Robert Pattinson is already celebrating in The Batman as her debut as hero of Gotham City. Selected cinemas will show the film as part of a preview demonstration. At 3. March 2022 is the Batman then officially visible on the big screen. In advance, experts now dared to predict a prediction, how much turnover ** will import the film to the start.

Forecast for The Batman now falls out again

According to the current numbers, experts expect a weekend sales between 225 and 245 million US dollars worldwide. In the USA you go from revenue in the range of $ 115-125 million . Thus, the analysts have again corrected their prediction again slightly upwards. Almost three weeks ago, it was still speculated by around $ 80 million, which will import The Batman in the United States.

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Fans in South Korea could already see the movie

Due to a public holiday, The Batman has already gone a little earlier in South Korea. Sales were about 1.7 million US dollars **. The best start for Warner Bros. Since the beginning of the pandemic in this country. Compared to other Batman films, only The Dark Knight Rises in South Korea was stronger.

How did other DC films hit the start last?

While the experts assume that the Batman in the United States will crack the 100 million mark in the US, Warner Bros. of about 90 million US dollars at the start weekend the end.

Thus, the film would be at the level of Justice League and Joker , each listing with $ 93.8 million and $ 96.2 million. The pandemic peak from Spider-Man: No Way Home The Batman will not reach. Sony and Marvel put an impressive start with $ 260 million US dollars .

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