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Move against Ludwigsburg: Alba Berlin in the final

After the adjustment of sides, Alba also fell behind with 6 points (35:41). Yet afterwards, the guests got up, and also currently had a much better rhythm offensive. With a 25: 6 run in the 3rd section, the Berliners drew away to 60:47. The hosts returned to 4 points 79 seconds before completion (71:67), however Alba when again kept their nerves.

Alba rarely came into the pace video game and the guests mostly found their rhythm in the first fifty percent just for short minutes. A five-point lead at the beginning of the second quarter (24:19) could not be maintained long.

Ben Lammers with eleven and also Tamir Blatt were the most effective Berlin throwers with 10 factors.

Alba battled versus really active protecting hosts and was quickly 0: 5 behind. The Berliners after that countered with a 10: 2 run as well as took the lead for the first time.

Alba begins the last collection with a residence video game

Berlin : Ben Lammers (11 points/7 rebounds/1 aids), Tamir Blatt (10/3/2), Johannes Thiemann (9/9/2), Jonas Mattisseck (9/3/1), Louis Olinde (8/4/0), Maodo Lo (7/2/0), Jaleen Smith (5/1/4), Yovel Zoosman (5/4/0), Oscar da Silva (5/4/2), Luke Sikma (2/7/2), Christ Koumadje (2/1/0), Malte Delow (DNP).

The last challenger becomes either FC Bayern Munich or Telekom Baskets Bonn. What is specific is that the Berliners will certainly open up the finals with a residence game on June 10th. The game is played in the rhythm of 1-1-1-1-1, implies: home-away-home away-home.

customer: 3,800 (sold out).

Alba currently grabs the eleventh championship title of the club’s background and third in a row. It is something unique each time, said Berlin’s Jonas Mattisseck after the final: We are incredibly warm and eagerly anticipate it.

|| Ludwigsburg **: Justin Simon (16 points/1 rebounds/3 helps), Tremmell Darden (13/1/1), Jonah Radebaugh (11/4/8), James Woodard (8/0/ 1), Yorman Polas Bartolo (6/3/2), Jonas Wohlfarth-Bottermann (6/10/0), Jordan Hulls (4/2/2), Johannes Patrick (3/0/0), Lukas Herzog (0/ 2/0), Jacob Patrick (0/0/0), Jonathan Bähre (DNP), Rawle Alkins (DNP).

Alba struggled versus very active safeguarding hosts and was swiftly 0: 5 behind. Alba rarely came right into the pace video game and the visitors mainly found their rhythm in the very first fifty percent only for brief moments. After the change of sides, Alba even fell behind with six factors (35:41). The hosts came back to four factors 79 secs before the end (71:67), however Alba once again kept their nerves.

MHP Titan Ludwigsburg-Alba Berlin 67:73 (37:35).

Capture in the thriller: Magdeburg wins top game against foxes

SC Magdeburg won the top game against Füchse Berlin on Sunday with 28:27 (14:14), taking a big step towards winning the first title in 21 years. Thanks to the happy ending in a handball thriller in front of 6066 spectators, the club world champion continues to lead the table with 50: 4 points. “I can only make a huge compliment to my team,” said SCM trainer Bennet Wiegert. “I am glad that the boys could reward themselves.”

For the Berliners (42:12), however, the narrow defeat meant a setback in the fight for participation in the Champions League. The capital club fell behind the same SG Flensburg-Handewitt, who won the Nordduel against HSV Hamburg on Saturday with 33:23. “We are very depressed,” said Füchse sports director Stefan Kretzschmar at the “Sky” microphone.

four-goal lead Berlin is not enough

From the beginning, both teams fought a hot fight. Ten minutes before the end, the guests seemed at 25:21 on the winning road. But then Magdeburg made the late turn thanks to a 5-0 run. “We did not become hectic, but cool and always remained with our plan,” said Wiegert.

Gisli Kristjansson scored in the final minute with his fifth goal to the frenetically cheered victory, keeper Krejberg parried decisively. At Berlin, goalkeeper Dejan Milosavljev towered with 16 parades and right wing Hans Lindberg with 13 goals.

Kiel does his homework

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The second in the table Kiel has hardly any more master chances, but the next step to qualify for the Champions League. The zebras won their home game against the MT Melsungen on Sunday with 27:25 (12:10) and are now four points ahead of SG Flensburg-Handewitt and the Foxen Berlin, who each played one game less. Niclas Ekberg scored seven goals for Kiel. The best thrower of the guests was Julius Kühn with eight goals.

In front of the 9881 spectators in the Kiel Arena, the hosts seemed to have the game under control early even without the battered Sander Sagosen. From 7: 6 the THW moved to 12: 6 (27th). Melsungen did not score out of the game for almost 14 minutes. But then the North Hesse scored five goals in a row on 11:12 (31st). In the 37th minute, Melsungens Kai Häfner marked the equalization at 15:15, five minutes later Kühn scored the first MT lead at 17:16.

The Kielers found it difficult to get back on track. In the meantime, Dario Quenstedt moved to the THW goal for the initially hapless Niklas Landin. Steffen Weinhold, Ekberg and Harald Reinkind brought the record champions back in the lead with 23:21 (51st), but only Hendrik Pekeler’s turner to 26:23 (56.) was the decisive intermediate step to victory.

The current table

SC Magdeburg – Füchse Berlin 28:27 (14:14)

Tore SC Magdeburg: G. T. Kristjansson 5, Hornke 4, O. I. Magnusson 4/3, Saugstrup 4, D. Pettersson 3, Ph. Weber 3, Mertens 2, Chrapkowski 1, M. Damgaard 1, O’Sullivan 1
Füchse Berlin: Lindberg 13/8, Andersson 3, Holm 3, Marsenic 3, Jacobs 1, Kopljar 1, Matthes 1, M. Vujovic 1, Wiede 1
Referee: Suresh Thiyagarajah (Gummersbach)/Ramesh Thiyagarajah (Gummersbach)
viewer: 6066

THW Kiel – MT Melsungen 27:25 (12:10)

Tore Thw Kiel: Ekberg 7/3, Weinhold 5, Duvnjak 3, Reinkind 3, Zarabec 3, M. Landin 2/1, Pekeler 2, Dahmke 1, Ehrig 1
MT Melsungen: Kühn 8, Reichmann 4/3, Allendorf 3, Pavlovic 3, K. Häfner 2, Petersson 2, Arnarsson 1, J. Fuchs 1/1, Kalarasch 1
Referee: Marijo Zupanovic (Berlin)/Martin Thönen (Berlin)
viewer: 9881
Criminal minutes: 2/2

TuS N-Lübbecke-Rhein-Neckar Löwen 22:29 (9:18)

Tore TuS N-Lübbecke: Skroblien 9/1, Spohn 3, Strosack 3, Y. Dräger 2, Heiny 1, Konte 1, Mrakovcic 1, Mundus 1, Nissen 1
Rhein-Neckar Löwen: Groetzki 7, Helander 7/1, Knorr 5/1, Horzen 3, Kirkelökke 3, Lagergren 2, Schmid 2
Referee: Jannik Otto (Kiel)/Raphael Piper (Kiel)
viewer: 1092
Criminal minutes: 8/2

TSV Hannover -Burgdorf – HSG Wetzlar 22:28 (10:14)

Tore TSV Hannover-Burgdorf: Büchner 9, J. Hansen 3, Mävers 3/1, Böhm 2, Edvardsson 2, Pevnov 2, Kuzmanovski 1
HSG Wetzlar: Cavor 8, Mellegard 5, Holst 4/4, Nyfjäll 3, Forsell Schefvert 2, Novak 2, Danner 1, Mirculovski 1, Rubin 1, Weissgerber 1
Referee: Julian Fedtke (Berlin)/Niels Wienrich (Berlin)
viewer: 2987
Criminal minutes: 2/6

TVB Stuttgart – SC DHFK Leipzig 29:25 (13:12)

Tore TVB Stuttgart: V. Kristjansson 8/6, Jer. Müller 5, Weiß 4, Hanusz 3, Nicolaus 3, Pfattheicher 2, Schulze 2, Peshevski 1, Zieker 1

SC DHFK Leipzig: Binder 6, Sunnefeldt 5, M. GEGENA 4, IVI? 3/2, Milosevic 2, Remke 2, Witzke 2, Wiesmach 1
Referee: Stefan Schneider (Barleben)/Colin Hartmann (Magdeburg)
viewer: 5234
Criminal minutes : 8/6

Oral about Foteringham: “At some point Mark Chef Trainer”

A weekend in Barcelona Tomas Oral is currently. But that his long-standing co-trainer Mark Fotheringham in Berlin is currently causing headlines, even to Catalonia penetrated. Felix Magath (Coronavirus infection) is in the hotel in quarantine, Foteringham represents him on Saturday (15.30 clock) in the Berlin Olympic Stadium against the TSG Hoffenheim an der Page line.

They had Mark Fotheringham in Karlsruhe and Ingolstadt as co-trainer at their side. Has Felix Magath made a good choice with him, Mr. Oral?

Absolutely. This fits in the combination and also in the constellation in Berlin as the fist on the eye. There is no guarantee that the mission is successful at the end, especially since new resistors as now the coronavirus infection of Felix Magath. But you have to break these resistance. Both are the right ones for that.

What distinguishes Foteringham?

I appreciate him extraordinary because he is a very honest, straightforward and loyal guy. He is also highly top. Mark was a six as a player and has been analyzed as a professional as a trainer and looked over the box. He is through and through footballer. He loves the game and reads it very, very good. And he has a wide shoulder. Players know exactly when and where they can come to him.

How much responsibility did he have under them?

At the KSC, that was the beginnings at the time, because I had another co-coach and brought mark slowly. In Ingolstadt he had a lot of personal responsibility. The red thread was always there, but he had many freedoms he designed very well.

How much friction was there?

Марк Сысоев, SkyEng - Customer Journey Mapping с помощью цепей Маркова.
Of course we were different views. He has a clear opinion he represents. He is always about the matter. Anyone who surrounds themselves as a coach only with Ja-Sagers makes anything wrong anyway.

How does he tick as a guy?

He is very earthed and as a triple father an absolute family man. And he is now almost more German than Scot.

Do you trust the head coach roll in the professional football or need it again soon as co-coach?

Both! At the moment it would probably be a tick too early for him, but sometime will Mark Chef Trainer. He can give himself some time. Because I definitely have the intention of bringing him back to my next station as a co-trainer (laughs).

Max Kruse: Ex-Team College Lenz tells Irre Nutella

Christopher Lenz of Eintracht Frankfurt told by a crazy experience with his former teammate Max Kruse from Union Berlin together with Union.

How Lenz revealed the Sport picture, the striker had before the 3-1 victory of the Irishes at the TSG Hoffenheim at the beginning of November 2020 at lunch “felt a million Nutella rolls pure”. Nevertheless, Kruse had led his team to success with three direct gate participations.

“With the stomach, no other player would run two kilometers at all,” said Lenz and admired that Kruse scored a goal, two more prepared and so the game decided. “These are memories that stay,” the left-part explained and pushed to: “He said at the meal table with a wink to the young players: ‘Do not look at that with me. What I can, can not everyone.'”

Together with Kruse he had played a year in the capital before Lenz moved to Frankfurt. Kruse remained half a year for another year and has been under contract since this winter at VfL Wolfsburg.

A logical step, so Lenz: “For me it was surprising, but for him it was probably the best thing he could do. Max is not 23 more, I understand him if he signs a great deal.” Kruse had established his change afterwards with the financial aspect and discrepancies with coach Urs Fischer.

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Max Kruse erzählt Story wie er 75000€ im Taxi vergessen hat ????????

According to Lenz, game types like Kruse are important for a team. “You always need guys like him who are a bit crazy and always have a good mood, even if it felt in winter, there is no sunshine for 16 weeks,” he said and added: “Extroverted players pull their players high, if they are on the ground are. If everyone would be the same, it would be very boring in the cabin, and no team spirit would develop. “

Braunschweig how inspired

Six times six times were allowed to cheer the coast fans in Berlin’s Friedrich-Ludwig-Jahn-Sportpark, because the lions presented aggressive offensive football, which made himself paid. “Very gally,” Braunschweig’s head coach Michael Schiele described his team in magenta sports that the opponent “kept away from the box”.

eFootball Jungschiedsrichterturnier - Braunschweig
Already after 18 minutes it was 3: 0. Maurice Multhaup knew that for the fast lead was also responsible. “We know that not always stalked balls go to goal,” says the scorer of the 2: 0. Nevertheless, the 25-year-old realized: “Today, everything was just about alone.” His team would take “a lot of self-confidence” in the fight for the upper table ranks.

Double Packer Girth praises the performance of his team

For self-confidence, the two hits of the substitute Benjamin Girth, who provided the final last two goals for the final final. The double packer emphasized that the team has been implemented many things, “which did not work out in the past games,” and the “high victory” brought them the “high victory”.

On Saturday (2 pm, live! At offensive football), the Braunschweig is a guest at the VfL Osnabrück. There it is important to take the upswing to “get three points again”.

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