is not always at the coach,” the TV expert made his view clearly.

At the 6-0 success against Gladbach, BVB showed on Sunday from his positive side. However, there is a lack of Dortmundern on the necessary constancy, as Matthäus held.

“Of course, the coach is asked that a team has to give the feeling that she can do that. But in the end, there are adult men in the field, which must also be ripping themselves at the belt, to deliver at week for week,” analyzed the World Champion of 1990. Matthäus’ conclusion: “Dortmund can do that, but it’s too rare.”

BVB: Irrer Haaland plan of the FC Barcelona revealed

The FC Barcelona wants to read Haaland from Borussia Dortmund despite massive financial problems. In order to be able to realize a transfer in the case of a commitment of the BVB attacker, the Catalans allegedly forge a special plan.

Although the FC Barcelona has experienced athletic as well as economically much better times, the traditional club mixes in advertising around Erlang Haaland. According to “Spot” and “Goal” the club is “obsessed” by a possible commitment of the BVB professionals.

Through the debt mountain of around 1.35 billion euros, costly transfers for Barça are currently as a tricky challenge.

That’s the plan of the FC Barcelona with Erlang Haaland

For Haaland, the table fifth of the Primer Division would set all the levers in motion. Accordingly, the FC Barcelona of the Spanish League has even submitted a model proposal, as the scorer is financed despite the Klubskasse.

For example, the association wants to sell 49 percent to the Barça Studios, its own media production company. Through this potential deal, FC Barcelona is hoping for €100 million.

This sum should then be invested in a Haaland transfer. Allegedly, Align has already appreciated the plan.

BVB: Haaland traded at Real Madrid

However, the Catalans must probably still solve some problems before the implementation of this project and to buy back the image rights to their own professionals.

Subsequently, the shares could be sold to the Barça Studios for the intended sum, it says.

In the advertising around Haaland, Barça on the transfer market would have to prevail against great competition.

Almost all European top clubs have already been associated with the BVB Sniper in recent months – including Barcelona’s Archival Real Madrid.

BVB: Donyell painting it wants to “go quieter”

Donnell painted on the part of Borussia Dortmund the crucial man in the tight 3: 2 victory against the TSG Cofferdam. The BVB attacker was involved in all three goals. The play-free phase wants to use the Dutch now for regeneration.

The football Bundesliga goes into a small interruption after the end of the 20th match day. FIFA was blocked in August 2020 the time window between January 24 and February 1 in the appointment calendars to catch up by the World Cup qualifiers labeled because of the Corona Pandemic. All confederations except except UEFA are on the ball, for most of the Bundesliga professionals there is a break.

If the time allowed, I’ll let it be calmer, Donnell explained a day after the third round-round victory of Russia in series against club media. Really, however, the 23-year-old will not be: We also have to work hard. There are many things that we can improve and need. These 14 days are ideal. The next game is for BVB on February 6th, when Bayer Leverkusen is guests.

According to Donnell, it is important to improve the defense work. You must defend better as a team, so the summer newcomer: Yesterday we sometimes lost control. We have to better control the games and therefore more stable.

Painting the BVB: When it runs, then it’s going

Especially in the last ten minutes of the game, the game threatened to tilt again in favor of Oppenheimer. Ultimately, the BVB rescued the tight victory but over time. It was hard. Everyone has worked hard to get the three points, the match winner showed himself easier: If you win, you’re really satisfied, so they’re all happy.

For the wingers the three templates were the first for Borussia Dortmund in the Bundesliga. Really, he did not change his game compared to the rather mixed season start, as he emphasized: If you are new to a club, of course, it can be a bit different. But I have made the same stuff as at the beginning, and now it worked. When it runs, it’s going.

FIFA 22: How well Fits Dortmunds Haaland to Real Madrid?

The Real Madrid Club de Fútbol [Reˌalmaðrið ˌclubdefuðβol], popular as Real Madrid, is a football club from Madrid.
Real Madrid is one of the most well-known football clubs in the globe. Real Madrid went from 1956 to 1960 the initial 5 occasions of the European Cup of the national champion as well as is the only club that has actually been able to protect the title given that the beginning of UEFA Champions League. Real Madrid originally as The club was founded, the club also has a basketball section, which with its 8 take area in the European Cup of the nationwide champion, 2 in the Euro league, 4 in the cup of the mug champion and also one in the Koran Mug as well as in the Pleb Euro cup likewise the most successful association of Europe.
Unlike the majority of European top clubs, Real Madrid is neither a company, neither had by an exclusive individual. The club, as well as archival FC Barcelona, Athletic Bilbao and Ca Sauna, is still entirely its 93,176 club participants (Social).

, well recognized as Real Madrid, is a football club from Madrid.

Real Madrid is one of the most popular football clubs in the globe. Real Madrid initially as The club was established, the club likewise has a basketball area, which with its eight take location in the European Cup of the nationwide champ, two in the Euro league, 4 in the mug of the mug victor and also one in the Koran Cup and also in the Pleb Euro cup likewise the most effective association of Europe.

Although the Treaty of young attacker at Borussia Dortmund is still running until the summer of 2024, a whereabouts of the Norwegian is almost utopian for almost two and a half years. To impressively, Haaland has shot himself in record time in the world top, too many desires of the highest point he woke up.

More likely, a change is already clearer earlier, the prospects are snake. In the Pole position, Real Madrid was literally suspected again and again in the royal could take Haaland — at least in the long term — the succession of Karim Benzema. We look at how well the 21-year-old in FIFA 22 would fit the Blanco.

Changes in FUT chemistry

In FIFA 22 Ultimate Team (FUT), the club’s crest of the Spanish capital club on Haaland’s cards would open up new ways of linking. All Spanish La League players with reasonable chemistry are available, optimized the links of course through other real professionals: Especially the talented Vinicius Junior and Rodrigo could make a triangle for the future with Haaland.

However, the presence looks like other service providers in FUT: Casino (89), Thibaut Courts (89), said Benzema (89) and Toni Kroos (88) have the highest overall ratings at the Madrilène in their gold versions. With regard to Haaland’s nationality, only the chance of a Norwegian Studios — Alexander Sloth now plays at Real Societal.

Talented real-offensive in career mode

In the career mode, the focus is even more clearly on the future viability: with Haaland in the Attack Center, Vinicius and Rodrigo on the outside and Eduardo Camping behind it in midfield, Real would have occupied some key positions of offensive playing for years.

Haaland is another player type as Madrid legend Benzema — with the lively Brazilians on the wings, however, he could harmonize.

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