The biathlets and biahlets today contact Olympia 2022 in Beijing together in the Mixed Season. The race here in the live ticker.

Early at the morning of German times, the biathlets and biahlets go directly on the first day after the opening ceremony of the Olympic Winter Games 2022 in Beijing at the start of the Mixed Season. You can track the entire race here in the live ticker.

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Biathlon: Mixed Season at Olympia 2022 in Beijing today in the live ticker – before starting

Before starting: The race is completed in the Nordic Ski and Biathlon Center Kuyangshu. Tomorrow’s Sunday is a day off in the biathlon, before it goes on on Monday with the ladies’ race of ladies.

Before starting: In the mixed season, it is important as a national team with two biathlets and biahlets 24 kilometers most quickly, so 6 kilometers for each person.

Before starting: Welcome to the Liveticker to the Biathlon-Mixed Season at Olympia 2022 in Beijing! At 10 o’clock German time the race starts.

Biathlon: Mixed Season at Olympia 2022 in Beijing today on TV and Livestream

The Mixed Season in the BIETLON is to be seen today in the German free TV, ard transmits the race with moderator Christian Dexne, the discussion begins there at 9.45.

In addition to the public broadcasters, EUROSPORT is again your contact point for the Olympic Games, including the “Medal Zone” conference returns with, among other things, the mixed season in the biathlon. The sportsender also offers a paid livestream.

Dazn customers do not have to leave the platform or additional costs for the complete Olympic games, because by a cooperation are Eurosport 1 and Eurosport 2 around the clock as a solid station to see – and thus the Olympic Winter Games 2022 in Beijing.

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Biathlon: The German Team for Olympia 2022 in Beijing

Ladies Men’s
Denise Herrmann Benedict doll
Vanessa Hinz Johannes Kühn
Franziska Preuss Erik Lesser
Vanessa Voigt Philipp Nawrath
Anna Weidel Roman Rees

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