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Hertha BSC | Magath explains: Thats why I take Hertha BSC

Felix Magath is back in the Bundesliga after over nine years. The experienced coach is to save Hertha BSC in the second class before descent. His presentation showed the 68-year-old confident.

Immediately with his presentation Felix Magath became clear. “It’s not about Felix Magath or Fredi Bobic or otherwise some1. It’s about keeping Hertha BSC in the league,” explained the new Berlin practice manager: “Everyone has to join.”

Magath’s imagination was expected in the capital with a lot of tension, finally the coach-Routinier was recently worked in 2012 in the German Football House.

Actually, Magath did not want to return to the Bundesliga, he revealed on Monday afternoon. “But I’m a footballer and worked my whole life here. So I can almost no different,” the 68-year-old explained.

In his career he had always embarked on new situations. Magaths’s latest challenge is now called “mission league”. After a disappointing season, the Berliners now manage in the penultimate place. Nevertheless, Magath promised: “With this squad we will hold the class”.

Borussia Mönchengladbach vs. Hertha BSC 2-0 (1-0) Analyse & Spielernoten || Korkut & Bobic versagen!

Bobic referred Hertha team to the mobile phone

BSCs Managing Director Fredi Bobic revealed at the press conference that he has been thinking about a commitment of the coach Oldie. “I am very glad that we could talk about it in all silence,” said the 50-year-old.

Hertha BSC requires a coach, “the discipline requires and the one knows for a clear and hard hand in dealing with the players.” According to Bobics’s view, Magath, which is equipped with a contract until the end of the season, brings these skills.

The team announced Bobic initially with Magath. “I’ve inaugurated her yesterday morning, that a new coach comes. With the words: ‘always looks at your phones’. That’s often enough of them,” the Hertha officer revealed. He then did not receive feedback.

The most important statements of the Hertha-PK for reading:

+++ Magath demands discipline +++

“Discipline belongs to BSCs. I have learned that it is very important. That’s why I challenge discipline from the players. I urge that for Hertha and not to satisfy me.”

+++ Did you persecute Hertha in the past, Mr. Magath? +++

“Since I had more to do with the cup finals with Berlin in the past, I did not always look intensively on the Hertha. But it is not always about the past, but rather to get out of this situation.”

+++ Bobic referred to the mobile phone +++

“I have inaugurated her yesterday morning that a new coach comes. With the words: ‘always looks at your cell phones’

+++ Magath gets new co-trainer +++

“I’d rather have been when I would have greeted the players today. But they have free. On Tuesday I will introduce myself to the team. It will still be Mark Fotheringham as a assistant to me.”

+++ Magath about his exercise methods +++

“I’ve trained on all my stations so that I had the fewest injury. I’m already satisfied, as I have done that in the past.”

+++ Bobic reveals Magath plans +++

“I’ve been playing for some time. That’s also a kind of duty to oppose the employer, that you are always thinking. I am very glad that we could talk about it in all silence.”

+++ What last wrong, Mr. Bobic? +++

“We also had two Corona waves, which also forgot many. I expect Tayfun Korkut high that he never blessed. We were really well started with the victory against Borussia Dortmund. Then we had some games, the unhappy run. We have not dotted as we wanted. The team did not manage the turnaround. That’s why we sit here now. “

+++ Do you possibly stay beyond summer? +++

“We never talked about it, but only about the eight games. That does not really interest me. Currently, only full force counts on the coming eight games”

+++ Magath focuses on Hoffenheim +++

“What I have influence is the game on the weekend against Hoffenheim. There is my full focus on it. All concentration is geared to this game as well as the players of Hertha BSC.”

+++ Where do you attach, Mr. Magath? +++

“First of all, I have to make my own picture, I have to talk, see, feel and smell the players.”

+++ Bobic defends Magath commitment +++

“Many have a superficial picture of people. The ways have been crossed again and again. I have great respect, especially what he did. Being football professional is beautiful, but you have to work for that.”

+++ Magath about his reputation +++

“I’m glad Fredi had the courage to ask me. I have, we do not have to talk about there, in Germany a reputation. I was always someone who has polarized. Some found great what I did. Others have asked : ‘What do you want with such a coach’. But the critics should then make their own proposal, who is suitable for this job. “

+++ Family urged Magath to Berlin +++

“My wife and children pushed me to go to Berlin. That was very easy to come to Berlin here. I then adopted the possibility of Fredi to find me the next few weeks in the hotel.”

+++ Magath explains his Bundesliga return +++

“And I did not want to work in the Bundesliga anymore. But I’m a footballer and worked my whole life here, so I can almost no different. I have always embarked on new situations, even if it is not always showing that became. I have taken this task as a firefighter at different clubs. I see something in this task, which is tailored to me. “

+++ Magath is confident +++

“It’s not about Felix Magath or Fredi Bobic, but Around Hertha Bsc. We have unfortunately in place since the weekend in 17. Everyone knows everyone and should know every1. We need the full focus. At the end of these eight games I will be at least one or two places higher. I am confident that we will create the goal of league with the Hertha. “

+++ Bobic starts +++

“I think I do not have to talk big. We all know how the situation is at Hertha BSC. We are tableclifts and have eight, a maximum of ten games. We need someone who ensures discipline. We are glad that Felix Magath takes over this difficult task. It only counts the league. “

+++ The Hertha-PK starts +++

Felix Magath and Fredi Bobic enter the podium. The Berlin press conference begins.

+++ The same is going on +++

In a few moments begins the presentation of Hertha coach Felix Magath.

+++ Does Hertha BSC with Magath succeed? +++

Felix Magath takes over Hertha BSC in a BSCy difficult location. Through the youngest 0: 2 defeat at Borussia Mönchengladbach, the Berliners in the Bundesliga are slipped to a direct relegation place. How Magath wants to lead the capital club to the league of league, he should explain at the press conference.

+++ Hertha BSC ensures thick surprise +++

With the commitment of Felix Magath Hertha BSC has taken care of a real surprise. The 68-year-old, last last in 2012 at the VfL Wolfsburg in the Bundesliga at the sideline, follows at the capital club on the dismissed Tayfun Korkut.

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“The Vita of Felix Magath speaks for himself,” Hertha’s BSCs managing director Fredi Bobic is quoted in the press release of the Berliner: “With Him we could win someone for us, who has often proven to be a coach with his immense experience In any athletic situation of its kind and its broadcast on the right set screwing can turn us out of our BSCy challenging location. “

Magath receives a contract at Hertha BSC until the end of the season.

Hertha BSC: Bobic gives coach Korkut Jobgarantie to season end

Sports Managing Director Fredi Bobic by Hertha BSC has exhibited coach Tayfun Korkut until seasonal end a job guarantee.

He has “no desire for actionism,” said Bobic in the double pass of Sport1: “At the end of the season, a crash is made. Then we sit together and see if it goes on. Tayfun is an excellent football teacher.” The belief in him is great. “

The double pass every Sunday from 11 o’clock live on sport1.

Corkut could be a coach “to prevent individual mistakes difficult, and we make too many of them,” the 50-year-old led out: “If the points are missing, it is quickly felt at the coach. But Tayfun reaches the team with a clear plan. And he reaches Do not mess around, trying to get the optimum out. ” The Hertha had lost 0: 3 on Saturday at the SC Freiburg, in the table lies the old lady only a place in front of the descent zone.

He has “not to 1000 percent the feeling” that all players had accepted the relegation battle. He still recognizes certain “egoisms, despite the difficult sporting situation in the team, led the 50-year-old. It will now be filtered out, “who is the right for this situation. Only the one who is fully marching,” should play: “Names are no matter.”

He had “not intended” in his change to Hertha, at that time in this situation, Bobic continued: “That was not planned, we did not top perform.”

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The reasons are “diverse and deeper”. As a central factor, he made the lack of continuity of the past years. The “not good for a club, just a traditional club like us, wherever the mood is,” said the former attacker.

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