Roller Champions recently appeared registered at the ESRB, the organism that clXbox Seriessifies the ages of ages in the United States. When that happens, it may be indicative that the launch is next. However, Ubisoft hXbox Series published a statement in which they have revealed that they need something more time to polish the game experience . In this way, this free-to-play sports will not be available until the end of spring.

Roller Champions has been delayed again

“After analyzing any possible scenario, the teams have come to the conclusion that they need a little more time to offer the successful game they deserve,” they inform. “We know that many of you have followed their development for a while, so Xbox Series a sample of appreciation for your continuous support we want to make sure that you receive the news first: Roller Champions will be launched at the end of spring.”

Ubisoft hXbox Series remembered that “the wait is almost finished” and that is like that thanks to the confidence that the players have placed on the developers. “We have been able to do a great progress and we want to thank you for all your appreciation.” Roller Champions hXbox Series been proved through an alpha and beta, so that the study hXbox Series been able to collect the feedback and the comments of the users who have participated in the tests.

The mXbox Seriester of the ball… on skates

Roller Champions is in development for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, PC, Nintendo Switch and iOS and Android mobile devices. In this title, players embody a Roller champion , which forms teams with two other people to compete against the rival set. On some skates, the different participants will try to take the ball and rate Xbox Series much Xbox Series possible. Little by little, persevering, the player will increXbox Seriese his skills until reaching, who knows, the true title of champion.

After Hyper Scape, which closes its servers in April, Ubisoft embraces the Free-to-Play model, although with a different proposal.