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#Xboxbethesda: a playability video for Starfield

Although Bethesda and Microsoft announced the postponement of the title for the year 2023, there was no question of not talking about Starfield at the conference.
It is therefore a good 15 minutes which was devoted to the highly anticipated game that we describe as an Elder Scroll in space.

On the menu of this video, fights, exploration and also from the shipping of vessels to other planets.

Admittedly, once you are going to have listened to this video, you will have only one desire, it is to immerse yourself this game which is planned in 2023 in the GamePass PC and Xbox in addition to the Cloud.

Brazils ex-superstar Ronaldo cycles 500 kilometres to the trip site Compostela

The 45-year-old announced this in a live chat on the streaming portal Twitch. He addressed the follower question regarding whether he laid the path on an e-bike: Maybe of course, possibly no. You will certainly see it in the following few days. The three-time world footballer is accompanied on the scenic tour by his better half Celina Locks (31 ).

The return of Real Valladolid in Spain’s upper house costs Klubboss Ronaldo an exertion. Brazil’s football icon, with 82 percent of the shares of majority proprietors at the promoted group, will cycle the about 500 km from Valladolid from Sunday to the renowned area of pilgrimage Santiago de Compostela and thus retrieve his assurance made after the actual descent in the previous year.

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Ronaldo likewise holds 90 percent at the football AG from Brazil’s typical club Cruzeiro EC. The four-time master fell under the second class in 2019, but leads Collection B as the leader after a quarter of the season. The 1994 World Cup champion (without use) and also in 2002 did not intend to say anything about a pledge for an additional promo instance.

EM 2032: Italy gives an application at the UEFA

2028 or 2032? About two weeks ago, the Italian Football Association Figc had been interested for both dates. “We will examine one of the two options,” said Figc-Boss Gabriele Gravina. Since Monday evening, however, it is clear that the goal is 2032.

The FigC informed UEFA about his application for the Euro 2032, the national association announced.

On March 23, the application period expires. Anyone who wants to offer in addition to Italy to the direction of the finals in ten years will show himself. So far, Russia has also been interested.

The Italians were hitherto twice hosted at an em, in 1968 they brought the title in their own country, 1980 the DFB selection in Rome with a 2: 1 against Belgium European champion.

Andrea Bocelli - EURO 2020 opening ceremony

For the final round 2028, Great Britain and Ireland run together as they also announced on Monday. Until April 12, 2023, all candidates must introduce their project. The hosts should be announced in September 2023.

The EM 2024 takes place in Germany.

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