Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and warzone Added the Black Lives Matter screen to support events in the United States and in many parts of the world.


Events focus on systemic racism and police brutality as a result of George Floyd’s death in Minneapolis last week and have particularly sounded on the video game industry because many events, including the revelation of PS5 games, have been delayed to give way to more important voices. understood.

The Infinity Ward developer has added a black screen before each game and a short message to show supporting the cause of Black Lives Matter.

The message indicates that our community suffers. The systemic inequalities that our community knows are again in the center of the stage.

Application of Duty and Infinity Ward represent equality and inclusion, said the note. We are against racism and injustice that our black community endures.

Infinity Ward also calls for a change and tries to propose appropriate measures to help the cause and get rid of racism even during his games.

The studio indicated that it deployed additional resources to monitor and identify racist content, additional reporting systems in the game to increase the number of prohibitions per hour and filters and more restrictions on Name changes among other measures.

We make thousands of daily banners of racist and hateful names, explains the developer in particular. We apologize to our players, he adds, recognizing that he must do a better job.

The new appointment of duty seasons, both on mobile and on console / PC, was postponed to subsequent dates this should be revealed soon.