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THE GAME AWARDS 2021: Official Livestream with Hellblade II, Star Wars Eclipse, Sonic, Matrix

The whole world has eyes riveted on the United States right now. Events and demonstrations take place in all major cities in America, some becoming violent. These protests were triggered by the murder of George Floyd by the police under their custody. There are many people, many communities that are suffering right now and it may be wrong to celebrate other things during this period. That’s why many publishers and developers from the video game industry have made statements for black communities. While words can have little impact in the big scheme of things, it is reassuring to know that we see ourselves and we care.

Above, we have illustrated the support messages from (left right, from top to bottom) insomniac, Sony, Naughty Dog and Bethesda. They denounce racism and violence, tackle systemic injustice and plead for support for national and local organizations. They also include one thing: #blacklivesmatter. Although this hashtag and the organization have existed for years, it is refreshing to see as many companies in the game industry unite under this banner.

These messages are also accompanied by ads and reveal delays. EA delayed his first glimpse of Madden 21 and Sony delayed the PS5 game event of June 4th. Other industries have adopted similar positions. For example, the music and entertainment industry has called for an interruption or stopping production and events, some with the hashtag #heshowmustbepaued.

How do you show your support for color communities? Let us know in the comments below.