After the bad experience with the Latin American Classification to Six Invitational 2022, OTHERS ESPORTS abandoned the competitive scene. Rainbow Six Siege will not have the snakes for the 2022 season of the Mexican championship, marking the end of an era for the local ESports of the Ubisoft game. However, the quintet will remain for a last dance to Sweden.

For some dates, the ex-atheris began to suggest that they were the regional qualifier . While he was postponed since those bitter dates, Ubisoft took the reins of the matter and confirmed that they will be played in Stockholm. It will maintain the study format, but this time will not have the intervention of Paco Esports . Tentatively, all clubs that were in Brazil will play in Europe on January 31 and February 1st. The great unknown was Others Esports, which was no longer in Rainbow Six Siege.

On the morning of January 28, AGAVE ESPORTS announced the star sheets. It will take the position of Others Esports in the Latin American qualifying to Six Invitational 2022. It is an organization founded in June 2020, with general barracks in Guadalajara, Jalisco. They will compete for the first time in Rainbow Six Siege from a stage with great weight for professionals.

AGAVE ESPORTS hired both players and coach in charge of directing them. Under the premise of a “New Esperanza”, the organization of Mexico presented its new team with a video on social networks. “Under new colors, the squad that gave it all returns to look for your pass at Rainbow Six Invitational Six. We will continue the dream, Others Esports ,” he wrote.

The confirmed quintet is as follows:

  • Victor “Versa” Hugo
  • Luis “Guido” Gómez
  • Daniel “Novas” Navy
  • Christopher “Sky” Espinosa
  • Lucca “MAKING” sew

Francisco “Roy” Guille will continue as a coach. The Mexican was about to supply Guido in the qualifier that took place in Brazil, but the situation had the turn we know.